Ashanti breached contract

ashanti_breach.jpgA federal jury concluded yesterday that Ashanti owes $630,000 to her first producer for breach of contract. Ashanti testified during the four-day trial that Parker did not live up to the terms of their deal as he helped her create music in a home studio that was so crude she sang in the bathroom. Ashanti’s lawyer, Harry Stokes, said Ashanti was disappointed and the verdict would be appealed.

I don’t really see what the big deal here is. First of all, Ashanti has way more than $630,000 so she should just pay the guy now and then hire a hitman to get it all back later. Secondly, singing in the bathroom is totally awesome, because if you want to take a dump while in the middle of recording you can just sit down and not have to walk anywhere. I tried doing that in my living room once, but the couch just ended up a huge mess. I don’t know if you know this, but leather and feces do not mix.

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