Ashlee Simpson is an actress now. Why not?

March 9th, 2009 // 39 Comments

Since her sister’s acting career went so well, Ashlee Simpson has decided to return to her thespian roots – if a guest spot on 7th Heaven counts as roots. Only this time around she’s actually headlining a show, the CW’s reboot of Melrose Place. Personally, I would’ve held out for the inevitable Party of Five reboot, but we all can’t be geniuses. THR reports:

On the CBS Par-produced “Melrose,” Simpson-Wentz will play Melrose Place’s newest resident, Violet, a bright-eyed but shrewd small-town girl and recent L.A. transplant who has come to town with a secret.
Her character draws parallels to the original series’ blond, budding-Southern-belle starlet, Sandy Harling (Amy Locane).

OR the CW could cut me a check for the show’s entire budget, and in return, I’ll write a post about Smallville’s Tom Welling kicking a baby for a field goal. That is, if they actually want to come out ahead on this one. It’s their money.

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  1. KC

    Another reason not to watch this show.

  2. TS

    OH my God, that chin is terrible. It’s freakish.

  3. Frank N. Stein

    Her boobs look fierce.

  4. Shawn

    Chin?!?! Who made it that far up?

  5. I missed her old nose!

  6. KC

    @5 – If you missed, take aim and shoot again.

  7. When did she start doing drugs?? She looks totally stoned in pic 4.

    Makes me crave Ben and Jerry’s, don’t know why…..

  8. Delgo

    I heard her breast milk was past expiration.

  9. sin

    As long as she shows those tits, who cares what she does. Well, as long as she does not try to sing.

  10. havoc

    Look at the bandage on Pete’s finger.

    That’s what happens when you get to close to the Simpson Snapper…..


  11. RMC

    man why does this broad get any run at all, she does not even come close to keeping it ral, unlike Bob Probert or Purple Drank, they keep it fully ral, i just read about it on

  12. Jrz

    Look, Melrose Place sucked the first time around. No need to try it again for fucking crying out loud.

  13. Trouser Snake

    I knew being married to that little emo faggot would turn her into a thespian.

  14. richard mcbeef

    love the eyes in pic 4.

    nice tits though.

    even with all that chin i think i would her before her mom jean assed sister.

  15. Max Planck

    Is it the perspective or is there really that much difference in the size of their heads? (Pic 4) I know their brains are the same size.

  16. Darth

    Pete wentz looks a bit tired! I can almost hear him thinking;’ why it’s always me who has to carry that giant baby?’

  17. Lowlands

    Is the chelsea Lately show back?! Yeah,i’ve been following the Chelsea show lately!:)

  18. Gando

    Ashlee Simpson’s big boobs and Pete wentz his hairdo? Why do i think they are linked?

  19. Randal

    It’s great to see Ashlee Simpson starting to mature in her career, even after becoming a wonderful mother. She’ll obviously have to split her time between both of these careers but once a hard driven Simpson, always a hard driving Simpson.

    Reach for the stars!


  20. Dawg

    I want her bad too….she has the largest best breasteses mmmmmm

  21. Randal_Is_RichardSimmonsChildLover

    Randall and Richard met at Borders where Randall had Richard sign one of his excellent exercise video. After they went out for coffee and have been a couple ever since.

    Reach for the stars…Randal.

  22. Ashlee Can Act


  23. quark

    #7 she looks stoned because she is standing next to one of the 3 MOUSEketeers- P’ethos, and his delusion is clouding her mind.

  24. Richard McBeef

    #23 – Oh, I get it… you say something that is not correct then you say “NOT!” afterwards and its funny. I have never heard that before and it’s really fucking clever. do you mind if i take that trick and use it as my own?

  25. yesss


  26. alicemo

    emm, u are so sweet.. but i just found out your secret that you have joined the online club ___S e e k r i c h . c o m___ , by which you are seeking rich man to be your sugar baby!

  27. justifiable

    LOL #6 – best post today! And Melrose sucked ass the first time around. If the milk’s sour to start with, leaving it in the fridge for a few decades doesn’t improve it.

  28. that guy

    Of course she’s an actress. She’s been acting as if she has talent for her whole life! *rimshot*

  29. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD rescinded

    This dumb bitch needs a nose job, seriously.


  31. sin

    So, does making a bad home tape now make you an actress? It was not even a sex tape. Lame. Just let her pop those titties out and bounce around for a while. That is her only skill. PLEASE…do not let her ever sing again.

    Would have liked to have seen the footage of Jessicas MTV show when her father went out side and saw both daughters and CaCe sunbathing topless.
    Bet he beat off to that for weeks.

  32. If I were a rich man, I would pay her to do topless jumping jacks until she knocked herself the fuck out.

  33. poptart

    umm she started as an actress on 7th heaven

  34. craigj

    I love pregger and post-pregger boobs! However I will continue to laugh my ass off in memory of Ashlee’s “performance” at the Orange Bowl. I will never forget the sound of 80,000 people booing. NBC couldn’t cut to commercial fast enough.

  35. ion

    boooobies !!!

  36. ion

    boooobies !!!

  37. personally i think she should stick to singing. but who knows, maybe she’ll surprise us ?

  38. Until those tits, who cares what she shows. Well, unless he does not try sing.f I were a rich man, I paid her to do topless jumping jacks until he knocked himself out to be crap.

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