Ashlee Simpson is a liar

May 11th, 2006 // 117 Comments

Ashlee Simpson is laughing off rumors of her nose job despite obvious photos suggesting otherwise. When asked about the speculation surrounding her nose yesterday, she replied:

“Everybody’s already saying it, so I just don’t talk about it. I’m like, OK, whatever. It doesn’t bother me.” But when asked whether the rumor was true, the 21-year-old singer didn’t confirm or deny it, but just giggled more. “Maybe – who knows!”

Somebody should explain to Ashlee about the magic of photography. We already know she’s had a nose job because we can see it. Lying about it isn’t going to convince anybody of anything, except that maybe she’s a fucking liar. And was born with a tail. Because Ashlee Simpson was born with a tail. And if she says otherwise she’s lying. That’s what she does.



  1. Lou

    I’m sure her nose looking different is just a side effect of acid reflux.

  2. Vampyreska

    Maybe she has the same disorder as Michael Jackson.

    #1- Can you stop zinging? It is annoying.

  3. Shelley Bonnechance

    If I’d gone from that awful-looking “before” nose to the cute “after” nose, I wouldn’t bother lying about it. I’d be so glad to have had the nose I started with rearranged into something less reminiscent of Halloween, I’d be chasing down the paparazzi and demanding that they take pictures of my adorable new nose from every angle, including right up the nostrils.

  4. OMG! Those are like SOOOOO photoshopped!

  5. YunGunna


    errr… maybe she should blacken herself and still deny it ..

  6. TOMCRUISEluvsthecock

    Someone needs to convince her that to really look good, she shouldn’t stop with getting the nose whacked off. She needs to have her whole head removed. This would improve her looks, her singing and save me a lot of $$ on paper bags when I’m banging her.

  7. TOMCRUISEluvsthecock

    Almost forgot:
    Tom Cruise loves the cock.

  8. Proteon


  9. Lou

    @3 I can but I feel it would be exercise in submission and since I have my leather corset on today and need to stay in character. I will have to wait until tomorrow.

    But really let’s get back to the troll in question.

  10. Zapp Brannigan

    In the second photo, she looks like the pre-fat Britney Spears.

  11. brewdick

    is the one on the right the before picture?

  12. momma

    Who cares about Ashley Simpson? Why are the only posts in the past 18 hours about her?

  13. uncle_leo

    My granpa has that very hat.

  14. DancingQueen

    She obviously has had her none done, why lie about it? That reminds me of Patrick Dempsey (Grey’s Anatomy) in People Magazine’s “most beautiful” issue last week. They asked if he’d ever consider plastic surgery and he said something to the effect of he didn’t think so, but maybe in 20 years. He SO had a nose job about 10 years ago!!! Anyone ever see him in the 80s in the movie “Can’t Buy Me Love?” LIARS and DENYERS, all of them!

  15. liya

    I’m sick of this skank, if it isn’t paris hilton then it’s this bitch. Come on SF yu can do better than this, MOVE ON

  16. Renegade Priest

    May be Tom Cruise could have some surgery… preferable invasive and without for of pain relief.

  17. Vampyreska

    Seriously why doesn’t the paparazzi stalk some new people… like Reese Witherspoon or Sarah Michelle Gellar…This whole dumb site is about Paris, Lindsay and the Simpson bimbos. *yawn*

  18. eatmyass_sherry-co

    Who gives a shit about this lipsyncing, lying, annoying, sings like shit, has herpes, stupid bitch.

    I loved the link to Papa Hot Nuts myspace.


  19. Dr.Rokter

    “I’m like, OK, whatever.”
    -Marcus Tullius Cicero
    To Roman Senate, 63 B.C.

  20. uncle_leo

    why didn’t she slim down that bulbous chin while she was at it? or at least center it

  21. roflynsolo

    Ashlee, Britney, Jessica, Lindsay-none of these girls have a fraction of the vocal talent of Christina Aguilera.

  22. Italian Stallion

    So when does Jay Leno get his chin back?

  23. Vas Deferens

    Old nose, new nose, who gives a shit? The bitch is still ugly.

