Ashanti loses her cousin

April 17th, 2006 // 89 Comments

Ashanti cancelled a performance in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Saturday after her 20-year-old cousin and personal assistant were killed by a drunken teen driver.

Police said that Quinshae Snead, known as Quin, was en route to Ashanti’s hotel on an errand before Saturday’s concert when the car she was riding in was rear-ended.


  1. Italian Stallion

    I just can’t even an asshole has his limits……

  2. cbmd

    Is this delightfully frothy celebrity news?

  3. Chrystal03

    My condolences go out to them as well… :(

  4. biatcho

    I think Mr. (or Mrs.) Superficial is trying to tell all of us to love each other because life is precious and we shouldn’t take it for granted… fuck it, I still hate heifferrzzzz and a bunch of other idiots.

  5. That is so true. Just wear your damn seatbelt and there won’t be this problem.

  6. Italian Stallion

    P.S I think this might be the first time I agree with whoever writes these lame stories. If not for a seatbelt I would have been killed 3 years ago. I got 5 broken ribs, collapsed lung, some head trauma ( which explains my retardedness) and spent two weeks in shock trauma.I could not have said it any better…….

    Seriously though, wear your fucking seat belts people

  7. biatcho

    I heard Brag & Angelina’s chauffeur did it on their way to NAMBLA.

  8. PapaHotNuts

    I’m a dick and everything, but I’m with Stallion, won’t make fun of this one.

    Maybe the SF editors can post something about a young child fighting cancer or maybe the murder of a nun to brighten our day. All the shit going on to make fun of, and this is what they post. Great job Superficial, I’m off to go hang myself.

  9. biatcho

    And I am done making dumb comments about this story. It’s way too graphic & sad. Really didn’t need to know about this chick flying into on-coming traffic… laughing is the only way I know how to deal with tragedy.

  10. Grphdesi23

    Twice in one day, The Superficial has to dour my mood.

    First, the news with Kylie and now Ashanti.

    Besides, we shouldn’t be blaming the victim here. They were killed by a DRUNK driver.


  11. bigponie

    I just wanna say how sorry i am, and if ashanti needs some comforting in her time of need, I am ready and willing to offer her “the cock”

  12. LookAtME

    What a shame, my condolences… however, Did the Superficial forget his/her paxil last night?

  13. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Hey guys, poop ass vagina cock I hate MeganHarris penis racist sexist fag-tard!!! What? Where’s the funeral?
    (Has this ever happened to you?)

  14. RhinebeckCowboy

    Jeez. And this is the part of the world that Brangelina are planning to have a baby in.

  15. Ez-EEEE

    DATE: 04/17/2006 05:17:57 PM
    DATE: 04/17/2006 05:17:57 PM

  16. GDoggie

    Nice grammar on this one. Her personal assistant WAS killed not ‘were killed’.

  17. Aimtrue

    Is the cousin the personal or were two people killed? Did she cancel the concert because it was her cousin or because the personal assistant failed to get her the correct spring water she demanded? If she was emotinally upset I get it, but if it is the latter, then we can sharpen out darts

  18. jennyjenjen

    Shut the fuck up GDoggie. Two deaths.. one in gory detail.. sad.

  19. Beeyotch

    I actually think it’s a commendable use of the Superficial’s exposure: to remind its wide audience of the importance of seatbelts, lest something awful like this happens.

    And don’t worry, as long as the Simpson sisters and the Lohans and Parisites of the world are still with us, we’ll never want for stupid celebrity news…

  20. hotterthanyou

    i’m usually all for making fun of someone else’s misfortune but in this case – you just can’t. my condolences to the family. and i hope whoever hit them is punished for their insanely stupid behaviour.

    #17 – think it’s just one person who was killed. although the grammatical mistake in the article makes it seem like two.

  21. jennyjenjen

    oops.. sorry GDoggie. But still shut the F up!

  22. GDoggie

    I do think it’s sad, it’s not really normal Superficial material, that’s why I commented on the bad grammar on top of the inappropriate story.

  23. shell

    Car accidents, cancer victims and that hideous creature they call Katie Holmes. I’m not sure I can take much more today.

  24. Binky

    Cancer, pregnancy, strap-on aliens, death.
    I think the Superfish guy is in a bit of a funk as the Pulitzer’s were announced today and…well…there’s always next year… type of thing…

  25. Binky

    # 23 – Get off this wavelength. What’s the frequency Kenneth ?
    And #15 – I couldn’t agree more.

  26. mamacita


    Man, I think I need to get on Paxil after the shit that passed for stories today. The editors are trying to control what they like to call the “infighting”, so they post a bunch of sad shit so that all we can do is post things like “wow, I can’t say anything mean about that” or “ohhhh, boohoo, so sad”. Well, I reject their reality and replace it with my own. Ya know, I watched Punk’d once and Ashanti was on there being a complete asshole to this driver when the car broke down. I wanted to punch her in the labia. If only she knew then that by being such a total cunt, she was actually sealing her cousin’s fate. Karma is a merciless and unforgiving bitch. That’s right. I don’t blame the victim, I blame Ashanti. Drive your own car bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. HughJorganthethird

    Maybe Ja Rule will rap at the funeral, cause you know it’s not like he’s gonna be busy and shit.

