Ashlee Simpson is a liar

May 11th, 2006 // 117 Comments

Ashlee Simpson is laughing off rumors of her nose job despite obvious photos suggesting otherwise. When asked about the speculation surrounding her nose yesterday, she replied:

“Everybody’s already saying it, so I just don’t talk about it. I’m like, OK, whatever. It doesn’t bother me.” But when asked whether the rumor was true, the 21-year-old singer didn’t confirm or deny it, but just giggled more. “Maybe – who knows!”

Somebody should explain to Ashlee about the magic of photography. We already know she’s had a nose job because we can see it. Lying about it isn’t going to convince anybody of anything, except that maybe she’s a fucking liar. And was born with a tail. Because Ashlee Simpson was born with a tail. And if she says otherwise she’s lying. That’s what she does.



  1. When celebrities get plastic surgery, where do they go to recover from the bruising and scars?

  2. C’mon, you should know that celebrites don’t scar. They’re not like us…you know…the mere mortals.

  3. Fa Cube Itches

    62: I thought the movie was “Fag & A Gay”

  4. Lettusaurus

    She looks like britney spears before she turned to fat trash in the after pic.

  5. _meh_

    She removed the bump to make way for the new sign to be planted on that head, which reads: “Main Attraction = Chin”

  6. xannalvzhallax

    People are having plastic surgery all the time now … get over it!


    She actually looks like Paris “the non-blowjob-giving skank” Hilton in that photo.

    She probably sucks too. Not. Well.

  8. pinkarella7

    She’s such a wannabe and her singing is nothing special. She’s only famous because her sister is known and she’s jealous of all the attention Jessica gets. Now she acts like this wannabe rebel and totally copying clothes and singing style of Gwen Stefani. Seriously, you should watch her and you can see that she’s imitating her. The sad thing is is that she has so many followers out there that want to be her when she doesn’t care about them…she’s just in it for the $$$

  9. awful

    She’s done the nose, now it is only logical to shave an inch off the chin.

  10. Mr. Lucas Brice

    Maybe they should have asked Ashlee if she *has* a nose. Then she would have giggled and said, “Maybe…who nose?”

  11. rmccarthy10

    I would

  12. DaNiGuRl

    Call me crazy, but if she feels better about herself now then good for her. I think she made a great decision. I know i would’ve done the same thing if i was unhappy with what i was given….sorry God, thats not a blow at you.

  13. Lindsayyo

    Of course Ashlee Simpson is a liar. She has lied about..So much.

    But what everyone seems to miss is that, she tells everyone, “Love yourself for who you are” “I love my nose! It makes me different” Things like that. Yet she turns around and gets a nose job? How do people still like her? She lies about her music (vocal enhanced albums) She lies to her fans about ‘why’ she lip synced.

    When is she going to get the boot?

  14. fijian

    Lmao, and yet she doesn’t care what people think of her? Way to overprove you’re a fraud.

  15. christina16

    Wow..if you guys can read, Ashlee did not lye about her nose job…she did not confirm, nor deny it. Who cares if she did get plastic surgery anyways?? If you all had the money, you’d do the same thing! People need to stop hating..she hasn’t done anything wrong!!! Get lives.

  16. angelxeyes

    who cares if ashlee had a nose job, as long as she is happy wit her body then wats the prob? she sed women shuld b happy wit there bodies and she wasn’t so she changed it. as long as she can still sing which she can then it shuldn’t matter. n she looks reli gd in her new video invisable!

  17. diorgirl

    hahah at 4 and 7

    another hypocritical simpson sister. ashlee used to say she loved her nose and it made her unique. then she goes and gets a nose job. but she still needs to get rid of her MAN CHIN before she would be hot.

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