November 30th, 2004 // 6 Comments

20041130_ashanti.jpgI don’t care much for her music (everything she does sounds like backup), but these photos of Ashanti are admittedly hot. I normally frown upon all the bling bling, with the personalized visor and dangling gold chains, but Ashanti pulls the whole thing off. Plus, her choice in shorts is totally fine by me. If you’re going to wear shorts, you might as well make them the shortest damn shorts in the world. Now if only somebody could explain why she’s sweating like a damn maniac.


  1. Diggin CT

    haters, haters, there will always be haters. I have always had a crush on CT, always. He is just sexy. I can’t explain it, but his ‘aura’ is consuming. I would love to be his girl friend (preferably his wife). What ever he is doing, it must be right because you haters can’t stop talking about him. LOVE YOU CT!

  2. This is the site where she buys her personalized “goodies” from

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  4. Damn she is so beautiful and has so much talent. God Bless u Ashanti.

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