A-Rod to Cynthia Rodriguez: Remember that prenup you signed…

July 31st, 2008 // 71 Comments

New York Yankee Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez’s lawyers responded to Cynthia Rodriguez’s divorce petition today. Cynthia was asking for “the couple’s $12 million waterfront estate and ‘equitable distribution’ of all assets acquired during the marriage.” Except she signed a prenup which A-Rod is sticking to. He’s also pushing to have allegations of extramarital affairs stricken from the record because Florida is a no-fault divorce state making the claims “immaterial and impertinent.” Also, he doesn’t want it legally documented that he banged Madonna. NY Daily News reports:

Rodriguez, whose 10-year, $275 million contract with the Yankees makes him baseball’s highest-paid player, says several times in the response he wants the prenup enforced.
“Husband denies any duty to support wife beyond those obligations specifically set out in the parties’ prenuptial agreement,” the papers say. What those terms are wasn’t immediately known, but apparently they don’t suit Cynthia. If he has to go to court to fight her challenge to the prenup and wins, he says he’s entitled to recover from his wife any “reasonable attorney’s fees and costs” he incurs.

It sounds like A-Rod doesn’t fuck around. Not counting all those strippers and the Crypt Keeper.


  1. Swayz

    first! lmao!

  2. Swayz

    first! lmao!

  3. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    Cynthia is WAY hotter than slutdonna. Why would you even want to get your crank anywhere neer her?

  4. Cindy

    A-Rod’s just trying to do what’s best for his two daughters. Wait, no, he’s trying to do what’s best for himself. Typical man (meaning, physically grown up little boy).

  5. neither of them are worth the money they get.

  6. Ted Mosby

    I wonder how her gyro tastes?

  7. veggi

    Yes he’s a douche, but I’d still bend over and let him drive me to Newark.

  8. drake

    @4. Take your man-bashing shit somewhere else. It’s funny you whine about men not thinking of kids, because that’s clearly what this money grabbing bitch was thinking about when she demanded the $12 million estate her husband’s money paid for.

  9. Cindy

    #8 – nice language, you speak like a domestic abuser.

  10. Mothra

    #9 – ZING!

  11. raoulduke357

    @#3 — yeah Cynthia is really putting it all on the line for her daughters. A lengthy, ugly courtroom battle betweeen parents is certainly better for them than sticking to the agreement she already made, which I’m sure provides her more dough than anyone posting on this board will ever see. Certainly more than enough so the kids are not going to go hungry, or ever be near anything even resembling poverty. She isn’t thinking about the kids — it’s just petty vengnece and a panicked feeling that she’ll have to cut back on the 300K shopping sprees that’s driving this whole charade.

  12. raoulduke357

    edit: @#4. sorry #3.

  13. wtf

    EXACTLY #5. A-Hole makes way too much money. How do people fix that, I don’t know say quit charging people ungodly sums to watch a goddamned game, then hard working parents don’t have to save up for months just to take their kids to a fucking baseball game. All athletes at the professional level make way too much money and 90% of the time in turns them into total jerkoffs.

    Poor stupid little A-Hole, the courts often don’t honour prenups when there have been multiple infidelities. I don’t want his wife to get tons of money, I’d love the courts to be like “nah you guys are too stupid and worthless to handle this kind of money well I’m giving it to a children’s hospital”. Of course that will never happen so since in this case A-hole is the bigger jerk I hope the courts rule against him. I mean MADONNA??? You wrecked your marriage for MADONNA? That automatically makes you a bitch and hopefully the courts will treat you as such A-Hole.

  14. that’s one slimey son-of-a-B.

  15. linday

    cute couple,they appear to be happy.But I saw his personal ID on celeb men personals site*****C e l e b M i n g l e. c o m ******** last week. what is he looking for on that site? look sugarbabe?

  16. Jim

    He’s vastly overpaid, he’s called “The Cooler” in baseball because whatever team he goes to wins fewer games than they should, he tries to cheat Little League style during televised major league games, he wears lipstick, he cheats on his wife with pumped up shemale strippers and veiny crypt-keepers, he blames his wife for using psycho-voodoo on him to keep him from honoring his heritage by eating burritos, and when confronted on all this he says people hate him because he’s “biracial” (well, he does seem “bi” all right…).

    Yeah, I’m not sympathetic.

  17. antoine

    What a stupid bitch! If she didn’t like the agreements in the prenup then why in the hell did she sign it.

  18. Venomhed

    While I do not support this tool, its typical of a guy of his status to be an immature player. What was the woman thinking? Oh that’s right, she’s good looking, not smart. Very few good looking women are smart because society treats them differently and caters to their every need.

    So the pre nup was a smart move and living in Florida (As opposed to California, the pro woman/feminist state) was a great idea.

    This lady is screwed since she signed the prenup, period. Doesn’t matter what he did.

    And before you begin to think she is innocent, do recall the amount of money she is going for and the house? Typical cunt. Always gotta go for the money because most women are too stupid and lazy to hold a job of any worth and meaning. He best job is laying on her back and letting any dick with a fat wallet in.

