Ashlee Simpson hated by cast of Melrose

November 3rd, 2009 // 49 Comments

While Ashlee Simpson may have brought publicity to the table, the cast of Melrose Place was tired of her diva antics and shit-ass acting skills, according to Fox411:

“Ashlee was kicked off ‘Melrose Place’ because she was a total diva on set, late all the time, and deeply disliked by fellow cast members,” the insider spills. “It created a lot of discord among the cast.”
Another big problem, says the snitch?
“She could barely act.”

The source says producers desperately wanted Heather Locklear to reprise her role, but couldn’t afford her salary demands without cutting someone.
“They basically trimmed the fat and made it possible for Heather to join the show,” says the snitch. “Heather is a much bigger name than Ashlee.”

HA! That’s hilarious. This show is aimed at the 18-24 female demographic and they honestly think Heather Locklear is the bigger name with that crowd? Ashlee’s lack of any discernible talent aside, there’s no way that’s an accurate assumption. Unless Heather’s going to Twitter free Edward Cullen iPods out of her vagina in every episode – I have no idea what kids are into these days. – this show’s going to be canceled tomorrow. Which is why it’s time for The CW to listen to my pitch for a prime-time drama: Erica Durance makes out with Blake Lively – and then a vampire opens a restaurant. (Call me.)

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  1. lisa


  2. robynnn

    ugh that is such BULLSHIT.
    i know i’ve never met her, but everything RELIABLE i’ve ever seen or read about ashlee says that she’s actually a nice person…i have a hard time believing she is a diva.

  3. Liz

    they should just bring back BTVS…

  4. I believe I told you my name in an earlier post, thank you very much.

    Judging by her ass, she prob always lays those stringy, thin, lady finger’esque shits.

  5. Freddo

    Anyone remember when the Superficial used to be funny? I keep searching for that old spark….

  6. y3n0

    What’s with the shilling for Ashlee Simpson?!

  7. Melissa

    Yeah, she was ok…nothing special, won’t be missing her. It was interesting to see her on the show but she didn’t really make it any more exciting, I liked the other cast members more. And actually, I do think that Heather Locklear will bring more publicity, I am 23 and I used to watch the original Melrose Place with my mom. The Target audience may be 18-24, but I know quite a few people who are outside of those ages who watch the show.

  8. luckyglinda

    that child’s head scares me

  9. Danklin

    I watched an episode of this POS show and believe me, Ashlee was the only one that could actually act and even that was decent. Every character on that show is prissy and mildly retarded. As far as i know Ashlee was only cast temporarily anyway and she knew that, so i call bullshit on this.

  10. Tony

    It’s an unfair comment to say that she was hated by the entire cast. There are many, many others who hate her too. The headline should have “among others” at the end of it.

  11. Anonymous

    Papa Joe Simpson, I hope you’re paying attention. The world is sick and tired of your untalented and irrelevant daughters. Thankfully, you are running out of options.

  12. Willravel

    People get kicked off Melrose Place for not being able to act? Shouldn’t they have thought about that before hiring 90% of the cast (everyone but Stephanie Jacobsen)?

  13. Yes, it’s pretty bad when your acting is too bad for Melrose Place. Nice excuse, anyway.

  14. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    I’m sure she was hated by the entire cast. When she was doing her diva antics, they should of just show her Saturday Night Live lip syncing debacle, over and over on studio monitors, pointed and laughed.

    What an disgusting ingrate she is – and that horrid no talent fat sister too.

  15. jaydakiss

    Thank GOD she’e off the show…it was seriously painful to try and watch her act… she was a disgusting overactor. Now maybe I can enjoy the show!

  16. havoc

    There is a God.

    Heather be thy name…..


  17. say good night to the Rough guy!

    Youre telling me the taco bell chiwawa have more acting chop than ashlee?

  18. Hot 4 Her

    Damn, Ashlee was soooooooo hot on that show. I love the red hair, and when she showed her breasts and seduced that doctor on that one episode I was all hot for her. She oooozes sexiness and I’d love for her to wrap those legs around me.

  19. Hey, that’s not fair! I hate her, too!

  20. She sucks bigtime

    Enough of pimp daddy simpson & his two idiot offspring, chestica & asshole. He’s pimped out his totally untalented & very awkward daughters for the last time, and been rejected. Luckily, there’s no place left to go; they’re going to be relegated to the “never was” pile, which is where they belonged all along…

  21. Duckface

    Did you ever notice how ashlee is always photographed looking like she had duckbills for lips. Hey everyone: it’s DUCKFACE!

  22. Lloyd Johnson

    That baby’s head had to DESTROY her vagina.

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  24. nice mother and lovely baby!

  25. I kinda feel bad for her personally… i dont watch MP but i did see the clips and yea the acting was bad but it was bad all around… she’s got really pretty hair though lol

  26. Lauren

    I hated Ashlee to. Glad they got rid of her. She needs to stay home with that big headed baby.

  27. ******KrazyHotKelli**********

    They wanted me to do the zhow, but I would not becauze they would not pay me enough money, pluz all of the fanz I would attract to the zet, it would be juzt too much for the other actorz to handle. Alzo, they would of courze want to nominate me for an an ozcar. I know it iz only for moviez, but in my caze, they would make an exception….Meryl Ztreep would be zo jealouz…but of courze, zhe iz jealouz of me already….

  28. Scott the fag

    Jesus, Mary, and Judy Garland! That kid has the head of a Bratz doll, and just check out those CANKLES! Calling Dr. 90210!!!!

  29. myohmy

    I agree … that is one UGLY kid… I hope he grows into that huge head, but he has a weird face too – just not cute at all.

  30. Eva

    MAN I TOTALLY believe the tabloids.

    HAHAH what kind of jerk believes this garbage? Grow a brain.

    Also I could care less about whether or not she keeps her job on this show.

  31. that was fast…..

  32. say good night to the Rough guy!

    You mutants are attacking a baby? attack where his DNA comes from, not him…

  33. Schnucks

    OUCH! Ashley, better lay off that $5 a day Starbucks habit now that you are officially unemployed!!!!!!!

    $5 a day….Ashe girl, that’s $1,825 a year. This is a deep recession right now girl! Don’t you know better?!!!

  34. spo

    for two skinny people that is one hefty baby. Tie some ropes onto that baby and get it ready for the thanksgiving day parade. Hotdamn now!

  35. Mario

    Ugh. The writer of this article demonstrates equal lacking in knowledge, tact and authority. This is what you call news? You stole two paragraphs from a news source that’s at least legit enough to report it’s own original stories, and then wanna act like you having to report 2nd hand news means your opinion matters enough to try and write an article around that?? You’re worth nothing more than being just another comment from another random poster on someone else’s message board.

  36. Rosie

    Little Bronx may have a big head but what baby doesn’t. Leave the baby alone.

  37. MightyD

    aaawww! the baby is so cute! You can see he’s chinning already…

  38. puhleez

    22: That baby’s head had to DESTROY her vagina.

    She’ll just go to the vagina factory and get another one, like how she did with her face.

  39. vettmann

    Oh my GOD I just threw up a little in my mouth. She’s nasty and should just go away quietly

  40. I Want Your Halloween Candy

    Ugly, duckbilled, talentless, retard-for-a-husband, brainless doughwad-headed dipstick of a chick

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