A-Rod visited Madonna the night after his wife gave birth

A-Rod figured he earned himself some sweet, dusty Madonna lovin’ after heroically sticking around for 24 hours after his wife gave birth, according to Us Magazine:

New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez was at Madonna’s Central Park West apartment in New York City shortly after his wife gave birth to their second daughter, Usmagazine.com has learned.
One source tells Us that Rodriguez, 32, visited the singer, 49, possibly as early as the night after his wife gave birth.

Seriously, how ugly is A-Rod’s wife that he’s dogging her at the drop of the hat to have sex with Madonna? What is she missing a limb? Had acid thrown in her face? Really a man? But still, even then, Madonna? I mean, I’d understand if they found A-Rod laying his penis on a subway track waiting for the 10:15. But Madonna? I’m at a loss for words, not counting the ones I just typed.