Ashanti is thin

February 13th, 2006 // 93 Comments

If I recall correctly, Ashanti used to be pretty damn hot. You know what else is hot? – burritos, which Ashanti has apparently been eating by the bucketload. I’ve never tried to squeeze a bowling ball into a sandwich bag, and this is why. She doesn’t look terrible, but there’s a time and a place for outfits like that. The time is Opening Day, and the place is the circus.


  1. SuperSpence

    I like the dark meat, but not that much of it.

  2. eastboundanddown

    I was at Starbuck’s in LaGuardia a couple years ago and this little chubby plain-looking black girl in front of me didn’t have any money for her latte. Rather than wait any longer, I sprung for her $4 drink. She thanked me and said, “I’m sorry. My bodyguard went to the bathroom and has all my money.” Bodyguard? Next thing I know two cashiers from the Healthy Nuts place were asking Ashanti for her autograph. She’s never been hot. Just airbrushed.

  3. Caught Dead In That Dress

    The backing dancer behind her is SO checking out her arse.

  4. I’m confused. You write a paragraph about Ashanti but you include a very obvious picture of a transvestite at a drag revue. There is no doubt in my mind that the “woman” in this picture has testicles and a penis taped up against her anus. I’m not laughing. I’m puking at my desk.

  5. DonLes91

    Mmmm…celulite is SO hot…

    First Janet, now this. Life is OFFICIALLY worth living again. :D

  6. It’s tranny-saurus rex.

  7. okiedoke

    “She’s never been hot, just airbrushed.”

    Eastboundanddown – I couldn’t agree more. That’s the reality of a vast majority of “celebs” as well.

  8. PapaHotNuts

    Her leg looks like a brisket. Great, now I’m hungry.

  9. billabong021

    She does look quite fat but I’d still shagg her any day of the week.

  10. #10 – ew ew ew – that is not seriously her, is it? whoa.

  11. maritza

    I am not a fan of hers… but that picture has definitely been altered. Maybe she is fat now, but the photo is bogus. Look at the shadin around the arms… c’mon. Amateurs did this!

  12. nichole

    #10: Wow, GOD makeup is a miracle. I only use it so my eyes don’t look so tired and dull. Stars use it for a whole new face! I want to see others w/no makeup.

  13. fame is funny

    Is that hot butter dripping down the inside left leg out of her pants?

  14. if-its-pink-i'll-take-it

    compared to a lot of people she isnt even that fat. its a bad angle and an inappropriate outfit for her size. take mariah carey, for example. by squeezing herself into tiny tight dresses she looks fat and cheap. yet if she wore something more appropriate, she would look lovely.

  15. PKClover

    I think Ashanti looks fantastic. You people are too hard to please. No celebrity is flawless. Britney is fat because she’s a size 6? Nicole is anorexic because she’s a 0? Okay well there I agree … But look at Ashanti’s other leg. It’s toned and shaped quite nicely. Her stomach is flat, and you know would kill for those arms. I am glad she is shaped like a natural woman instead of a diving board.

  16. fame is funny

    ‘I’m glad she is shaped like a natural woman instead of a diving board’

    That’s one pool I won’t be diving off Lindsay Lohan into…

  17. PapaHotNuts

    Thank you # 16. I was waiting to see which jack-ass would be the first to step up and defend the celebrity. Try and remember which website you are on.

  18. fame is funny

    Wait…no one has said it yet…

    I’d hit that…

    Wait…no I wouldn’t.

  19. PapaHotNuts

    Again to # 16,

    Fucking hilarious post on the Clay Aiken page. That’s the kind of post I expect from you!!

  20. carrie bradshaw

    #10 – I think that first photo is a very lifelike self-portrait of Frida Kahlo, not Ashanti

  21. crazydelicious

    marissa brown, bka # 10, I LOVE YOU.

  22. tipsymcstagger

    “toned and shaped quite nicely”? In no alternative universe is that blob of humanity nicely shaped. Not even in the alternative universe that encompasses Britney Spears. She. is. just. Yuck.

  23. I believe that the Superficial is a blog of bad pictures of otherwise beautiful women.

  24. Cuore56

    Martin Lawrence was so good in Big Momma’s House 2…oh wait, that’s…not…him.