  24. uncle_leo

    she needs some black sunglasses, a sparkly glove and patent leather loafers to complete her “bad” look.

  25. brewdick

    i meant the is the left pic the before…

  26. hurley

    13 & 16: totally agree.
    i’m ready for something new. why don’t we have any documentation of Richard Simmons being gay?? in the decades and decades of all his shenanigans, he’s never been seen publicly with any man or boy?? and natalie merchant

  27. snark

    ha! i love it, i love it, i love it.

    i give the simpson family 9 more months of fame. it’ll be all downhill after that. i see these two girls following in the footsteps of courtney love, farrah fawcett, teri hatcher, melanie griffith, etc…joker faced, pill-addicted has-beens trying desperately to cling to their youth.

  28. Jacq

    #3 – Don’t know about the disorder, but she’s definitely wearing his nose.

    I’m disagusted by her rhino, rhino, rhinoplas-tee.

  29. Jacq

    Now her nose won’t be proportional to her mahoosive chin.

  30. Binky

    What ? She doesn’t like people being nosey ?

    The Nose Knows !

    It’s a well known fact there was a sale last month at one California clinic for the ‘Paris Hilton Snot-Rocket’ – so who’s she trying to kid?
    Ok – I’m done.

  31. dirt chicken

    Maybe Jessica can use the same surgeon to get her saggy fun-bags back above her belly-button.

  32. suzy

    why deny something to obviously

  33. ESQ

    Great she did something about her nose, but why stop there? She needs to fix that chin of hers.

  34. 86

    1. Scraggly long blonde hair with black roots? Check!
    2. Ultra-baby-pink lips? Check!
    3. Said lips pursed void of any teeth reinforcement? Check!
    4. Windswepts bangs? Check!
    5. Wearing or standing next to someone wearing a fedora? Check!!

    It’s okay guys, she’s cool.

  35. JVC

    I actually prefer the old nose.

    That chin, on the other hand…

  36. Land-Man

    It seems like I can finally
    Rest my head on some Land-Balls
    I like the way that feels

  37. Fisher55

    check out this photo of Ashlee taken on St. Patrick’s Day:

  38. gammanormids

    I saw the pictures but I haven’t read the title yet and I first thought it was a post about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears…
    That girl has no talent, no voice, no beauty and now, I think she doesn’t own a original face.

  39. Queen LaQueefah

    I’M GONNA CALL THIS RIGHT NOW: In a month or so, she’s gonna start saying she had a deviated septum and had to get the operation, which is why, also, she couldn’t sing. Although everyone knows she’s a talentless ugly bag of shit.
    Mark my words: “deviated septum”

  40. 86

    I should totally try to be famous if everyone else is doing it.

  41. Lala

    I KNOW she got a nose job and you know how I know? I have a flat tire because of that nose. Yup, that’s right. I got a flat tire yesterday and had the car towed to the local gas station. The mechanic said he originally thought it was a nail in the tire, but then he pulled and pulled and out came the rest of Ashlee Simpson’s nose.

    She owes me a new tire.

  42. PapaHotNuts

    @ 19
    Do you love me now?

  43. Fisher55

    i heard tom bought her old nose for dildo usage

  44. Land-Man

    She sold her old nose to a jew.

  45. PapaHotNuts

    Her old nose was so big, she could actually smell the alphabet.

  46. The stupid thing is why deny it, she’s already been busted for lying a few times…i.e. when she said she didn’t yell at that guy behind the counter in MacDonalds and then the video footage came out…or when at first she said her band hit the wrong button on SNL, then changed her story to say she had acid reflux and couldn’t sing. Bitch, Whitney Houston was a crackhead for 10 years before it affected her voice, don’t tell me heartburn is whats responsible for you sounding like somebody’s kicking a bag full of cats.

  47. Oh yeah, and Tom Cruise likes pussy…..FAR AWAY FROM HIM!

  48. pagebetty

    Ashlee a LIar? Why? IT SAYS HERE SHE DIDN’T CONFIRM OR DENY!! HEllo! LEAVE her Alone! Her new nose looks GREAT!

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