A-Rod’s wife leaves him, shacks up with Lenny Kravitz

July 3rd, 2008 // 41 Comments

Alex “A-Rod” Rodriquez and his wife Cynthia (above) are officially separated, according to NY Daily News. Coming off the heels of rumors that A-Rod is having an affair with Madonna, the New York Post is also reporting Cynthia was getting her own piece of strange. And, hey, what do you know? It’s freaking Lenny Kravitz:

Cynthia Rodriguez, 34, has been in Paris for at least the past four days visiting Grammy-winner Kravitz. C-Rod was seen outside the 44-year-old Kravitz’s pad in the romantic City of Light as recently as Tuesday night. Meanwhile, A-Rod has been in New York with the Bronx Bombers.
The couple’s two daughters – 3-year-old Natasha and 2-month-old Ella – remained in Miami, sources said.

Aww, that’s nice. While Mommy and Daddy are banging the celebrities of yesteryear, the kids are left with a nanny in Miami. Then again, if my dad abandoned us to nail someone famous, I’d probably understand. Except when he actually did, and it was Mrs. Butterworth’s. We had to go on food stamps, you sweet maple homewrecker!

Thanks to Merrelyn for the pic that proves A-Rod hates his penis if he chose Madonna over that. Maybe wear a helmet in the batting cages next time, champ.


  1. Dude

    lucky break for A Rod..now he’s gonna bang a whole lot of chicks that look way better than his wife

  2. byyhu


  3. Frist is going to get mad at this. I’m going to post more TipToeChick stuff and make Frist blow a fuse. I love making Frist mad! : D

  4. Ahhhh…How untypical.

  5. wet newspaper

    Dunno who either of those people are, but Lenny Kravitz is haught. Who can blame her for abandoning her little babies to go and sleep with Lenny? LOL.

  6. Miss Kitty

    Obviously he has a thing for butch women :S

  7. @3 – TipToe Chick…Have the herbs helped you pay for the complete sex change operation yet?

  8. So they both want to go bang washed up celebs – yawn. A-Rod was using Madonna as a “slump buster”

    Oh, #2 – you are a douche.

  9. oh7


    He gets any hot chick he wants. She gets a 44 year old washed up, self-important douche.

  10. crystal

    , he is really a tough guy. The news on ” interracial loves.com ” that he is involved in a love affairs is ridiculous!!!

  11. Mitel

    She has really fat knees.

  12. lenny was always crazy about MUSCLED MEN!!

  13. NannyInMiami

    I want “Nanny in Miami” for the name of my next band.

  14. jo smo

    Not the best pic of her ….. she’s smokin’ hot in other pic’s

  15. shar

    God, what living, breathing woman wouldn’t go for Lenny!!!

  16. Switch hitters are so difficult to work with

  17. metalman

    man, those legs could pinch ur head off

  18. Sparky

    Miss Kitty~
    I couldn’t agree more.
    “Sheeee looka like-a man!” So does that bleach blonde dried up prune Madonna.


  19. they did a good job of photo-shopping out her penis bulge in this pic.

  20. Packinwood

    I like Kravitz music but man that has got to burn no rods ass. Dumped by that hot piece of cheesecake and she goes off with buckwheat. Ego killer for sure.

  21. Bob

    I sense a very expensive dicorce settlement coming.

    3 year old and a 2-month old? Yeah, he’s going to be paying mucho $$$ to this woman for a LONG time.

    Seriously… I don’t know why top-paid athletes get married and have kids. Have we learned nothing fom Strahan, Seau, etc. ?

  22. Gravy

    Should make for an interesting custody hearing.

    A-Rod: I don’t want ‘em.

    C-Rod: Well, I don’t either!

    Judge: You people suck.

  23. ewfwef

    C-rod should be at home taking care of the kids instead of fuckin kravitz, at least arod has a job and is supporting the family, she aint even doing her job of raising the children.

  24. Randal

    Lenny continues to prove time and again just how musically talented he is not only lyrically but also when playing his instrument. Frets, strums, pats, you name it, Lenny’s got the goods when he’s holding it in his hands.

    The questions remains, can he make love to Cynthia like he makes love to his guitar?

    Cynthia my dear, you’ve got your work cut out for you.


  25. doomhammer

    You people are talking as if the names in this story are normal or human. Not one of them are. They are typical fucked up rich celebs and celeb wannabes. A-rod is a known fucking wierdo. His wife is a whore. A hot whore. Lenny Kravitz is a stinking filthy n*igger. No shock there. The kids will be fucked up drug addicts in short order. See, normal celeb behavior. Nothing to see here, move along.

  26. my comment

    Leaves a 2 month old baby to go screw that ugly Kravitz? And he was banging Madonna the night after said child was born?

    These have to be some of the most disgusting people alive.

  27. JPRichardson

    Hey!, C-Rod is one hell of a beautiful woman! I mean, this guy is leaving her for Madonna???? Talk about a change for the worse…

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  29. JimmyBachaFungool

    My biggest question is, did they strip down and jump in a public fountain riddled with bird shit? Looks like the typical latin couple with car trouble on the side of the road that needed to cool off in the fountain outside town hall somewhere.

  30. CJ

    bad angle for her…she looks like she has a bad case of thunder thighs…and I’m sure that’s not the case…fire the photographer….

  31. diego

    madonna is much hotter that cynthia.madonna got the sexappeal.she is like the naughty girl u know.but they dont have any affair.madonna is with her Guy.love u madonna.i rather fuck u a lot

  32. Wampus

    I have seen other pictures of this hoochie (Cynthia) and NO she is not attractive at all. In addition to her beefed-up man body she also has a total man FACE. Nasty. Not that Lenny Kravitz is that great to me, but wasn’t he with Lisa Bonet at one time? I haven’t seen her lately, but she used to be very decent- better than this skank. Wow, what a step down for Lenny.

  33. saf d

    could either of them be anymore toolish???
    take away the money, and they both look like they belong in a trailer watching the WWF.

  34. funguy

    strange that these three washed up/noncelebs are in the news all the sudden? even stranger that they all have the same agency? hmmm?

  35. bmose

    A-Rod has always liked manley women. Remember—-his first love was Jeter.

  36. Frank

    Any women who’d whore herself to a negro is not worth having.

  37. aaron wells

    Cytnthia’s fake boobs are due for a re-do…her plastic patties are practically in her armpits. That freakishishly wide sternum always gives it away.

  38. aaron wells

    Cynthia’s fake boobs are due for a re-do…her plastic patties are practically in her armpits. That freakishishly wide sternum always gives it away.

  39. aaron wells

    Cynthia’s fake boobs are due for a re-do…her plastic patties are practically in her armpits. That freakishishly wide sternum always gives it away.

  40. STevec

    ugh…Madonna is old, saggy, elbow bones protruding through her skin…and A-Fraud wants that? he’s got $$, so wtf….?? must be his “banging a retro-celebrity” fetish….he sucks, Madonna sucks, and the Yankees really suck.

  41. robert

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