Ashlee Simpson is Banging Pete Wentz’s Best Friend

March 10th, 2011 // 53 Comments

Former Chiodos lead singer Craig Owens was found by Pete Wentz who pretty much handed him project after project as the two became close friends. Which is why it’s hilarious that Craig decided to thank Pete by banging Ashlee Simpson within days of their divorce thus proving the universe was eventually going to get around to making up for Fall Out Boy existing. I’m glad it waited. Us Magazine reports:

Singer-songwriter Owens, 26, is the former frontman for the punk group Chiodos, and is now signed to Wentz’ s record label, Decaydance. This summer, Owens will tour with a new group Wentz helped organize, D.R.U.G.S. (Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows).
Back in January 2010, Wentz even gushed to MTV News that Owens was his favorite new artist.
So what does Wentz think of his protege’s new potential romance with his future ex-wife?
“Pete did a lot for this guy,” a Wentz source tells “Craig was in another band and got kicked out. Pete found Craig, built a band around him and signed him. He’s shocked at how this guy is repaying him.”
Counters a source close to Simpson: “Ashlee and Craig are longtime friends. They have spent some time together, and he is comforting her throughout this difficult time.”

Did Ashlee Simpson really need to use a bullshit PR excuse for this situation? Because I don’t think anyone would’ve faulted her for going, “Yes, I’m gleefully fucking a man who isn’t Pete Wentz. Find me a recent divorcee who isn’t,” and left it at that. Although it’d be kind of cool to find out she also makes Pete watch by threatening to unravel his favorite mittens. “No, not the Nightmare Before Christmas ones! I’ll be good. I’ll be good. See? I’m sitting right next to the bed. Sex away!”

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  1. Que

    Que hollywud.

  2. Aggie

    Pete Wentz has friends?

  3. Deryn

    Mmwow, who would have thought I’d be thankful to see Giant Pete Bed-head? But it’s certainly better than Khloe Spider-Eye-Turtle-Neck.

  4. “..and is now signed to Wentz’ s record label..”

    or UNsigned soon lol

  5. asdf

    That’s what he gets for fuelling teenage angst and making teenage girls even more annoying.

  6. Maybe Craig just really likes the taste of Pete’s penis.

    • R. Ganglepuck

      So you’re saying he’s also banging Pete’s boyfriend? Because that little homo Pete sure as shit isn’t actually banging Ashley.

  7. Any Guy

    “D.R.U.G.S. (Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows)”

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. he deserves to watch his ex-girl get fucked by 100 homeless dudes with such a ridiculous band moniker.

    carry on.

  8. Deacon Jones

    Whoever came up with the DRUGS acronym should be shot execution style on national TV

  9. Nothing says thanks like a little “cock n balls”

  10. The SHEEN

    With friends like these….

  11. Colin

    That’s what he gets for modeling his new haircut after those little naked troll dolls.

  12. If she REALLY wants to improve her post-divorce self esteem, she is gonna need to bang someone that doesn’t look like they work at Blockbuster…

  13. Am I the only person to notice the size of his forehead? He looks like Hector Hammond from the green lantern.

  14. I don’t know wether Pete should thank or punch this person.

  15. Government Hooker

    Did any one else think this was pic was Adam Corrola?

  16. 340w

    The guy in question is an attention whore and always has been. Here’s a fake sex tape he made:

    • ummm

      That my friend is called promoting a new song. It’s not a sex tape and it was never meant to be taken as one.

  17. Ka

    Bob Dillon??

  18. Aussie Mama

    God, he looks shithouse with that hair. He really should get the straightner out again, so much cuter the other way. That huge forehead should never be seen again.

  19. Pete Wentz Ashlee Simpson
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    Annnnd we found the troll Charlie Sheen keeps talking about.

  20. Dan

    Seriously, I have been in Pete Wentz’s situation and you aren’t pissed off at all about your ex banging someone else – you are just glad they are not bothering you anymore.

    • G. Tinklepuss

      Really? You’ve been a pathetic musical caricature married to a lip-syncing talentless twit that get’s eyefucked by her father?

      Wow. What’s it like?

  21. fatguyinalittleshirt

    and…….. who cares……

  22. G. Tinklepuss

    Now I finally get what “Too ugly to be gay” means.

  23. Don’t distress Pedro, karma is a hairy fuckin cunt who will skull fuck all those who are deserving, “what goes around comes around”…look at that fat slobbering bimbo who calls herself Jessica, just move forward and let the shit run down the drain were it belongs.

  24. prudish cad

    i don’t get it. that’s a photo of pete wentz, right?

  25. D. Rippleshit

    poo poo pee pee.

  26. Rough of carnage

    Pete’s “The leader” like head is veering me from what Ashley would be call in my neighborhood.

  27. So…she’s got a thing for the retarded?

  28. That's Retarded

    That’s Retarded

    • McFeely Smackup

      He would be a lucky bastard if he stopped fighting for custody of the gigantic baby. I am guessing that thing wrecked her on the way out.

  29. anon

    She has horrible taste in men

  30. Pete Wentz Ashlee Simpson
    J. The Ripper
    Commented on this photo:

    Did he buy that jacket off a homeless dude??

  31. the captain

    please send your money to the WWF and they will take care of him…………..

  32. slappy magoo

    He looks like Bob Geldof without the talent.

    Oh wait, Geldof has no talent either.

  33. Pete Wentz Ashlee Simpson
    totes mcgotes
    Commented on this photo:

    god hes ugly and so is ashlee

  34. chippy

    that is one ugly dude

  35. Pete Wentz Ashlee Simpson
    Wendy S
    Commented on this photo:

    I think the bigger issue here is clearly the muppet atop his head.

  36. Pete Wentz Ashlee Simpson
    Commented on this photo:

    Bob Dylan’s retarded cousin Elron

  37. Ringo

    Career over. Hope that pussy was good.

  38. ummm


    Pete hands Craig shit? Whoever wrote this is a fucking idiot. Craig was with Chiodos from 01-09 and they were signed to Equal Vision. He recently signed with Wentz’ label and this artical makes it sound like Craig has been signed by Wentz for awhile. smdh. Chiodos has nothing to do with Pete Wentz.

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