Ashlee Simpson Divorced Pete Wentz To Stop Him From Touring

February 10th, 2011 // 51 Comments

As people begin to remember Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz still exist, details surrounding their divorce have been pouring in like the fudge fountain in Jessica Simpson’s house, only with less marshmallows, gummy bears and Canadian bacon. While the general consensus is Pete doesn’t want the divorce, RadarOnline reports that it may just be a scare tactic on Ashlee’s part to stop him from touring with his new band because she gave up her music “career” to start a family:

“I think that Ash has just finally had enough of it. She’s put all her musical aspirations to the side to concentrate on being a mom and it is a big bone of contention with her that Pete just swans off around the world with his buddies like he’s a single guy.
“They had a major fight in October before he headed off to Europe, but then tried to make a go of things over the holidays for the sake of Bronx, but the issue was still there and they were still fighting.
“They decided to take a break for a while to both cool off and to reassess what they want for the future, and they both realized it was bad for Bronx to be around his parents fighting all the time.
“Pete is due to head off again on tour in a couple of months and I honestly think Ashlee filed for divorce as a way to “shock” him into canceling his plans, or at least modifying them heavily and giving in to her demands to be with her and Bronx.”

Can you really set aside a career you choked to death with a lack of talent and a Milli Vanilli-level lip-syncing fiasco? Just curious. Anyway, what’s with these Simpsons girls? If all they want to do is sit around popping out babies and playing Susie Homemaker, they should’ve never left their dad’s house. “What’s that, sugah? You wants another chitlin’? Daddy’ll fix that right up soon as you fix him some suppah. Now run along now and tell Jessica to git in here for mah 4:15 motorboat. Ain’t no tardiness in this house. Won’t have it.”

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  1. JRS

    Who needs an income when you have a family? What a cunt.

  2. Cock Dr

    If having a child assured the world that Ass-lee Simpson never mutilates another pop song then we should all be very grateful to emo man here.
    Thanks dude!

  3. You mean to tell me she is immature and irrational?
    So hard to believe…

  4. Deacon Jones

    She taught him!

    He’ll just have to drown his sorrows in a flock of giggling college girls, night after night, after night, after night,

  5. Justin

    If this is true – she’s a stupid cunt. That is to say even more of a stupid cunt than I already thought.

  6. Samael

    This is a blessing in disguise for Pete Wentz. Ashley Simpson is a drunk. Who wants to come home to that? I am sure she hands that baby off to her nanny anyway so I can’t see why she is complaining.

  7. Mortimer Duke

    So she is acting on the good of the public good then?

  8. Karen

    …to stop him from touring other guy’s cocks, to be more precise.

  9. Pete Wentz Ashlee Simpson
    Commented on this photo:

    Can we say Codependant manipulator?

  10. In other words, she’s divorcing him in order to try and keep him from singing.

  11. No-fault Rough

    So the irreconcilable difference is she wants to be babysat every minute? Her and Jessica act they grew up without a father…

  12. !!!!!!!

    lame! so she wants to be a stay at home mom, fine. that was HER choice. let’s see how much she likes eating tuna helper and living in a trailer after Pete gives in to her cuntishly selfish co-dependent demands and gives up working to feed her needy ego. who is going to sponsor the nanny and the hollywood lifestyle?

    the kid doesn’t need two moms! he needs a mom and a dad. pete needs to send out a search team for his nuts.

    • head cheese

      I thought I was reading the synopsis of “Walk the Line” there for a min…

    • Since he’s been wearing junior miss size 7 jeans for the past 5 years, I think it’s safe to say they’ve either atrophied and fallen off, or just crawled back up inside to stay.

  13. “Ashlee Simpson Divorced Pete Wentz To Stop Him From Touring”

    so I guess we owe her thanks then. She’s a lot like Jesus. Except Jesus had talent.

  14. oh i know

    listen, i’ll file for divorce from MY husband if it’ll get them to BOTH stop singing!!

  15. stevebeagle

    she looks good there

  16. Great post Fish! I lost it at “4:15 moterboat”! Who the fuck spells their name Ashlee anyway? What a cunt.

  17. crazypants

    If this story is true, then wow is she dumb.

    1) You married a popular musician. They tour. It’s how he makes money to feed himself and his family.
    2) There’s no reason Ashlee and the baby cannot travel with Pete when on tour.

    So unless she thinks they should both stop working and live off their savings and royalties – which is an option – shut up.

    • Nothing new here. Women CONSTANTLY get with men because they love the: bad boy, musician, artist, skatepunk, bartender, motocross, etc etc etfuckingc…

      then as soon as they get them locked down it’s “hey, stop doing everything you’ve always done, especially the things I used to like about you, and be someone totally different. also, make more money doing it”.

      Can anyone remember Sandra Bullock?

  18. Jennyjenjen

    Sorry to betray the ladies, but this is a classic woman stunt, pretending to give up something that was already over to keep your man from cheating on you with other dudes.. err.. wait…

  19. jojo

    So she is divorcing a gay midget and she needs a reason? I think it is Pete that needs the reason. Besides being a homosexual midget that is.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe Pete and Tom Cruise should hook up? Perhaps make some truly disturbing gay midget porn together.

  20. Joe Blow

    Who cares?

    • Deryn

      It’s probably wrong that after all the effort and thought … ish … that goes into all the comments here, this is what I laughed at loudest.

  21. Anya

    This homo looking douche bag and his equally ugly wife need to fuck off and take their ugly kid with them. I refuse to believe that this tool is straight.

  22. Burt

    He’s made his fortune already, so has she for that matter. They aren’t hurting for cash unless they were really stupid. So, how much money can he be really making with this new band of his? Enough to keep him away from his wife and kid? Probably not. Touring may well just be an excuse for him to not grow up and take his responsibilities at home.

  23. Penny

    you forgot to add that him touring pays for their lifestyle so he probably should continue to…i don’t know…”work.”

    • Burt

      Learn to read between the lines. I doubt the amount of money he’s making with his new band is all that much (do you even know the name of the band because I certainly don’t), especially when you consider their combined net-worth.

  24. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    That girl hates bands period, remember when she flub the words to her own song and started prancing around the stage like Sandy Duncan on acid? She blamed her band for screwing up the song. What a dumb twat

  25. Meghan

    word on the street is, in petes new band, the lead chick singer is a DIME. and rubs herself all up on him. and the other word on the street is: ashlee gets mad

  26. Well, whatever works.

  27. Pete Wentz Ashlee Simpson
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m fairly certain I’m the only one who actually made it to this picture. I’m not proud of that.

  28. SuperT

    Allright Captain Sunshine…where do you want it?

  29. Grimmer

    Why do celebrities even bother to get married. They live in lies. They’re whores for fame and attention. There is nothing noble or worthy about them.

  30. Pete Wentz Ashlee Simpson
    Commented on this photo:

    so edgy

  31. D00m

    Shouldn’t let your trick ‘ho chick hold your sick glow!

  32. captain america


  33. Pete Wentz Ashlee Simpson
    I'm on my Period.
    Commented on this photo:

    He was definitely fucking around. Ashlee has been starving herself from the moment that baby was born because she knew this would happen and wanted to stay desirable to him. He’s either gay or an idiot.

  34. paerypoisin

    i think it sucks that they”re getting divorced:(

    • assleeshitson

      i think it sucks that they got married, ass-lee is such a whore, id otn even know why shes complaining, because while hes off touring, she hands her baby to the nanny, and goes to see the neighbour rodger the lodger and fucks his brains out.

  35. YLC

    She put her music career to the side? lol lol lol
    Who are you trying to fool? You’re lucky you had any career at all.

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