A-Rod visited Madonna the night after his wife gave birth

July 2nd, 2008 // 31 Comments

A-Rod figured he earned himself some sweet, dusty Madonna lovin’ after heroically sticking around for 24 hours after his wife gave birth, according to Us Magazine:

New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez was at Madonna’s Central Park West apartment in New York City shortly after his wife gave birth to their second daughter, Usmagazine.com has learned.
One source tells Us that Rodriguez, 32, visited the singer, 49, possibly as early as the night after his wife gave birth.

Seriously, how ugly is A-Rod’s wife that he’s dogging her at the drop of the hat to have sex with Madonna? What is she missing a limb? Had acid thrown in her face? Really a man? But still, even then, Madonna? I mean, I’d understand if they found A-Rod laying his penis on a subway track waiting for the 10:15. But Madonna? I’m at a loss for words, not counting the ones I just typed.


  1. Miss Kitty`

    And again!…

  2. Captain Walleye

    Hello, everyone!

  3. He finally got in, and I hear her cleveland steamers are to die for

  4. WhoCares!!

    I’d fuck A-Rod

  5. surlywench

    Um, could it be they are possibly friends? Why is it automatically a friggin sexual scandal just because two people of the opposite sex hang out? Geesh.

  6. I has to agree with surlywench. Maybe Madonna needed a freind to play Monopoly with

    She still thinks she’s HOT, the IDIOT!!
    btw: HER TEETH ARE STARTING TO LOOK YELLOW: home for the elderly?

  8. Suzy

    My friend met him once and she said he was a jackass. I’ve heard that before online too from various people. For some reason, I’m not surprised that he would do this.

  9. Deacon Jones


    What fucking planet do you live on?

  10. Lipper

    Once a whore always a whore. The fact she lasted THIS long with one guy is amazing. Guy is much better off without that old dirty used up rag.

  11. ph7

    Once A-Rod got through the cobwebs and dust, he probably had a good time.

  12. A-Rod might have been using her as his “slump buster”

  13. mar.mar

    your right #10 shes a classic dusty leather chair, and no matter how hard she tries to make herr self better or how many pointless adopitions she makes shell always be the leather chair that tried too hard

  14. surlywench


    Is it really implausible they are just friends? Do you think if she and Guy weren’t rumored for divorce this would make headlines?

    Fine, maybe he IS boinking her. Who cares. But it’s provincial to think that every time a man and woman get together they are fucking. Plus the speculation at this point is so vague that I’m going to go with….

    Pics or it didn’t happen.

  15. I though A-Rod was Jeter’s boyfriend? Dunno, maybe she gives really good head. Even then, not sure why A-Rod would find putting up with her necessary.

  16. Ted Mosby

    I heard he went first to third on a squib bunt.

  17. Doc holiday

    I’d do Madonna from behind!

  18. Dilly

    Madonna really needs to lay off the weights. Those arms are nasty.

  19. dee

    Superficial, I love your view on Madonna. It is perfect. Why the gays worship her is a mystery.

  20. Robert Acquafresca

    Madonna is one of those women who is so good in bed, it overcomes her skanky appearance and fake accent. If you have ever been with one of those women, you understand. Arods wife likely is one of those just lay there types so he is on the prowl and Madonna loves famous athletes, especially the non white types. Perfect match.

  21. woodhorse

    I truly had no idea that childbirth was that traumatic for men. My apologies.

  22. nununu

    madonna probably is so good in bed.o my god just to think about that drives me crazy.with her age with more experience.she is so gooooooddd.but she still in love with guy.they are together.a-rod has the same maneger that she has.thats why he came into her house.guy orisuy her maneger was into the house to thats why a-rod went too.madonna met in just last week.they dont have any affair.by the way the kids are in madonna appartemnet.dont be stupid guys.madonna doesnt chit guy .

  23. surlywench

    I don’t know what’s worse: That #22 missed all of fourth grade english or that I actually attempted to read and understand what he was saying.

    Either way I feel stupider for it.

  24. Madonna looks more like Gollum every time I see a new pic.

  25. kitty

    He likes buff women. That stripper he was caught with looked very manly. His wife is buff as well but in a nice way not to manly….she’s pretty.

  26. Smeagol

    How am I supposed to find someone willing to go into that musty old claptrap?

  27. Insatiable Peter

    If A-Rod has the balls to hit a home run with Madonna (you can’t buy that kind of wit, ladies and gents) only 24 hours after his wife gives birth to their child, he should have “Cherish” played each and every time he goes to bat. Only then would I begin to think he isn’t a complete pantywaist.

  28. Insatiable Peter

    Shit, I meant “Vogue.” “Cherish” is too gay.

  29. Alice

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  30. Expos Fan

    A-rod and Madona both live in the same building I’m suprised that no one knew that!

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