A-Rod’s wife files for divorce, blames Madonna

July 6th, 2008 // 32 Comments

Cynthia Rodriquez, wife of New York Yankee Alex “A-Rod” Rodriquez, has already decided that separation is for pussies and is filing for divorce. She also wants alimony and primary custody of the children which should be fun considering she signed a pre-nup. Whoops. Her attorney Maurice Kutner broke the news to the Miami Herald:

”She feels that she has exhausted every opportunity to salvage the marriage, and that Alex has emotionally abandoned her and the children and has left her with no choice but to divorce him,” Kutner said Sunday.

Cynthia blames Madonna for this whole debacle and believes the pop singer is using her crazy kaballah magic to bend A-Rod to her will, according to NY Daily News:

“I believe he was having an affair with Madonna,” she told a friend, who spoke anonymously for fear of angering A-Rod. “She said she found a letter where Alex told Madonna: ‘You are my true soulmate.’”
“I feel like Madonna is using mind control over him,” Cynthia Rodriguez told the friend. “I don’t recognize the man he’s become. He was a sweet, beautiful, loving husband and father. Today he’s very cold and calculating.”

“Sweet, beautiful, loving husband?” Last I checked, A-Rod was banging strippers before the Madonna shenanigans. I guess he must’ve been really romantic about it: “Honey, Cynthia, listen; I just want you to know you’re my one and only. Which is why I’ve gotta go out this afternoon and put my penis in a stripper. I know it’s Christmas day and all, but I promise to be home in time for supper. Now get that beautiful butt of yours on the couch and don’t have sex with Lenny Kravitz while I’m gone. Ahh, I’m kidding! But not really and I have a gun. Smooches!”

Photos: Splash News

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  3. Clem

    A-Rod bumping uglies with Madonna is on par with Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall.

  4. ph7

    Note to every male celebrity:

    Please don’t get married before age 45. And when you do, sign a prenup.

    You have hot women THROWING themselves at you every minute. Enjoy life. If you want a relationship, have a long term GF. But DO NOT MARRY.

    Marriage is not for the super-attractive and popular. It’s made for ordinary people living ordinary lives – and even for them, it only works 50% of the time.

    But you have SO much to lose, including your hard earned fortuner.

    Don’t be stupid.

  5. mimi

    Waht did I tell you?

    Fish-Gutz wakes up…

    … steals old news…

    … drinks…

    and goes back to bed.

    What is BRITNEY doing Fish-Nutz?

  6. numbers


  7. GG1000

    Pre-nups generally involve property accumulated before the marrige. The assets accumulated during the marriage are generally still community property. They’ve been married what? 12 years? That’s some serious property and she’ll have no trouble getting alimony and then some. Besides, if that dude’s smart, he’ll quickly sign some checks and try and make this go away before he’s deafened by the whooshing sound of all his endorsements flying out the window!

  8. jeffer

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  9. O.K. now: YOU’RE A FAKING HETERO(so a faggot) and madge is the sucker, DEAL?

  10. Looks liked A-Rod is about to give a blow job in that pic.

  11. #4 – that is great advice and it is a shame more celebs don’t take follow it but I guess they like losing half of their stuff. Of course, a lot of these guys get married before they become super celebs.

    Nice try troll #10. As a Yankee fan I wouldn’t post something bad about A-Rod.

  12. Angry Beaver

    Does this mean A-Rod has to change his name to A-Hole?

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  14. Brian

    Gold Digger.

  15. drMeth

    Look at those highlights in his hair, the dude is obviously a catcher. He wasn’t banging Madonna, he was listening to her shitty music.

  16. nor cal

    he is mighty pretty. isn’t banging madonna your free pass on the homo train? he likes em built too. check out his wifes guns in the next post, holy shit, it’s just like madonnas arms…. just sayin… jose canseco’s house just forclosed thank you 2 ugly divorces. stupid jocks… women sure are the smart ones here. too bad too, he’s sick hot. i’d fuck his brains loose from his spinal cord

  17. Barely Stearn

    Hey look! A-Rod has a number ’23′ on his t-shirt! Ironically that is ALSO the number of brain cells in the guy’s head!

    Tom Cruise and Eliot Spitzer laugh at this dumbass!

  18. twzzlrgirl

    DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!! He is hot. Thank you, Fish…after posting gutloads of pics of girls in bikinis, I finally get to see a hot guy (even if he is an asshole).

  19. Kieran

    FYI –

    It’s RodriGuez not RodriQuez.

  20. yuristache

    #19 should be noted … Lord knows that it’s not the toughest name in the world to spell. Also, The Superficial writer has been outed for not knowing much about sports. Look over there, Superficial, it’s a B-list celebrity in a bikini!

  21. Harry

    Why in God’s name would a celebrity (much less an athlete — for the New York Freaking Yankees!) making gajillions, ever even consider getting married…or shacking up with an old crab like Madonna? Hey, A. Rod, take a cue from your mate Jeter: Stay single, bang every model and actress in town, have threesomes, foursomes, and keep that big smile on your face and that money in your wallet!

  22. shoofitz

    He looks so yummy in these pics, thanks for the eye candy Fish! Now if you can post some pics of Andy Pettite my day will be complete! NYY= <3

  23. Robert Acquafresca

    nice toupet arod.

  24. Chelle

    Weird. I don’t find Alex yummy at all. His hair, eyes and skin are all the same color.

    I do think it’s pretty funny that Madonna, whose looks have been ravaged most unkindly by time, has drawn herself up to her full height and gathered the tattered shreds of her dignity around her, repudiating A-Rod in the clipped tones of her false Brit accent. Hilarious!

    Don’t these two Rodriguez people have some really young children? The rich ARE different. Most parents of a 2yo and 3mo don’t want to do anything but sleep and the thought of sex is repugnant. When A-Rod’s in the same house as his kids and the baby cries at night, he probably nudges the sleeping form next to him and says, “Hey, Nanny, wake up. The baby wants you.”

    Some people, you wouldn’t want to pee on if they were on fire.

  25. stephanie

    oh my, he is hot.

  26. Insatiable Peter

    This guy makes Barry Bonds look like Ghandi.

    Never question Bruce Dickinson!

  27. lambman

    Madonna is awesome!

  28. lambman

    Madonna is awesome!

  29. To Jeffer: Stfu. Your site blows.

    Arod is ghey. Manly wife. Cavorting with Madonna. Even the stripper dalliances he had last year were quite manly.

    Jeter better watch his backside.

  30. Sunday

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  31. my comment

    Not hot, sorry. He’s got a forehead like Frankenstein and some weird features.

    And he’s a sleaze bag.

  32. spike


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