  25. So that’s where Ja Rule went……her thighs.

  26. tipsymcstagger

    No I believe it is more of a blog of pictures of celebrities not airbrushed and staged to within an inch of their lives.

  27. suzy

    to post number 10 the person on the left really looks like her dancer in this pic

    lol… and he’s butt ugly… I dont like Ashanti… the only thing she can write or sing is ” oh baby baby baby” over and over and over and over again… her voice is just blah and she really isn’t that pretty…

  28. Realistic

    What’s with the Elasti girl dancer behind her? Look at her left hand. Mathematically, her arm is 17 feet long……………….And you still can’t see it behind Ashanti…

  29. DuckBoy

    She just gained a little weight

    leave her alone

  30. Devil Is Chrome

    This Superficial post doesn’t count – the Photoshop job on that picture is much too obvious to even be debated.

    The before/after make-up photos are a different thing all together…

  31. Vichus Smith


    It’s definitely ashanti, at least when I saw some more pics on gettyimages. There’s another pick with her standing with two dancers and you can see her jumbo thighs.

    She looks a lot bigger than she has been in videos.

    I think this is the janet jackson syndrome. Get really fat, then go crazy and take off the weight later. Hopefully.

  32. innit

    If it wasn’t for the title of the thread, I’d swear that was Latoya Jackson

  33. blondi

    this is poster number 10 – to post number 28, it’s definitely her in the makeup shot, she has the same nose and smile and everything.

  34. ZayMama06

    Ashanti has never really been cute, but I do think her butt id quite flat, leg a little celulitey … anyway, she just looks normal – I don’t see her being fat at all.

  35. tis GLAM


    hahahha, na she could be worse, but still – Ashanti you look disusting. I’ve seen transvestite Prostitutes in the East Village that look better than that!!

    Ashanti’s so fat- when she rubs her thighs together, i swear, i smell bacon!

    Ooooh SNAP!

  36. playahater101

    Of course she looks smaller in videos. The wonders of modern TV could make ANYONE look smaller. Haven’t you ever seen Mariah’s video for “We belong together”? They make her look super hot. And thin.

    Ashanti does look tranny in those pics. SHe’s a short girl, too. So I’m sure that doesn’t help if she put on some weight.

  37. oh, the thighs

  38. Cococurious

    Thanks #8, now I’m hungry too! Mmmmmm…brisket

  39. Miss Skyline

    Time to step away from the burritos, Ms. Ashanti. I know we Sisters are known for being thick, but you can’t pull it off like Beyonce can.

  40. Encore

    Haha fat? maybe now,nobodys perfect.And her fat thighs gives her an perfect apple bottom.1 week in a gym and shes back like that.Super hot that means.:)

  41. ShanDourdan

    Forget the arguement about whether she’s fat or not. I’m still trying to get over The Superficial claiming Ashanti used to be hot?. When was this?. I guess I must have been in a coma or drugged up when this was happening.

    I think I’ll still stick to the picture by in post 10. Yep, that’s the Ashanti I know and loathe.

  42. HollyJ

    #10 scared me so much that my anus bit down and won’t let up .. I may never be able to poo again =( thanks a lot

  43. I love it when these hot celebs start looking like the rest of us fat asses! Makes me feel better about myself, and hey isn’t that all that really matters.

  44. MeLisseOnFire

    My granny has the same bathing suit!

  45. Caught Dead In That Dress

    #41, if that’s what superhot looks like, I’d hate to see superfugly…

  46. Bogart

    That was absolutely disgusting!!!

  47. Magus

    wait, who is that, Venus or Serena Williams ?

  48. LickyLicky

    BAHAHHAHAHA! Holly, I love you, too. You, Papa, and me, baby… VEGAS YEAH. Superficial Manage-Your-Toys, you two. That shit about what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… good thing too.

    As for the poster that says her other thigh looks toned, well, maybe for a T-day feast. It only doesn’t look as bad because cellulite doesn’t appear on the outside of your leg until you get like really super-overweight. Even Mariah doesn’t have it on the outside of her thighs.

  49. PapaHotNuts

    I’m down for Vegas, anytime.

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