Ashanti loses her cousin

April 17th, 2006 // 89 Comments

Ashanti cancelled a performance in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Saturday after her 20-year-old cousin and personal assistant were killed by a drunken teen driver.

Police said that Quinshae Snead, known as Quin, was en route to Ashanti’s hotel on an errand before Saturday’s concert when the car she was riding in was rear-ended.


  1. cinnarose

    I always laugh at the “OMG it’s too soon” people. If it was a celebrity that had died because of something stupid (say, flying in a plane that’s overloaded with luggage and a pilot that’s high on cocaine), people would put on their lollerskates and ride. Yes, it’s tragic, but my initial reaction was “whatever, that’s what you get for not wearing a seatbelt.” It’s sad for Ashanti, but I don’t really care.

  2. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

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  3. jugsgirl

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  4. jugsgirl

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  5. Land-Man

    At least I’m not stupid like you.

  6. RobotAttack

    okay well… I keep seeing everyone posting “this wouldn’t have happened if she just wore her seatbelt!” and yes…. that’s true, she should have worn her seatbelt. but it ALSO wouldn’t have happened if whoever hit her hadn’t been an idiot drunk driver. It’s tragic no matter which way you look at it… and a pretty awful way to die.

  7. jugsgirl

    ooooh osh kosh …………. land man called you stupid.

  8. jugsgirl

    well at least i think he called you stupid. he could have been talking to that mad scientist.

  9. Aaronmalamend

    I want to shout out to Itallian Stallion… I too was hit by a drunk driver and suffered neck and brain injury, which accounts for some of my stupidity. I had a car with one of those automatic seatbelts, so I was spared my life. If I was not wearing it, I would have been roadkill. I never go without my seatbelt nowadays… I don’t feel that the webmaster here is making a joke out of a tragic event, he is just illustrating a point… I mean, look at all the responses already. Also, drinking and driving is as gay as Tom Cruise.

  10. Lauren

    I’m missing something here. Where does it say that she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt?

    Thanks for the pro-seatbelt statement, but I don’t think you should be using it in this context. You’re making the (dead, no less) woman sound like an idiot for not wearing a seatbelt, when there’s no word on whether or not she was.

    Why not make fun of drunken teen idiots instead? We at least know one of those was involved.

  11. gogoboots

    Uhm…honestly though, if she were wearing a seat belt she wouldn’t have gotten thrown from the car and hit by other cars. That’s just plain awful and sad…but you really need to wear your seatbelt, even if you’re just going to the store to pick up beer or something…

  12. sassy


  13. jugsgirl

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  14. jugsgirl

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  15. Kbartender

    #25 You make me LAFF! What’s the frequency Kenneth… I think I peed myself.

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    I love jugsgirl. There, I said it.

  16. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    #55 – I stand corrected – that was hilarious!

  17. Jacq

    Land Man needs to be eaten by the Land Shark.

    My ex-fiance was also almost killed in an accident, except that it was no one else’s fault and he was the drunk one. The driver’s side from tire blew and he went upside down between divided highways and landed on the passenger roof. I was supposed to have been in that car. The only thing left was the roof on the driver’s side. He did however have his seat belt on and broke his back in 3 places.
    I must admit though, that I have had 2 other friends who definitely would not be with us today if they had been wearing seatbelts. They were both thrown from the cars that would have killed them. I’m wearing mine, though.

  18. jugsgirl

    Drunk Driving is NOT a crime where I live, the virgin islands.

    Driving without a seatbelt IS a crime.

  19. bunnyhugger

    my husband, too, was nearly killed in a single car accident, when the car decided to commit suicide. no one knows what happened w/ the car, they said it was too demolished to tell (i still don’t buy that…). due to somebody’s stupidity at the GM plant, the seat belt was faulty and the shoulder harness broke, leaving only the lap belt. he spent 4 weeks in the hospital, and was close to death twice. he is fine, now, but it was absolutely the most harrowing thing we’ve ever been thru. so, to stallion and jacq, i’m with you guys. even a half a seatbelt can save your life.

  20. biatcho

    too bad a seat belt couldn’t save my dad from dying of lung cancer. That was harrowing. Wow, I feel so much better now.
    move on…

  21. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Seat belts couldn’t save my brother from his crack addiction, which led to the break in at the petting zoo, and seat belts couldn’t save the anuses of those poor baby goats either. Fuck seat belts.

