Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz get it on

April 9th, 2007 // 89 Comments

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  1. I’d send them both sympathy cards.

  2. Jimbo

    OK so Monday is starting off slow. Hopefully it will pickup. Does anyone really care about this?

  3. calicojack

    well at least they can share makeup and skinny jeans

  4. schack

    i wish MY boy toys would agree to hit the town with me in matching pants! oh, and wear make-up.

  5. Troller

    I know her: sister of Jessica, Lip-synch screw up on SNL.

    Who is he?

  6. Jimbo

    You have a boy toy?

  7. I never thought Ashlee would be hotter than Jessica…but it’s happened.

  8. schack

    you start work awful early, jim

  9. GuitarGirl

    I think he needs more lipstick though :P

  10. wow ashley simpson is soo much better looking now sence she got her nose job! She looks really good, better then jessica now.

  11. TaiTai

    Geez, these “rock and roll” types nowadays. Pete Wentz with Ashlee Simpson. John Mayer with Jessica Simpson. That guy from Good Charlotte with Nicole Richie. Way to blow whatever small scrap of cred you were trying to mine. You never saw Joey Ramone going out with Marie Osmond for the publicity. You suck.

  12. schack

    you people are fucking blind

  13. rrd

    They BOTH need a shower and to wash their hair. Good Lord. His tats are ugly.

  14. heisthejuan

    She obviously isn’t a size queen.

  15. Kelly Marie

    I hope they have children so that the kids at school make fun of them for falling down the ugly tree and getting hit by every branch down the way.

  16. freakflag

    Ya know…Ashlee is no prize, but, she’s gotta be able to do better than this horse faced jack-ass. Seriously. Somebody get this guy a bag of oats.

  17. Jimbo

    Why are we fucking blind?

  18. jus'stupid

    She wears make-up, she’s prettyyy.
    Who cares what these losers do. It is a really slow Monday, somebody had to have gotten drunk/coked up, whatever, and got naked in public. That’s alot more fun that whatever these two goofs are doing. Didn’t Blohan show here coochee again? Shitney bought a new wig. Where are the “exciting” pictures of that.

  19. GuitarGirl

    Excuse me but that girl I mean guy isnt a “rock and roll” type…he’s cof cof cof an *emo shit guy* cof cof.

  20. Hey!
    Everybody has to have somebody.

  21. schack

    how was your weekend?

  22. I could easily see them swapping mouthfuls of my urine. But that would require me to actually pee in their mouths and, come to think of it, I wouldn’t pee in their faces if their heads were on fire. Now, her sister’s a different story. I have this thing for trannies. It’s called a full bladder.

  23. caraxmarie

    I spy a straight edge tattoo. bwahahaha.

  24. GooniesNeverSayDie

    Ugh…..these people give me acid reflux….

  25. TheRanchTooth

    Papa Joe told Pete that when he’s going down on Ashley, the analfinger – at precisely the right moment – will always put her over the top.

  26. Hecubus

    There is NO WAY that guy is straight. At the very least he likes to get pounded in the ass while she blows him and at the very least when she’s blowing him he’s imagining it’s Vin Deisel.
    I mean I’ve seen preened metrosexuals before but goddamn if you’d have asked to describe that guy’s life from his picture I’d have said his name is Tarquin and he’s a hairdresser from San Francisco.

  27. wedgeone

    He’s looking like your typical fashion designer PL-GAF. Guaran-damn-tee ya that he’s using wax or duct tape to peel his unibrow off.

    Ashlee isn’t doing too badly on the other hand. So long as she perennially has a schlong in her mouth so she doesn’t sing, I could tolerate her. I do agree with #13 though – that greasy unclean hair look has to go!

  28. Nikk The Templar

    That little fuck-ass is from the same area as me.

    Lemme tell you, he’s a fucking push-over.

    Go Ashlee, go!!! Ruin Fall-Out Boy! I’m cheering for you!

  29. She looks good….But her taste is men is weird.
    She should be with meeeeeeeee. What do I have to offer? I dunno….

  30. .
    For the Wedding Gifts Pete and Ashley “Yoko” Simpson would like gift certificates for future nose jobs.

    These will be useful for any of the kids that take after their mom.

  31. sportsdvl

    they weren’t really making out, she was just lip-syncing it.

  32. combustion8

    Will someone please take the sharpie away from this dousche.

  33. mztry

    They are a GOOD LOOKING couple.

    You judgmental people must be PERFECT!

  34. lambman

    They’re both such desperate wannabes that its really hard to give a crap that they’re an item.

  35. Hecubus

    No we’re not perfect, just not idiotic enough to think corny preened metrosexuals and glazed eyes bimbos are attractive.

  36. Tetsuo

    So which one’s the bitch and which one’s the butch?

  37. YoungOne

    Is that a Robert Dinero Taxi Driver cut-out in the backseat or what? Creepy….the only 3-way Pete would have is with another dude.

  38. DrPhowstus

    Her nose is starting to grow back. I hope she kept the receipt.

  39. miss_unamed

    hey, does anyone think ashlee is starting to look like mary kate? i do

  40. What’s a parc?

  41. TrimSpaBaby

    #33 That’s right, mztry, we have critical faculties and we’re using them. Unlike you, who slobber all over each and every single celebrity that the fishdood puts up, showing you have no judgment whatsoever.

    And it’s obvious – he took her hair appointment.

  42. Giomon_Rocks

    Wait…wasn’t he the one that sent pictures of himself stroking his erect dick to some chick via email? Or was that Ashlee? I forgot since they both have penises.

  43. Who the hell is Pete Wentz?!

  44. CCClub

    Yep, this is the douche who sent pics of his dink. Twice, I believe.

  45. Juliana

    I wonder what it’s like to date a boy who wears eyeliner…

  46. Courtney

    Aww, everyone beat me to the obligatory “Who the hell is Pete Wentz?” posts.

    And #16, shame on you for being so shallow! He may be a perfectly nice young man!

    And why the hell is that stupid bitch wearing bright blue leggings.

  47. PunjabPete

    He is just sleeping with her to get to her sister to get to John Mayer…

  48. suzy

    Interesting. Now she doesn’t have to borrow clothes from her sister, she can borrow them from Pete. They’re the same size and have no taste…

    YAY! lol

  49. suzy

    #46 those aren’t leggings..

    those are tight ass blue denim pants lol

    well it looks like denim… not leggings though

  50. imran karim


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