Ashlee Simpson defends her big sister

January 28th, 2009 // 247 Comments

Ashlee Simpson took to her blog to defend Jessica Simpson’s honor which I assumed got mistaken for a Ho-Ho because I’m a terrible person:

I am completely disgusted by the headlines concerning my sister’s weight. A week after the inauguration and with such a feeling of hope in the air for our country, I find it completely embarrassing and belittling to all women to read about a woman’s weight or figure as a headline on Fox News.
All women come in different shapes, sizes, and forms and just because you’re a celebrity, there shouldn’t be a different standard.
Is this something you would say to your wife, daughter, mother, grandmother, or even a friend?
I seriously doubt it.
How can we expect teenage girls to love and respect themselves in an environment where we criticize a size 2 figure?
Now can we focus on the things that really matter.

Yeah, I’m with you, Ashlee. How dare FOX News run a headline about your sister’s weight? That’s my job! Do I report the news solely from a blatant Republican viewpoint? Shit no. So let’s try and maintain some boundaries, people. For journalism’s sake.

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  1. #101

    #99, cause Obama is a celebrity.

  2. TAD PECKISH (food guru to the stars)


  3. Jesse

    I think it’s some type of white-pride statement on Jessica’s part. Only white girls can gain 30 lbs and end up with a broad but flat, rectangular ass.

  4. anicayo

    oooh my shit. this poor girl..the fact that her fattie sister cant stop shoving her face has NOTHING at all to do with the state of our country. & I looooove how these bitches try to say they’re a size 2, first jennifer love, now her??….riiiight bitch, I’m a size 3 & there’s noooo way fattie is skinnier than me!

  5. Dëlgo, Fish should enable HTML

    “I am completely disgusted by the headlines concerning my sister’s weight.”

  6. doug

    size 2??? pshaaa

  7. Dëlgo, Fish should enable HTML

    “I am completely disgusted by _____________________ my sister’s weight.”

  8. #99 say what you want, but I disagree. If I thought the girl was fat then I’d admit that I think she’s fat. All of us can get a little out of shape, and live sedentary lives, but she’s not fat. I don’t need to make excuses for anyone over weight, and could easily be a jerk and say that everyone who is heavier than myself is fat. Believe me that would be at least 90% or more of America, but that wouldn’t be an accurate thing for me to say.


    #102 IS THE MAN. LMFAO

  10. gullible

    ZOMG! I like totally believe Ashlee!!! Her sister isn’t fat! And her husband’s stomach isn’t filled with semen!

  11. Nikky Raney

    I hate fox news.
    I love the super fish.

  12. Nikky Raney

    Play on words?
    Ashlee Simpson defends her big sister.

  13. Hmm


    I peed a little.

  14. Mitch Haase

    Isn’t Asslee using her sisters obesity to get her own name into the news? Who gives a shit about either one of these two no-talent whores?

    Additionally, I would just like to say that I am not gay in any way, shape or form.

  15. Jim

    #108 you’re not helping anybody. This girl put on a lot of weight over a very short period of time. That’s not good or healthy or natural, for anybody.

  16. It is an unflattering photo. But more importantly, she can’t sing to save her life.

  17. Elle Diabla

    ****SHUT THEE FUCK UP + TL;DR*****

  18. #115 we can just agree to disagree ok.

  19. El devil Lady

    #92: I’m the same height/weight as you & I DO wear a size 0. I have no bones sticking out and some nice, healthy tits. Shut your porthole about your not hitting puberty shit. BTW: The only reason you’re not wearing a freaking size 0 is because Walmart and grandma clotheslines don’t tag their shit that way.

  20. Laurie

    Size 10 is fat

  21. Do FreeBird

    Get off Jessie’s case. There’s plenty of Hollywood stars who gained a little weight and then had their careers just take off. Just Look at Delta Burke …. Um maybe we should forget the whole thing.

  22. wtf???