  28. ohyeahallie

    way to just make a joke. I personally did not finnd this funny.

  29. way to just make a joke. I personally did not finnd this funny.

  30. biatcho

    you didn’t find it funny #s 29 & 30 – but you did find it appropriate to go back & make sure we could all click on your screename & check your shit out. classy!

  31. My sincerest condolences to Ashanti’s family. I can’t imagine losing anyone to something that tragic and preventable.

  32. ohyeahallie

    uhm to biatcho, just so you know the thing told me I couldn’t post unless I had a link, and that’s the only link I have. I would delete it if I hadn’t known it was posted twice.

  33. I can’t make fun of this one even though I’m a former Ashanti fan. Not only was the guy drunk, he was 17, he stole his mother’s car and he didn’t have a licence. I’d advise Ashanti and family to sue if they could.

  34. NewGuy

    Quinshae Quiche.

    Swerves 38… Whoops! I mean “Serves”

  35. Effey203

    I’ve been reading the superficial for a while, and frankly …the material and jokes for the past few weeks/months have sucked. Theres TONS of celebrities out there just begging to get made fun of, but you choose someone dying and a cancer patient to write about? …on top of that just being insensitive, your puns weren’t even funny.

  36. It sucks that she died but it’s hard to feel worry for people when they bring that shit upon themsevles. How hard is it to wear a seatbelt for people. Honestly do people find it THAT uncomfortable.

  37. Superficial has reached its limitations…
    It’s sad but to all of the drunkards don’t drive drunk. I guess the teen driver survived as usual, kill a whole damn family and the drunks always survive. sad…

  38. Pez_D_Spencer

    So who wants to bet what the lead song from her next show is:

    Dead Man’s Curve? (or pretty much anything by Jan & Dean)
    Leader of the Pack?
    Oh Where Oh Where Can My Baby Be?

    I suppose a cover of anything by “The Cars” or “Crash Test Dummies” would work, too.

    Um, Kiss’ “Detroit Rock City” might work, too.

  39. NewGuy

    I’ve survived every crash I’ve been in usually because I am so friggin HAMMERED that I barely even notice the impact. If I was sober I probably would have tensed up and been hurt, maybe even killed instead of those whiny, bleedy, screaming little brats and their mom in the mini-van.

    Who wants some quiche?

  40. katlady12

    Holy crap. Ashanti must be be feeling like shit right now. I would never want to be anyone’s personal asst no matter how famous. The poor girl was proby running errands for her royal highness when it happened.

  41. HollyJ

    I was about to be all sensitive, but then I realized this was The Superficial and bitch-slapped myself (saved you peeps the trouble). Now that I’m conscious again, I have to say:

    Let me get this straight…
    Someone hit her car from behind, and somehow she managed to fly out of the side of the car into oncoming traffic? I’ve been rear-ended a couple of times, and I’ve never flown like Peter Pan out of the car and landed smack in the center of on-coming traffic. Did the car have no windshield? Is her body shaped like a torpedo? How did a rear-hit result in her flying out sideways???

    If someone hits you from directly behind, your trajectory will be forward, and even if you DO go through the windshield (highly unlikely nowadays), you’ll go over the front of your own car, not diagonally into oncoming traffic.

    This story goes against every possible law of physics. I’m NOT BUYING THIS STORY. Sounds like a PR cover-up for something else to me.

  42. Tom McKenzie

    @42 HollyJ — You’re an idiot. I know the laws of physics and nowhere does it state the drunk driver braked (or did not brake) or hit the car squarely in the back. If she was not wearing a seatbelt (not a lot of people do in SA) and the car hit her with enough force toward the corner of the car, she would have flown through the windscreen and into oncoming traffic.

    Guys, feel free to be dicks about this whole issue, but at least know what you’re talking about if you do.

  43. A Nobody

    Let’s gather together and just… Cry.

    Somebody died, but that doesn’t mean we have to go gay.

  44. maggixial

    (#36) Effey203, start your own site if it hurts your feelings that much. Sweet Zombie Jesus, don’t just whine about it, do something. Nobody has a gun to your head and is forcing you to be here. There are countless other celebrity gossip sites.

  45. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    In other news: Ashanti is spoon-lickin’ hot.

  46. biatcho

    New Guy sucks manpenis

  47. Land-Man

    I smiled when I read this. Nice work drunken teen driver. Whoot! Whoot!

  48. Land-Man

    I smiled when I read this. Nice work drunken teen driver. Whoot! Whoot!

  49. The Mad Scientologist

    Kind of ironic when you work for a record label called “Murder Inc.”

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