Ashanti is thin

February 13th, 2006 // 93 Comments

If I recall correctly, Ashanti used to be pretty damn hot. You know what else is hot? – burritos, which Ashanti has apparently been eating by the bucketload. I’ve never tried to squeeze a bowling ball into a sandwich bag, and this is why. She doesn’t look terrible, but there’s a time and a place for outfits like that. The time is Opening Day, and the place is the circus.


  1. tis GLAM


    believe it or not but celebrities look worse than us “real” people ALL THE TIME! they dont just start looking bad they always have. Its the make-up hun!

  2. Sheva

    She’s on the new Serena Williams blow up tour.

  3. HollyJ

    Did someone say something about brisket in Las Vegas ?

  4. HookEmHorns

    as for those questioning the validity of the pic…there’s THIS:

    four more juicy angles with the same, um, swimsuit?….yum!

  5. hafaball

    Indescribable… Indestructible! Nothing Can Stop It! It crawls…. It creeps…. It eats you alive! It is…The Blob!!!

  6. LickyLicky

    54 just cleared everything up with those pics. She’s not fat; she’s got a camel hidden in her suit. You can tell because its toe is sticking out.

    Nice try, camel smuggler.

  7. Kyrie

    I don’t think it’s so much her body as it is her clothes.. She wouldn’t look so bad if that top didn’t make her look pregnant and if she wasn’t wearing my friend’s little sister’s gym shorts…

  8. Tracy

    Thanks #54 for the shots of her cooter-cleavage. Classy!

  9. #54- the tears of laughter just made my day. Camel toe….*shudders*

  10. ESQ

    In response to #10 – she looks like M. Night Shyamalan

    In response to #18 PapaHotNuts – “All hail to thee”

    I think her and Mariah Carey share the same stylist. “Oh, yeah, you and Mariah are the same size, but this would look better on you.” and vice versa.

  11. Jayne

    how unsexy is she trying to be.
    for real.

  12. VanillaSalTyBaLLs

    What they failed to tell us is that right after this pic was taken she fell off the stage and broke a leg and gravy came pouring out….. mmmm gravy!!!!

  13. All these celebrities must have magic mirrors that show them what they looked like in 1999.

    Party like it’s 1999.

  14. aura

    # 14, I think it’s bacon grease.

  15. ir0ny!

    She looks fine. Most women can’t even get legs like that. On the other hand, #10 – that picture can’t really be her. It looks too masculine. That unibrow is

  16. Big Fig

    She used to be a butterface (ya know everythings good but her face,) now she’s a butter….uh..everything.

  17. HollyJ

    STOP POSTING THE PICTURES!!! I”m going to have Rick James nightmares FOREVER! (That IS Rick James, isn’t it?)

  18. Hartigan'sGirl

    OK, so that is hilarious! Of course she’s under public scrutiny, she’s a celebrity. She makes a lot of money and needs to be brought down somehow. I’m about the same size as her, but my fat ass won’t be up on stage in that.

    And, Papa Hot Nuts, if the date at Mel’s bowling alley doesn’t work out, will you marry me? I swear I can cook and clean.

  19. Stygmata

    Is this picture from the recent Market America conference in Miami? If so, I was there and saw her performing as well as saw her at an after party. She’s really actually quite pretty in person, and toned too, but she does suffer from having a curvy body with big thighs. Definitely not fat or ugly though.

  20. PhDiva

    1. Yes the outfit is hideous and stragnge.
    2. Yes, she has cellulite, like most women over a certain age. (If you don’t know that, you have not been with a woman in a long time or ever. Get a friggin’ date.)
    3. But wait. Look at her other leg (left leg.) It’s muscular, but not fat. Not the same thing. If you can’t tell the difference, you’re a wimpy man with no muscles and no women.
    4. This site is kind of racist when it comes to black women (except for Halle because her features and body look so white.). It always goes overboard with saying how fat they are. I think that the people who run this site, and most people on it, think black women are ugly, and they take any opportunity to go overboard with talking how fat they are just to justify how they feel. They’re not fat. They’re just not anorexic like the white celebrity ideal. Guess what? “Not white, and not thin” doesn’t mean ugly.
    5. Ashanti has never been beautiful, but she’s not huge or ugly. She’s just a cute girl who put on a little weight. Not a crime. Being some loser asshole who can’t get laid, but sits around trashing any woman who isn’t perfect. Now that’ a crime. And it’s very, very ugly.
    6. Let’s be real. There’ not a man on this site who could even get into the same room with Ashanti, much less her pants. You’re just not cute enough. You’re losers. Take a picture of yourselves sitting around all alone at your computer, bitching about a woman’s cellulite like a bunch of catty old bitties. Now that would be a great picture.

  21. eyespy27

    i think that is gary coleman.

  22. eyespy27

    PhDiva (#71) is clearly star jones.

  23. AmberDextrose

    #71 hwwaaa whaa whaa: white noise and whistling – did someone leave an untuned radio on somewhere?

    I quite like those meaty thighs myself – she looks like a pro wrestler. Who’s The Daddy!

  24. VanillaSalTyBaLLs

    Thanks for clearing that up PhDiva … now go back to writing for the Dr. Phil show

  25. Cheyenne_1

    Awesome #71 You nailed it!!

    Papa’s nuts look pretty cold and saggy to me ROTFLMAO.