    Seriously #119. I read that other person’s comment and was like WTF??? My mom is your weight and height exactly and wears size 0-2 depending on the store. Unless someone seriously underestimated their height and weight or has zero muscle tone or a freakishly pear shaped body it makes NO SENSE to not be able to fit into a 2 at 5’2″ and 106 pounds. Unless perhaps this person shops at the Olsen store where if you ask for a size 2 they say “hello we don’t carry plus sizes ” and then they collapse to the floor and ask for more heroin to stop the cravings for actual food.

  23. Kitahara Nanase

    You guys are all such morons. When Ashlee meant by her “size 2″ reference was NOT her sister’s actual weight (anybody can see that Jessica is far beyond a 2), but rather what the standardized “American” ideal is for an attractive woman. The acceptable ideal for a woman’s weight and size in this country – like the economy – is on a downward plunge which can have a real effect on women of all ages, both mentally and physically. It’s not about whether or not she’s a celebrity or not; she’s still beautiful, able bodied and, most importantly, richer than all of you poor bastards who post on this site. Her “weight” problem aside, she’s still wakes up and wipes he ass with $100 bills every morning while the rest of you are still trying to figure out why you can’t get dates on Saturday nights.


  24. PunkA

    #29 nailed it.

    You can;t have it both ways. When you are thin and flaunt it for your gain financially and for your own rep, you have to expect the shit-storm that comes when you are fat. And Ashlee needs to suck it because she said nothing when Jess strutted her stuff in those Daisy Dukes and banked cash because of it, which was clearly a healthy representation of women’s bodies, too? Celeb hypocrisy and thin skin knows no boundaries.

  25. "Haters" = dumbest word

    She got fat.

    She looked better before she got fat.

    The end.

  26. The Most Intelligent Person in the World (formerly Delgo)

    Ashlee was dope on SNL.

  27. pam

    I think she wore that awful outfit so no one would notice her face. What the hell is going on there?

  28. Diabla

    #123. No one’s “hatin”, (hello 2001), you retarded mule. She’s morphed into a linebacker/pig. ‘Nuff said.

  29. Michelle

    I was with her all the way until she came out with the size 2 rubbish. The lies with the dress sizes are just as tedious as the media focusing on a persons weight.

  30. C P

    Ridiculous! I am a size 1 at 5 ft and 100 lbs. If Jessica is a size 2, then that means she’s been ‘vanity sized”, so what does that make me now, a size negative 1? She’s a beautiful woman, but stop lying about what size she is!

  31. The Most Intelligent Person in the World (formerly Delgo)

    to #123, She doesnt wipe her ass with $100 bills. She doesnt wipe her ass at all. She doesnt shit. She absorbs all of what she eats.

  32. Jumbo but not that Jumbo

    i like your style.

    #29 I liked that you called Jennifer Love Hewiit Jennifer Love Hugportions.

    #125 nuff said.

    but just because I like beating a dead horse and Jessica Simpson looks like a horse and her career is dead.

    You are Fat.


    and you deserve it for making fat girls feel bad when you wore a bikini.

    I however happen to be a mid twenty male and i never really liked you because you suck and I had a crystal ball that allowed me to see into the future and I knew you would get fat.

    So go hang out with Kirstie Allie and wear each others clothes, cause you look to be the same size.


  33. Shannon

    When she was gracing the covers of men’s magazines and strutting her barely covered body in music videos and movies it was ok to comment about her body and how toned and hot she was. When she puts on some weight, and there is no debate over the fact that she has gained a few, its a crime to comment. Do not choose a career in the spotlight if you cant take the attention- good or bad.

  34. Kristina

    shut up everyone. Ashlee made perfect sense.