    That takes brains!

  19. LL

    I care just enough about this to bag on everyone concerned. Because I’m a giver.

    When are people gonna stop caring about the divorces of rich douchebags and the golddiggers who marry them? I normally don’t wish cancer or fiery death on anyone, but I’m pretty close to ending that moratorium now. If there was any real justice, both these assholes would be working for minimum wage. He’s be at Jiffy Lube and she’d be waitressing at Denny’s. Thanks, baseball fans and MLB, for making both of them wealthy.

  20. venomhed

    @13 – You are a complete and total idiot.

    Tax payers pay for Baseball stadiums and then those same tax payers pay high ticket prices to go see a game.

    I for one hate watching sports, playing them is fine. So I am 100% against stadiums of any kind as they may bring revenue to the city, but not to me.

    It is the same idiotic situation as say if Microsoft were to open a “campus” in your town, have you pay for the buildings, facilities, staff, everything, and then charge you $39.99 to walk in and take a look around. Of course, once inside, the hot dogs are $8.50, Coke’s $6, Beer $11.

    When will YOU assholes stop going to see an event as exciting as baseball, which is the same as watching paint dry, and demand that the professional sports associations pay for their own god damn stadiums?

    You are all too fucking dumb to think outside the box, so the cycle continues….

  21. Mothra

    It’s cute to watch all the boys get behind A-Rod.

    Don’t forget to wash up after….

  22. Michelle DD

    shy she doesnt get a job instead of living her life with her ex’s money ?

  23. venomhed


    way to go Cindy. What a come back. You only cement what men already know. Women have absolutely no brains or morals. All women know how to be whores…. all women. (Yes that includes my mom.)

  24. rough daddy

    she sign that prenup because she calculated, if she put a certain amount of time and poop out some kids, if you get a good lawyer thats enough to break the contract….

  25. Mothra

    #23 – Your homo is showing

  26. Fugyoself

    Is there no end to money grubbing whoredom?

    @ Cindy: Judging by your attitude towards men I’m gonna go out on a limb and bet that you need to lose 20 pounds, learn how to shut the fuck up, and get over whoever dumped your ass…. then MAYBE an insufferable beeyotch such as yourself MIGHT find a squirmy lil slice o’ happiness. Just sayin.

  27. Andrea

    Actually it all depends on what’s in the prenup. Very often there are fidelity clauses, and if theirs has one, it doesn’t matter that Florida has no-fault divorce laws, the prenup will be voided if proof of infidelity is presented (it already exists publicly in the case of the shemale stripper).

    He’s a typical douchebag narcissistic guy, I hope she loots every last dime from him. He deserves to keep nothing.

  28. WomanEater


    And you would know this how?

  29. venomhed

    As a man I am really having a hard time seeing as to why any man would ever get married?

    What is the benefit of any man, especially a rich and good looking one, to get married to a woman? Almost all my friends, male and female, since high school are divorced and bitter. I have never been married and never will at this point.

    Can any logical and reasonable man or woman (well, there is no logical/reasonable woman, but try) that can explain how a man could benefit through all this?

    * I am not justifying his actions by any means, ARod seems like a dick. Still, what did he get out of this? Nothing.

  30. Mothra

    #28 – Because #23 is having a hard time not getting a big hard on for his boyfriend A-Rod

    Maybe the three of you can get a room together

  31. johnston

    “antoine – July 31, 2008 1:13 PM

    What a stupid bitch! If she didn’t like the agreements in the prenup then why in the hell did she sign it.”

    why did he bother with wedding vows if he was going to cheat?

  32. venomhed


    And why did either think that marriage, in this day in age, is a realistic, reachable option?

    The guy is rich, famous, good looking. What woman on earth could possibly keep this guy from fucking other hot, beautiful, young women that haven’t ruined their bodies with kids?

    *Plus I heard she refused to do Ass to Mouth, and that was a deal breaker for A Rod.

  33. Karen

    This is just round one. By the time it’s all over, Cynthia will get what’s rightfully hers (most of the estate).

  34. Mothra

    32 – You sound like you’ve been batting for the wrong team. Maybe you can help A-Rod spend some of his money by getting sweaty with him.

  35. WomanEater

    @34 – And how would that be different from what all the women on here have been doing?

    I guess I could become a male prostitute and get all kinds of money. I mean women have been doing it for thousands of years. What a little integrity anyways eh Mothra?

  36. thedongerneedfood

    @ 35 – You’re forgetting the very important law of supply and demand. If there were not a demand for “money-grubbing hoes” (often from the same guys who rail against them on online forums), their supply would decrease rapidly.

    In other words, if you’re a 40 yo man and repeatedly going for 22-year-old models, don’t be so shocked if they’re not after you for your mind.

    But feel free to think you have the market cornered on integrity! :)

  37. BEAM

    Cynthia looks to have at least 5-7 years left on that face and body where she can try to rope in another rich guy. She was a little past her sell-by date for Lenny Kravitz, but that doesn’t mean she should stop trying. And, hey, if all else fails she could always do the unthinkable and get a job, like every other single mother in America.

