A-Rod’s wife blew $100G before filing for divorce

July 8th, 2008 // 61 Comments

Cynthia Rodriguez decided a simple financially-crippling divorce wasn’t enough to pay A-Rod back for spelunking Madonna’s dusty tomb. So, last week Cynthia took off to Paris and dropped a hundred grand on his credit cards then started spreading rumors she was nailing Lenny Kravitz, according to NY Daily News:

“She’s been spending wildly,” the friend said. “She spent close to $100,000 on her jaunt to Paris.”
Cynthia flew the godparents of her daughters, Dodd and Sabina Romero, and their older daughter, first-class to the City of Light, the friend said. There, Cynthia “had spa treatments, she went to the best restaurants,” the A-Rod friend said. “She originally was going to head to Spain, where Lenny Kravitz was touring.”

Somehow I don’t think any of this fazed A-Rod. I mean, the guy had sex with Madonna which I’m pretty sure is legal grounds to declare him full-blown retarded. In the meantime, A-Rod probably makes $2 billion just by picking up a bat, so Cynthia’s little spending spree was a drop in the bucket. On a related note, going by my current salary I’ll eventually make $100,000 by the year 102,008. Bitchin’! I’m buying rocket boots.

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  1. shar

    The maggot writing this crap know this how? Believe nothing of what you read and 50% of what you see.

  2. fuckcynthia

    they dont get divorced because of madonna ,was because of all the chitting that he did.madonna is a sexy woman more than cynthia and madonna datted lenny kravitz some years ago and they still friends.he plays on her last tour.they have the same manager too.MADONNA LOOKS HOT AT 50TH.i wanna see how u gonna look at her age,she looks young and shine. and she is fine with her husband

  3. madge

    madonna is a sex machine.she loves fuck.look at the old times.she was naughty she still with that looks.she still makes me crazy.i saw her last week and she was absolutelly beautiful and sexy.even the way she moves and talk is sexy and she got some brain.she works a lot.lenny fucked madonna and said that was amazing

  4. diego

    madonna is really hot.all her friends say that she is sexy and provocative and has a good sence of homour

  5. Spiraticus

    He sounds like a real ass, she should have spent more.

  6. Spiraticus

    He sounds like a real ass, she should have spent more.

  7. Nik

    Shes a 5 out of 10, and married a black guy. What do you expect? Marriages that dont last, greed…if possible, an ugly sinful person. Glad it worked out.

  8. hi

    Madonna is as ugly as amy winehouse. Disgusting ugly old pig.

  9. henry

    I think Cynthia is pretty hot.

  10. henry

    I think Cynthia is pretty hot.

  11. henry

    I think Cynthia is pretty hot.

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