Ashlee Simpson’s in a Bikini

September 26th, 2011 // 107 Comments

Under the watchful, always watchful eyes of Papa Joe, the whole Simpson clan slipped down to Mexico for a little family vacay over the weekend where Ashlee brought her new boyfriend and pranced around in a bikini as Jessica hid under a poncho. Not so much out of shame, as much as she had pork pockets installed. Except surprisingly absent was little Bronx Mowgli who’s probably sitting at home right now watching Pete Wentz wonder when Ashlee’s going to get back from the store. “She said she’d just be a minute. But if I call, she’ll get mad. Oh, fiddlesticks!”

Photo: Splash News


  1. gumption

    who walks like that, these are so staged? Her ass looks proper because the bikini bottom is fooling us that she has an ass. All I ask is, please, for the love of the children, do not turn around.

  2. Ashlee Simpson Bikini Jessica Simpson Blanket
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    thought you were pulling our leg about the poncho. This is amazing

  3. Brad Hallston

    I’d eat her ass.

  4. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
    Brad Hallston
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    Not bad for a chick that has a kid. I’d fuck her in the ass 4 sure.

  5. Venom

    That’s a pretty nice ass.
    It is her face that ruins everything.

  6. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
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    Now the other girl looks hot.

  7. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
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    “There you go!. Shake daddy’s moneymaker!”

  8. Ashlee Simpson Bikini Jessica Simpson Blanket
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    “Si, señora, it’s true. We Mexican men like the…¿Como se dice, ‘grasa en el culo’?”

  9. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
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    Ke$ha torso.

  10. Ashlee Simpson Bikini Jessica Simpson Blanket
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    Yeah, that’s right, sit in the shade under your tarp, piglet. No one minds, we’re all too busy looking at your lil sis’ tight ass.

  11. dontkillthemessenger

    The key to her looking so hot in these pictures is that her face isn’t visible in them.

  12. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
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    yeah, she looks way better from behind. seriously.

  13. CranAppleSnapple

    She moves like the broken-boned asian chick in The Ring.

  14. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
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    I’m am completely surprised by how much I love that ass

  15. Sweenis McFrecklenut

    Hopefully the drug cartels need a hostage

  16. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
    Queef Sister
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    “Come on…just the big toe!”

  17. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
    Queef Sister
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    Daddy found his speedo…RUUUUUN!

  18. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
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    I would definitely NOT wear that around my father.

  19. SlapKatyPerry

    G*D DAMN!!!
    You’d be lying if you said you wouldn’t knock the bottom out of that!

  20. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
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    Just as I suspected….no fucking ass.

  21. lobstet

    Who is her friend with the boobs? More pics of her?

  22. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
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    This is one of the creepiest pictures I’ve ever seen. It looks like she’s about to start crawling on top of him. Just note his “Aw yeah, come to papa”-rape face.

  23. “I the moooooooves like Jagger!”

  24. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
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    This family irks the shit out of me. Talentless kids exploited for profit by their creepy Christian stage dad.

  25. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
    White hot
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    would snack on that for hours

  26. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
    Hugh Gentry
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    holy fuck, that chick is built for fun!!!

  27. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
    Hugh Gentry
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    I’ll be the meat in that sandwich

  28. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
    Reuben Steubing
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    Forget Ashley and Jessica, the other broad is smokin’ hot!

  29. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
    Ms. B
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    Her belly button is freakishly high.

  30. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
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    How is that She is not as famous as her sister but has a better body then Jessica. I think Jessica is hiding her Pregnancy and its Toni Romo’s

  31. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
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    come sit on daddy’s lap and tell him how cold you are babygirl

  32. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
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    why no hips batman?

  33. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
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    I think the dad, Joe Simpson is creepy. The other thing that bothers me about him is how he has such control over his ADULT daughters and lives the high life off of THEIR money!! If I were fortunate enough to have children who made millions of dollars each year, yes I would want to be their manager because being a parent you truly have their best interest at heart…BUT…I would not pay/reward myself by taking 10 – 50% of their earnings for being simply their parent. That just shows what kind of people these girls parents truly are!

  34. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
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    Her body has changed too after having a baby. Don’t know why she is any better then Hilary Duff. Hilary will lose the weight and have a much better shapely figure then this skank.

  35. Ashlee Simpson Bikini Jessica Simpson Blanket
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    Is that John Travolta ??? just asking.

  36. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
    Little Tongue
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    Doing the awkward dance once again? For Daddy? o_O

  37. Ashlee Simpson Bikini
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    So many incest jokes… trying not to throw up…

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