Ashlee Simpson’s having a girl, Pete Wentz sewing the clothes – No joke.

July 17th, 2008 // 46 Comments

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are having a girl. The due date is October 31, and Pete’s so stoked he’s actually sewing clothes for the kid, according to an insider for Star:

“When Pete heard he might have his baby on Halloween, he went nuts. For an emo-rocker type like Pete, that would be just too perfect!”
The daddy-to-be is so excited about his daughter’s arrival, he’s even taken up a new hobby — sewing baby clothes!

If I ever had a child, the last thing I’d do is sew it clothes. Unless, of course, you count a burlap sack. Who wants to go to the lake?

Photos: Flynet

  1. barbara

    number one

  2. gab


  3. Miss Kitty

    Poor kid…

  4. Joshua

    What’s he making the clothes out of, his own dignity? He’s not going to have enough material for anything bigger than a g-string. Course, he could use that to look like less of a pussy. You know, by wearing it on his head.

  5. bob


  6. Davebarbarandgab AreAssClowns

    Dave, Barbara, and Gab…you are all faggots. Anyhow, so is Pete Douche Bag Weenie-Wentz and his mini-Emo protoge Ashley God Damn emo-homo kids need a swift smack with a pipe wrench on the throat. That would shut up those winning, no good little ass pirates once and for all. Emo Kids are so retarded and I am announcing September 1st as NATIONAL EMO KID BEATDOWN DAY for 2008!

  7. bob


  8. bob


  9. hot mess

    Way to go Pete! No man should feel emasculated by sewing their baby clothes…or by wearing a shirt that matches thier wife’s purse.

  10. Fing A

    Dear emo-rocker Pete Wentz,

    Here’s another hobby you should try: cutting yourself. Go deep.

  11. Julian

    I can’t look at a picture of Pete Wentz without wanting to kill something. If there is a just and fair God, why would he allow something like Pete Wentz to live and make money.

  12. One

    The man could not be more gay if he tried.

  13. Penis LickerWentz

    In a Blender interview in March 2007, Wentz assured that he was bisexual, stating that he has kissed males before and that “anybody above or below the waist is totally fair game.” In the May 2007 issue of The Advocate, Wentz opened up about his sexuality, stating that he is sexually attracted to males, and he’s had sexual relations with other men because “I’m a fan of penises”.

    Silly little homo kid, dicks are for chicks! I’m guessing he had Ashley artificially inseminated, because there is no way that little pansy ass bitch is putting his pee pee in a girl.

  14. They’ll probably name the little shit something androgenous like Leslie, Stacey or Brett.

  15. veggi

    He’s developed plenty of skill while repeatedly sewing up his torn rectum.

  16. Crazy Old Bitch

    Hey 1-16, read closely, cause I’m only going to type this once. TCLTC, and there’s nothing you can do about that. He likes to be the bottom in gay sex, and his bottom has an insatiable appetite.


    P.S. Pete Wentz seems pretty fucking gay too.

  17. mike

    There was just a write up on this here:

    Its a bit strange

  18. Holyfuck

    I have had about all I can take of this “where’s Waldo?” look. And whoever brought back the Ray Ban Wayfarer look should be shot.

    What the fuck does Emo mean anyways? I seriously have no idea. Is Emo slang for retard or something?

  19. Ferdinand Narcos

    I wonder how much Papa Joe’s paying his faggot ass to cover up the whole incest thing.

  20. Ferdinand Narcos

    There’s no way he’s ever had his penis inside this daddy humpin’ skank.

  21. timmy

    LOL…Pete Wentz is such a little fag!

  22. timmy

    LOL…Pete Wentz is such a little fag!

  23. Wentz=faggot

    won’t be long before Pete sucks off guys in a bathroom somewhere…

  24. kenny


    I was wondering if you see the resemblance?

  25. jrz

    The only thing “Petey” is going to be sewing is a patch on the AIDS quilt.

  26. #25 – Resemblance? Between what? Your face and that splattery shit I just mercilessly unleashed upon the porcelain god? Yeah, kinda…

  27. kenny

    #27 Elliot_Spitz_on_Her

    Do you see the resemblance between your pubes and the hair on your head??

  28. dude_on

    Could these two be any less relevant? They give Heidi and her effeminate boyfriend a huge run for the money. What is it with D-listers and their girly-men?

  29. #28 – Thanks Kenny! And here’s a round of applause… clapclapclapclapclap… wasn’t he great ladies and gentlemen?

    Now asshole amatuer comedy hour is that way ——————————–>>

    You better hurry.

  30. BM

    Ugh. Why is EVERY celebrity having a baby girl?? we dont need anymore dumbass retarded whores running around that were raised by dumbass retarded whore parents.

  31. grobpilot

    Motherfucker can’t even tie his own shoes and he’ll be expected to care for an infant? Maybe he’ll permanently sew his dick to his thigh while hand-stitching a pair of socks and be unable to reproduce ever again.

  32. WHy does Ashley always have the exact same stupid smirk on her face? She looks so insecure.

  33. jake

    #33, her smirk is one that says “I’ve never actually been fucked by Pete Wentz.”

  34. Randal

    It’s been baby mania as of late in the entertainment industry, so this is not a shocker. Congratulations once again to the both of you and even more so now that you’re having a baby girl. She’ll be pampered and loved by the two of you more than enough times!


  35. toolboy

    I hope he sews his vagina shut.

  36. LOL @#5 JOshua~

    Well played, sir.

  37. Frank

    When Pete grows up he’s going to be embarrassed about how he dressed when he was a kid. Oh, wait… he’s nearly thirty.

  38. The Regulator

    My husband actually beat up Pete Wentz a couple of years ago at a show here in Chicago.

  39. Jeniffer

    LoL/ She is really sexy!!! I have ever seen her hot video on the wealthy dating club R I C H L O V I N G.C O M for hot guys and girls to hook up for Hot Love and Sexy Dating. She is really sexy with bikini in that video.

  40. Omnibacon

    That is going to be one ugly kid.

  41. PITTY pete!!
    NOOOO FAGGOT under construktion!!

  42. jess

    wow. leave them alone people they didn’t ask to be put on this website. they had an invasion of privacy… lay off of them they are just people living. ooh, ahh. big whoop she is pregnant and ya’ll don’t like the baby daddy story of celebrity life everywhere. get over yourselves.

  43. Stunt Girl

    Since when did Ashley Simpson start looking like Nicole Richie? I know that her older sister is no role model, but she can’t be that desperate Shirley?!

  44. AelitaxRose

    Number 43, Jess… Shut the fuck up. Nobody cares about celebrities feelings they’re all aliens.

  45. Lulu

    Haha.. Burlap sack. Such poor taste, yet I laugh..

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