Ashlee Simpson Divorced Pete Wentz To Stop Him From Touring

As people begin to remember Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz still exist, details surrounding their divorce have been pouring in like the fudge fountain in Jessica Simpson’s house, only with less marshmallows, gummy bears and Canadian bacon. While the general consensus is Pete doesn’t want the divorce, RadarOnline reports that it may just be a scare tactic on Ashlee’s part to stop him from touring with his new band because she gave up her music “career” to start a family:

“I think that Ash has just finally had enough of it. She’s put all her musical aspirations to the side to concentrate on being a mom and it is a big bone of contention with her that Pete just swans off around the world with his buddies like he’s a single guy.
“They had a major fight in October before he headed off to Europe, but then tried to make a go of things over the holidays for the sake of Bronx, but the issue was still there and they were still fighting.
“They decided to take a break for a while to both cool off and to reassess what they want for the future, and they both realized it was bad for Bronx to be around his parents fighting all the time.
“Pete is due to head off again on tour in a couple of months and I honestly think Ashlee filed for divorce as a way to “shock” him into canceling his plans, or at least modifying them heavily and giving in to her demands to be with her and Bronx.”

Can you really set aside a career you choked to death with a lack of talent and a Milli Vanilli-level lip-syncing fiasco? Just curious. Anyway, what’s with these Simpsons girls? If all they want to do is sit around popping out babies and playing Susie Homemaker, they should’ve never left their dad’s house. “What’s that, sugah? You wants another chitlin’? Daddy’ll fix that right up soon as you fix him some suppah. Now run along now and tell Jessica to git in here for mah 4:15 motorboat. Ain’t no tardiness in this house. Won’t have it.”

Photos: WENN