Ashlee Simpson is Banging Pete Wentz’s Best Friend

Former Chiodos lead singer Craig Owens was found by Pete Wentz who pretty much handed him project after project as the two became close friends. Which is why it’s hilarious that Craig decided to thank Pete by banging Ashlee Simpson within days of their divorce thus proving the universe was eventually going to get around to making up for Fall Out Boy existing. I’m glad it waited. Us Magazine reports:

Singer-songwriter Owens, 26, is the former frontman for the punk group Chiodos, and is now signed to Wentz’ s record label, Decaydance. This summer, Owens will tour with a new group Wentz helped organize, D.R.U.G.S. (Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows).
Back in January 2010, Wentz even gushed to MTV News that Owens was his favorite new artist.
So what does Wentz think of his protege’s new potential romance with his future ex-wife?
“Pete did a lot for this guy,” a Wentz source tells “Craig was in another band and got kicked out. Pete found Craig, built a band around him and signed him. He’s shocked at how this guy is repaying him.”
Counters a source close to Simpson: “Ashlee and Craig are longtime friends. They have spent some time together, and he is comforting her throughout this difficult time.”

Did Ashlee Simpson really need to use a bullshit PR excuse for this situation? Because I don’t think anyone would’ve faulted her for going, “Yes, I’m gleefully fucking a man who isn’t Pete Wentz. Find me a recent divorcee who isn’t,” and left it at that. Although it’d be kind of cool to find out she also makes Pete watch by threatening to unravel his favorite mittens. “No, not the Nightmare Before Christmas ones! I’ll be good. I’ll be good. See? I’m sitting right next to the bed. Sex away!”

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