  38. Mothra

    35 – Sure, go ahead, knock yourself out.

  39. Maneater

    I guess American Women will always view themselves as “victims”…. just like the blacks.

    And they will get nowhere with that mentality.

  40. C-Wad

    Time to pay-up A-Wad ….. This is the fuckin ya get for the fuckin ya got
    sort of how YOU treat people ……
    Remember that kid you sired = $ M 0 N E Y $
    and lots of it

    I would die happy if I could witness a judge give his kid his $275 mil. he extorted

  41. Mothra

    #39 – boohoo, everyone is picking on the dudes..

  42. He is still HOT!!! And she is a gold digger anyway!

    Man he is off the market and I am married now! Well the hubby is hotter anyway, he still has all of his hair.

  43. hotornot.com

    sounds like Maneater is playing the victim now

  44. wtf

    #20. RETARD I never said I liked watching sports. I hate watching sports especially baseball since the majority of those turds are fat. I just don’t want these shitholes making millions they in NO WAY deserve them. An american firefighter makes around $40,000 a year to run into burning buildings risk their life to save strangers and these fucking children who play a game for a living make millions. I like staying fit and working out and maintaining my 18 BMI ( I don’t have to since I have awesome genetics but I like to), but I won’t sit around and watch other people play sports I just don’t give a shit about other people.
    So what is the problem with having ticket prices at a really low cost so that these people athletes make so much goddamned money. I think you may have misunderstood what I wrote. People will never stop watching sports so why charge them so much to watch a game in an arena they helped build so that whores like this can make millions? Maybe that’s not the solution, but I don’t know what is, how the fuck can we get these loosers to make reasonable salaries? They certainly are less valuable then firefighters and paramedics. So the only way I see it is for tickets to cost next to nothing. Any other ideas besides unrealistic ideas like people not watching sports? BTW I’m a woman in case that wasn’t highly obvious and luckily I married someone who feels the same way and would rather get off his ass and play sports then sit on it and watch others live their lives.

  45. womaneater

    @43 – Does that mean I am “entitled” to all your cash and assets? I mean, you obviously support this biased system so cough is up.


  46. C-Wad

    venomhed – “I for one hate watching sports, playing them is fine. So I am 100% against stadiums of any kind”

    So where would you prefer to “play” these sports ? The middle of I-95 ?
    Your front yard ? (providing you have room for 60,000 people)

    I was with you on the “I hate marriage” thing ….but then you got really weird with the “all women are whores including your mom” and “A-Rods a good looking guy” ” and the “Ass to mouth” comment was waaaay out there

    Me-Thinks you may need a little therapy …. {{soon}}

  47. hotornot.com

    @45 – As soon as you can pass a basketball through your vag it’s all yours

  48. wtf

    Of course paying for their own stadiums is what they should do, but the games should still cost less as to remind these loosers that they are not worth much. It should cost the same as going to some stupid country fair and playing some lame games set up by carnies. These loosers have been elevated to the level of gods and that’s what fucking sickens me. I don’t want them making millions, the coaches, the owners, the agents and so on. They contribute very little to the world and are not worth more than very average salaries. I cannot inwords describe to you how much I HATE watching sports because all that runs through my mind is how much these tools make, how ugly most of them are and how little I like sitting on my ass. But if some hard working dad wants to bond with his son and take him to the world series then he should have to pay a couple months salary for it so that n turn some tools like A-Hole here can have 5 mansions.
    I do enjoy watching toothless hockey loosers be sent into the podium box like a puppy sent to the doghouse or a kid on a time out and to see them sit there in their little glass cage pouting away in their little time out like fucking five year olds is BEYOND hilarious. No other sport has a little time out box, it’s priceless.

  49. Harry Ballzack

    #20 — I really don’t care !!! Who the fuck you think YOU are ?
    It beats sitting home on the PC watching assholes like yourself bitch about current situations without ever getting out from behind a PC or Cell phone.
    Turn off the background noise (TV) and try going to a LIVE game OUTSIDE with 59,999 other screaming-drunken maniacs and see if you don’t have fun no matter what it costs.
    That is if you can get over yourself and make it past your own whining

  50. xxx

    Venomhed your friends are obviously ugly loosers because only ugly loosers get divorced and bitter. Only extremely intelligent (emotionally intelligent) insanely hot people who love sex and hate society should get married so they can live in a sexfilled love bubble and hate the world together. That is my marriage. Basically you can’t have any propensity towards getting fat, you have to hate other people and love sex and be best friends and be successful. Women eligible for marriage cannot cut their hair and must stay within the 18BMI range and men cannot go bald or get fat. So basically about two percent of the world should get married, because everyone else is too ugly and stupid and we all know that ugly stupid people ruin marrieages. A-Rod’s wife here is nowhere near hot enough to keep her man and A-Rod is way too stupid to be married. the key is hating people and finding someone you think is better than everyone and when you have your pick it’s a lot easier to do.

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