  26. Sweet_cheeks

    meh, she’s not fat, she just has black girl’s thighs. and a black girl’s camel hump

  27. Go Sip

    The friction when those thighs rub together must give her a rash. And for the last time DuckBoy, if you dont like the site, get the f off of it. I am sick of hearing you defend these people. It is the SUPERFICIAL you freak. Go spread your warm fuzzies elsewhere, volunteer at a soup kitchen, help old ladies across the street, spread your sunshine somewhere else. Beat it.

  28. LickyLicky

    I believe eyespy called it, STAR! Or maybe Sip was kinda right, too, and PHDiva (pretty sure PH doesn’t stand for pretty hot) is some amalgam of Star Jones, DuckBoy, and Dr. Phil.

    When will people realize the whole premise of this website is laid out by the title itself: The SUPERFICIAL. I think we need to make a website called The Genuine, or something similar, so they can all sit around and talk about how great all these celebs are with their too much money, not enough sense mentality.

    I have no problem with overweight anyone- until they decide to ‘stuff a bowling ball into a sammich bag’ as the Sup put it. I’m all for camouflage, if you know what I mean. Just ’cause you got it, and sometimes way too much of it, doesn’t mean you’re required to flaunt it.

  29. LaydeeBug

    Ya know what pisses me off? Well, I’ll tell ya. It’s when you see engenue artists come out, looking all kinds of thin and fit, then they start to make a little dough and then they become a little doughy. I mean wha tha fuck? But her outer thigh looks nice.

    I always say that when I win the lotto (and I will you know), I’m gonna spend a year going to the gym because now I’ll have time to be the goddess that I was always destined to be. Lazy fucking slags!

  30. LaydeeBug

    #18 PAPA to the rescue

  31. LaydeeBug

    When are the #71′s and #16′s going to fing their own page and call it “Happy Fuzzies and Rainbows of Love and Compassion” errrr, bleeehch!!!! sorry I just puked. I’ve never thought that chick was either good looking or a good singer. Her and that fucking gross pig Lil Kim.

    Oh and HookEMHorns, you gotta warn a person when you’re puttin pics like that up. That outfit is hideous.

  32. mcnama

    You would think with all her money she could afford a personal trainer and live in cook…guess she prefers Macdonald’s and being lazy..

  33. justme

    Why do black women wear such outlandish wigs?

  34. Mr. Fritz

    Hey PhDiva,
    Some of your arguments have some validity. Still, this is The Superficial, do you know the definition? If you’re not busy bitching, I will tell you: pertaining to a surface. That is what this site is all about. Go petition for women’s rights for N.O.W., Lifetime Network, or Capitol Hill.

  35. Arjuno

    #84. RE: Black woman and wigs. Umm, have you ever seen, umm….Jessica Simpson? Or Jennifer Love Hewitt? Or practically every White starlet that shows up for the opening of an envelope just to be seen on a red carpet? To clarify, they’re most likely not sporting full-out wigs. Probably just weaves or extensions. Being superficial I get. Being ignorant and racist, I don’t.

  36. hermanita

    Natural woman? Since when do natural women look like a huge sausage in a tiny tutu?

    And to PHdiva: Lady what’s wrong with you? Like PapaHotNuts said, this is a SUPERFICIAL site. I am a woman and if that’s normal then I must be beauty queen.

  37. PhDiva

    1. Hermanita. Don’t worry, I think we can safely assume that you are not a beauty queen.

    2. I live in L.A. so I know exactly how shallow and overvalued celebrities and their millions of wannabees can be. Yes, they do sometimes deserve to be trashed, but I think when people start trashing black women and all women over a size 2, it stops being about mocking spoiled celebrities and starts being about racism and sexism. Celebrities deserve the ribbing, entire groups of people, don’t, especially not by people on a silly web site.

    3. I do have too much education to waste my time on a site like this with people who haven’t read a book since high school, so I deserve a little moaning from morons. In fact, some of the insults about me were kind of funny.

    4. But the bottom line is no matter how much you trash Ashanti (who really is too dull to deserve this much attention) or me or whomever else you hate, most of the people on this site will still be losers who can’t get laid. And I think that’s really, really funny.

  38. Mr. Fritz

    Hey PhDiva,
    I understand your comments about racism, but this is the Superficial. Don’t read the comments or the website. As a graduate of the Thayer School of Biomedical Engineering at Dartmouth College, I guess I’m a moron. Tell me, what is your opinion on design and analysis of orthopedic prostheses; design and metallurgy of porous-metal-coated implants; and study of implant/host interfaces? I could really use your expertise, since you have your Ph.D.

  39. LaydeeBug

    PH Diva, don’t let the door hit you in the ass…oh, excuse me is that sexist…I mean your culo.

    Hermanita, that tutu remark was great.

    And Ashanti really needs to rethink her color choices. That looks like a bathing suit my gramma used to wear. Wait she still has it.

  40. LaydeeBug

    I love metallurgy.

  41. gogoboots

    I think anyone who wore this outfit would look bad, including Nicole Richie, actually it might fall to the floor in her case. I bet Ashanti is just your average sized woman who doesn’t weigh 100 lbs like most of those Barbie dolls. So I don’t see the big deal, except it is an ugly outfit that you really don’t have a good side to look at.

  42. Frail_Giselle

    You people make me sick to my stomach…reading all these dumb ass comments made me realize that there are some really sick people in this world. While you all are judging everyone else why dont you stick a picture of your self on the web-have others criticize you- and we will see how close to perfect you are!!!!

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