  22. mamacita


    He probably caught the cancer from Kylie Minogue. That toothy, cancer-having bitch.

  23. mamacita


    He probably caught the cancer from Kylie Minogue. That toothy, cancer-having bitch.

  24. mamacita

    Filth flarn filth!!!!!!! This bitch ass comment posting error shit is pissing me off.

  25. biatcho

    Yeah, the error messages are almost as annoying as every little fuckstick who keeps saying Tom Cruise Loves the Cock.
    jokes are funny at one point & then they get as old as the crust in meganharris’ underpants.

  26. mamacita


    Don’t hate on MeganHarris’ crusty panties. They’re just old cause it’s hard to find underwear for hermaphrodites.

  27. Land-Man

    Everyone yakking about surviving a car crash should shampoo my crotch, then get in another car crash and not walk away from it. God knows how to take out the trash.

  28. biatcho


    OOOOOHHHHHH (removes cigarette from mouth in the vain of Andrew Dice Clay)

  29. jugsgirl

    sure some jokes get old, but meganharris hating will never die

  30. Miss_Marple

    YOu know… all this time I thought MeganHarris was a guy… then I see something about crusty panties and holy shit…then I saw the hermaphrodite statement. So, is MeganHarris a boy, a girl, or a HeShe? OR does he/she just stink?

  31. bunnyhugger

    yeah, and apparently seat belts didn’t help me keep my fucking mouth shut.
    *violins playing*

  32. joeqpublicus

    Pretty harsh advice but it’s true people wear your seat belts or end up street pizza.

  33. Hara

    Yep. 82 posts and it’s still not funny.

    Number 71 is pretty darn close though. If I weren’t on the phone with my sister thanking her for not being dead I probably would have laughed.

  34. justsayno

    okay, for the retards at the superficial, and those on here that agreed: Hundreds of people die every day due to drunk driving, WHILE wearing seatbelts. I CANNOT believe he said the problem would be solved by wearing a seatbelt. Um, so what about the drunk-drivers? Maybe the better solution is don’t drive while your smashed. hm..just a thought. seriously. i’m stunned. While we’re at it, why not let the drunk driver go free and encourage him to drink and drive more often. And lets take all the victims of drunk-driving and lock them up for life.

  35. LaydeeBug

    I’ll go there…….sorry for the dead but thats what the M F seatbelts are for. Christ, she got thrown into traffic….if anything, her death will show us reading here that seatbelts are the shiz-nig. In other words, BUCKLE UP CRACK-HOLES!!!! Dead or alive, I have nothing but contempt for those who don’t wear them.

    It’s exactly like Britney and the baby in her lap. Same Effing thing.

  36. DonLes91

    To 84 – since you want to be heard – I caught your post on that Lindsay Lohan kitty-hat post – I’ll say this:

    The chances of Ashanti’s cousin being alive would be much greater if Ashanti’s cousin wore a seat belt. Drunk drivers will always be out there and if you think with all of the “Hundreds of people die every day due to drunk driving” is going to stop that, then you’re looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. People are going to drink and drive. Fact. Face it. It’s not a good thing, but that’s how it is. Wear a seat belt and the chances of you becoming “street pizza” (stole that from #82) are reduced.

    So buckle up, dumbass.

    And welcome back, Laydeebug! : D

  37. LaydeeBug

    Thanks for the welcome! And Ashanti looks like a monkey, and not a cute one. I still think she’s a nobody, but now she’s gonna win more pity votes.

  38. jagajulez

    Yo! she was wearing a seat belt when the accident happens. Its best to get your facts straight before you ridicule the dead. I know this site is ‘Superficial’but still the dead should be respected, especially in such tragic circumstances. Imagine it were your own cousin dead, and some rumour site ran some rubbish like this, without talking about the drunk driver

  39. Yo! she was wearing a seat belt when the accident happens. Its best to get your facts straight before you ridicule the dead. I know this site is ‘Superficial’but still the dead should be respected, especially in such tragic circumstances. Imagine it were your own cousin dead, and some rumour site ran some rubbish like this, without talking about the drunk driver

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