Ashlee Simpson gets a new nose

May 8th, 2006 // 154 Comments




  1. cami_calzone

    Ashlee: Oh my gawd, don’t boo me again people… I am talented, I’m special! That’s what my daddy tells me every night when he puts his hand down my pants….

  2. cami_calzone

    Ashlee: Oh my gawd, don’t boo me again people… I am talented, I’m special! That’s what my daddy tells me every night when he puts his hand down my pants….

  3. Sarah

    Found a good reference schnoz pic.

    Big difference there, wow. It does look alot better, though. And if anything, it might make her singing better. ;) It’s not like it could be any worse.

  4. James

    Wow. I never thought plastic surgery could actually augment ugly. Oh, wait. Cher…

  5. gogoboots

    Her stupid nose story is everywhere, blagggg! She looks like a more anorexic version of her sister…how original…

  6. Jamma Jeneson

    Ashlee didn’t want a nose that was bigger than her penis

  7. I’ma keep it short and sweet:

    I’d hit it. Then I’d hit it again. With a microphone.

  8. Gerald Tarrant

    @Jacq (#48) – One of my favorite stupid jokes.

  9. Captain Awesome

    So she went from uniquely “ugly” to looking like every typical looking blond.

    What a way to conform in looking like your sister, woohoo!

  10. Faye Valentine

    So where’s the “before” pics?

    what the crap is with the pants so low you can see ass crack?

  11. stinawarriorprincess

    why is her ass hanging out?

  12. Haroof

    lotta homosexuals in this thread.

  13. URalllosers

    this is truly fascinating! OK I’m going back to looking for porn. Ashlee Simpsons nose job!?!?! Fucking please!

    There are millions of other teenage skanks I would rather bonk. Although, she is still on the list. I’ll show her “nose job”

  14. ebayfan414

    And I quote from superficial: “While most singers avoid nose work because it might interfere with their singing, Ashlee Simpson said pfft to that and went for it anyway”

    Well duh! Of course she wasn’t worried about her ‘singing!’
    A)She’s not a singer. She’s more like… of those dog whistles that nobody can hear. Except we can hear her. And it hurts our ears, and
    B)She’s not a singer. More like….a fat women having an orgasm. Yes, I’ve heard one. It’s a horrifying nightmare.

  15. boobtube

    she looked better before. no i’m not a homosexual, but i think my parents thought i was for the first 24 years of my life

  16. Can they give her a new voice also?

  17. HeartStrings

    Her nose actually looks better..before she used to look like a scarecrow with a bill.

  18. HeartStrings

    Oh and uh, i’ve seen her dirty butt crack more times than I’ve seen my own.

    She’d make a great plumber.

  19. Clisted

    Im glad The Sup finally broke this story, apparently you guys didn’t see me show you a link to this story on the Jessica with red hair post. God, tell me how a site about New York has this story about Ashlee before The Sup…seriously you guys are lagging

  20. Baroness

    Meh. She’s too generic now. Just another bleached blonde.

  21. SoupaSarah

    Its about time one of them sisters sorted their noses out. But i agree, she just looks like another blonde bimbo in LA now.

  22. What the helll. She is definitely not ugly in these pictures. You people need to stop thinking like haters whenever new articles come out.

    Jessica Simpson on the other hand, GoD! I was _trying_ to have breakfast…

  23. monterotricky


  24. BarbadoSlim

    Chapter xix

    Ashlee couldn’t believe it, a new breathing implement, after the monstrosity she had called nose for all those years. The cold wind blew the curtains slowly as Joe, already with his zipper down, slowly approached her from behind, his virile member throbbing with eagerness.
    He asked “you want to test your breathing?” She answered, “Oh daddy thank you”, as she knelt slowly …Jessica looked on from her hiding spot as her womanhood started moistening, but also, her eyes. She hated herself but she couldn’t hold back her desires…

  25. Wow, I thought she was hot before, but now she’s a million times hotter! Nice butt crack!…

  26. jinxie

    does anyone else think she got something done to her chin too? her profile is not so wicked witch anymore…. just wondering

  27. Dr.Rokter


    I’m in the book under “Psychic Healers”. How you get her there is your business. I’ll tell her the same thing I tell all the ladies, “This will only take a second. You won’t feel a thing…”

  28. Tracy

    If I had Jay Leno’s chin, I would not waste my money getting a small bump removed from my nose. She needs about 4 inches of chin bone shaved off.

