Ashlee Simpson admits she’ll birth something

April 18th, 2008 // 50 Comments

Ashlee Simpson stopped by The Today Show this morning where she showed off her new engagement ring from Pete Wentz who did a great job, says Ashlee. Well, in lesbian relationships you can always count on your partner to know what a woman wants. Ashlee also played coy about the recent pregnancy rumors:

“That’s been going around for a year now. Only time will tell with that. But I am giving birth to my new record!”

So, wait. The CD will come out of her vagina? *HORF* I’ll take two.

Video: MSNBC, Photos: Getty Images

  1. Sam

    I look forward to listening to “Miscarriage”

  2. restingonlaurels

    nice chortle. blech!

  3. adsadsdsdasd

    now that sux..

  4. adriana

    Am I the only one that thinks she’s on crack?

  5. Why does anyone care if this no-talent, lip-syncing bitch is going to give birth to some kid?

  6. long dong silver

    another woman getting ahead by spreading her legs and lying about being on the pill. awesome.

  7. D4P

    Wait: why is this person famous again? Oh right: because of her sister.

    Wait: why is her sister famous again?

  8. Do lesbians require rubbers?

  9. Harry Ballzack

    Meh – She’s just playing the media and fans for the fools they are

  10. joseph

    nice orange legs. did her sister apply that fake tan for her?

    given the size of the stone, shouldn’t that thing be sticking about 6 inches off her finger if it’s decent quality?

  11. annoyed

    why do this people first deny, then admit. It makes all other future denials dismiss able for them and all hollywood.

  12. veggi

    She WAS pregnant, but not any more. Papa Joe didn’t approve (he had only come in her face for the last couple of months), so he took the coat hanger and gave her a good scraping.

  13. kimmy

    That is a cute dress and pearls. I wish I looked that cute in an outfit like that. She wears it nice and she looks very pretty with red hair colour. I think she just gets better with each year and passing day.

  14. Discovery Channel

    Petey-boy must be terrified to fuck her because a) he faints when he sees a woman naked (and can only be revived by emergency teabagging); and b) she looks like a praying mantis, and he knows what the females do after mating.

  15. mamadough

    when are like parking spaces.
    they are all liars and whores.

    (can’t take credit for that but felt like spreading cheer this morning)

  16. mamadough

    fucking typos/retarded hands:
    WOMEN are like parking spaces….

  17. Jumpin_J

    If she gives birth to anything, album or baby, well that’s just wrong on all levels.

  18. nipolian

    Everyone knows the father is either Fab Morvin or Rob Pilatus. You know…..the whole birds of a feather thing.

  19. Well, at least she’s not fat, and she’s certainly not a gold teef’d n i g g e r spewing out degenerate kindergarten-level rhymes and calling it “music,” so she’s ok in my book.

  20. Anal Fistula

    she may give birth to a chin, possibly.

    how long until the new baby is getting reconstructive surgery? do you think they’ll be able to wait until the third birthday? i’m doubtful…

  21. #21 – I can see why you hate b l a c k people so much, you are one hideous fucking bitch. But you do get kudos for actually making pictures of yourself available, though I know have no desire to eat EVER AGAIN…..

    I’m kidding toots, you’re a babe. I’d pay a few bucks for a teabag session….. do you like soul food?

  22. gossipmonger

    # 21, Karen… stop being a fucking troll, we have enough of them as it is…

    Now onto the story… I just find it funny her and Pete were first denying the story, then Papa Joe started shopping pics of the unborn baby around, and now she’s “playing coy”… Dumb bitch just needs to realise that she is not an A-lister, and that the majority of people dont really care if she’s pregnant or not…

  23. havoc

    “So, wait. The CD will come out of her vagina? *HORF* I’ll take two.”

    I saw a woman do that with ping pong balls once…..


  24. BunnyButt

    Veggi, I initially misread your comment and thought you wrote “goat hanger” instead of “coat hanger”. Needless to say, that conjured up a lot of weird images in my mind.

  25. Lydia Montague

    “So, wait. The CD will come out of her vagina? *HORF* I’ll take two.”

    this made me lol for about 5 mins. thank you.

  26. #25 – I saw something similar, where the “exotic dancer” invited anyone at the bachelor’s party to bring her a fresh egg from the fridge, then stuck it in her baby chute and returned the motherfucker hardboiled. Seriously best egg salad I’ve ever had, but my lips are still swollen.

  27. Delicious Alcohol

    We all know that CD came out of her asshole, like every other piece of shit she’s responsible for.

  28. Jason Selignam

    Could she be any more annoying?

  29. nipolian

    #28 – That would have been even more impressive if she had pulled out a live chicken.

  30. Auntie Kryst

    Her album’s birth?? Stillborn.

  31. Spazz

    Wentz is a fucking homo.

  32. lk

    wow she’s so annoying. and LOUD she just randomly starts laughing – what the hell? whats with her hair btw lol

  33. Grunion

    She will probably hire someone else to come in and scream for her during labour.

    You know, cause of the acid reflux and shit….

  34. whatever

    I wonder if they intentionally didn’t tell her she kept looking at the wrong camera. It was highly entertaining to watch her direct the answers to Matt’s questions toward the empty space to her left.

  35. Lisa

    Does anyone think this girl is SO annoying when she talks????? She is so fake and NOT talented and is trying to spread all these rumors so SOMEONE will buy her album… Ugh. i HATE her!

  36. protein shake

    remember when she first came out and said her music style was “punk”? just like avril did. now they both are wearing Chanel and carrying Louis Vuitton bags. Fucking Skanks


  38. xevioso

    she was actually decent before she opened her mouth.

  39. Duke

    Wow Joe Simpson is a REAL SCUMBAG,trying to sell pic of his daughter.This man is such a piece of SHIT

  40. Brii

    she stole bettlejuice’s clothes, what a jerk!

  41. michy

    at least her sister can almost sing.what can she do?she is famous just because of jessica.and she would be ugly too without all that surgery!loser!

  42. Strong

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  43. danielle

    Ashlee Simpson looks cute. Good looking and with a nice figure. I think having a nose surgery completely transformed her look and i personally think she looks alot better! more beautiful and fresh faced! nice hair extensions! Thumbs up! and for the record..i dont think shes pregnant. jus doesnt look like she is..come on guys she just got sure she aint britney spears..jumpin in bed and makin babies at the 1st oportunity…ooo kevin your not wearing a condom..oh well hehehehe hahahaha!

  44. tay

    i think she looks gorgeous.

  45. alyssa

    What happened to the oh-so rock ‘n roll black hair that was deliciously choppy? And there used to be at least fifty jelly bracelets on her arms and oh yeah, where’s the Converses and the heavy eyeliner?

    Just another poser for our modern society.

    At least the tattoos remind her of that ‘phase’ she went through…

  46. your mum


  47. Dulcinea

    This reminds me of her refusal to talk about her nose job, and it’s so boring.

  48. annaki

    Hey! Check this out!!! Really worth seeing!

  49. daredevil

    you can see her in some nice picture there for sure!!

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