  35. Noticed

    I mean…she’s wearing 2 belts…

  36. Fit Female


    It is obvious you shop at over priced designer vanity stores. I bet you are in credit card debt. The money I save from not buying over priced goods; I put in the bank or give to charity. I am also 5’2″ tall and weigh 108 pounds. I am also between a size 4-6. As long as the clothes fit and look nice is all that matters. I do not shop at Wal Mart because I am against the company. I shop at Macys, Old Navy, Norstroms, and Banana.

  37. skating on glue

    You guys, c’mon- you need to evaluate Jessica for more than just her physical attributes. I mean, she’s got a lot of interesting stuff to say and….aw hell, I can’t do this- this dumb shite twat is what she looks like (by her own doing), nothing more. If she gets tubby, she is of no use to anyone outside of Romo.

  38. dichead

    She’s so fat she had to wear 2 belts. To bad her tits didn’t double in size too

  39. Bronx Jim

    No matter what size she is, she’ll always be beautiful.

  40. Size 4-6 @ 105 Pounds @ 5'2"

    It looks like you females that wear size 0-2 buy over priced vanity clothes just for bragging rights. Enjoy your credit card debt you fools. I’ll have plenty of money to retire on.

  41. t_

    i really think it was just the ugly outfit!!!!!!

  42. dfg

    ashlee ‘s got the chin,jessica’s got the double chin

  43. sunny_chic

    Who cares if she isn’t a size 0 anymore. I guess people forget that the average size woman is around 10-12. She’s still beautiful no matter what size she is. I really hate hollywood and the stress they put on women and girls about their weight. A woman should be a “size healthy” and be left alone.

  44. yourfavbrunette

    size two??? maybe at lane bryant!!!!!

    im a size 8 and I KNOW i look waaaaaay better than that!! but im also 5’10″ but come on….a two????

  45. Diabla

    #136, I’ll assume you’re talking to me, being that there is no #199, you brainless twat. I own 1 credit card, and even if I was in credit card debt, WHAT THE HELL DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH THE BLATANT STUPIDITY OF SAYING A 5’2″ 106 LB PERSON WEARS A SIZE 4 +? It’s not fucking possible!

  46. Jimmy Jim

    i love it when women trash eachother on here about what size they wear. what they don’t realize is number size doesn’t make them hotter, prettier or more attractive, yet it gives these chicks some feeling of self-worth. LOL that must be all they have to cling to, how depressing. Get a life ladies, maybe get a guy take you out to dinner before blowing him.

  47. Diabla

    lol@#140 being #136 in disguise. Hey, who says you only buy “vanity” clothes with credit cards? lmao! Is cash now obsolete?!

  48. kimo

    @99 and 101 its beacuse to celebs and most of the rest of american obama is the second coming fo christ almighty, the saviour of all and the reest of those not captivated and inslaved by the media brainwashing he is a lieing 2 faced piece of crap like every other asshole who has been in that office. they all need to grow the F up and realize they and he are nothing special.

  49. suck a cock ashlee

    goddammit ashlee you white trash whore go raise your accident kid in quiet and shut the fuck up…jessica chose a career in the spotlight and it was okay for her to pimp her ass out for money and fame all over the fucking place when she was hot, but when she gains weight, oh no!! don’t make fun of her!!what kind of example are we setting!! size 2 MY ASS im a size 2 and i sure as hell dont have sausage arms and fat rolls hanging out of my pants…this is what she gets for investing everything in her looks, what the fucking hell do you expect why do you think shes famous it sure as hell aint cuz of her voice…jess had eyelid-lifting surgery, you had a nose job, you both have gobs of hair extensions and god only knows what else…im sure that sets a great example for insecure teens. now go stick pete wentz’s cock in your mouth and shut the fuck up

  50. Shejay

    Good Lawd!!! All this coming from a chic who hated the way looked NATURALLY so much that she had her whole freakin face transplanted!! Suck it Ash!!!!

    I think Jessica is hot – whatever size who cares – I think the problem here were those nasty ass jeans & belt? Who ever put that shit on her needs to be bitch slapped back to 1976….

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