  29. katie

    i dont mind celeb bashing as long as its A) true and B) not disgustingly misogynistic.

    shes not ugly or fat….i would love to see what you fucking people look like

    she IS however a talentless hack who most likely is in bed (every night) with her gross pedophile father.

    as for the dick slapping in the face #22…..thats really NOT cool even though it makes me feel better to think that you are a 40 year old gross bald man sitting in front of his comp jerking off to the superfish. pathetic. keep your mouth shut about shit like that, not ok.

  30. St.Minutia

    That is 30 pounds of ass in 10 pound ass-capacity pants.

  31. Iambananas

    Is she aware that her crack is showing? How low-class hill billy.

  32. Damn it, I wish this post would go to the next page already. I want to stab my eyes out because somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind I am finding her attractive. Arrrrgh.

  33. 86

    She must be new.

  34. Jacq

    #108 – Gerald – Liquor? I don’t even know her! We also used to just spout out – “So, then I said, lets get out of these wet-suits and drink some champagne!”
    It’s ok that you find her mildly attractive, when that starts, just go to your happy place. It’s safe there.

    Crack kills!

  35. Jacq

    #130 – If I had a dick, I’d give you a mushroom tattoo right now. What’s next, telling us it is not ok to make shit up? Fuck yourself.

  36. Trotter

    I heard Katie@130 had her “boyfriend” arrested for depraved sexual battery last night. Apparently, he was punish-fucking her ass and moved in for a dirty sanchez when she realized it was her daddy in a Ralph Reed mask.
    She still licked him clean but called the cops too.
    Pass it on.

  37. CancerNipples

    whyd she have to get her beak shaved? its the only thing that gave her character, made her interesting at least. now shes just boring-ugly instead of striking-ugly :(

  38. luv/hatepopculture

    Ashlee Simpson got a nose job. So what? Is she honestly the only one? Honestly, I like it because it’s easier to look at her now. The Simpsons are totally going down, agreed. Remember the first season of Newlyweds, when most people thought Jessica was “real, cute, and cuddly”? Not anymore. Boo.

    PS. I like the “she makes me wanna barf barf” comment. Haha! :-D

  39. Seamus Begonia Smell

    she is STILL ugly even with her worst feature remodeled! and remember when she said in a recent interview that she was better looking than jess, mainly because she has a better body?? she still looks like an ugly HORSE with a body that isn’t 1/100th as bangable as jessica’s!

    ashley, our lives here on earth are short. please stop wasting the public’s precious time feasting on media figures on people not worth looking at. thanks.

  40. NoraBalora

    She looks adorable!!

  41. SaSsY

    I really REALLY don’t like Ashlee, but please, give her credit… that noses job is awesome… the nose is quite cute… the thing is tough… that now she just looks like averybody else… the nose was like her signature… like lip sincing…


  42. Everyone knows that Marge is the best looking Simpson. Rockin’ that blue hair and green dress, she’s the perfect MILF.

  43. HughJorganthethird

    Nice bod. Aren’t you supposed to be over 35 before shit starts to go all slack and droopy?

  44. Getitstraight

    She is still sooooo ugly.

  45. MandaKayHoe


    First of all: Ashlee Simpson is very cute.. All of these people who say she is hideous wtf is your problem… Ashlee is one of the cutest celebs out there!

    Saying her dad molests her… Um yeah ok because he’s a good dad, believes in his kids and pushes them to do the best and look the best they can that automatically makes him a petifile!

    Ok maybe ashlee doesn’t have the best talent in the world.. But I can 100% garuntee half the people you listen to have none.. Almost noone does when it comes to that industry so you guys must hate evryone which means you need a therapist.

    Jessica did not have a boob lift no it alls. They make tapes and anything else to hold them up in dresses. I bet most the people who comment on this have never watched E, mtv, entertainment tonight, or looked at a victoria secret!

    To put it all together people who are bashing these people and being disgusting with their comments are pathetic low-lifes who need to learn a thing or two!

  46. Amarie

    I always considered Homer to be the sexiest orange Simpson ever…

  47. In case you didn’t know, Ashlee has already been back on SNL since that mishap. She was on after the release of her 2nd album. She’ll be back on after the release of her 3rd album I’m sure.

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