A-Rod: ‘Madonna is my f—ing soulmate’

It doesn’t seem like enough of A-Rod’s friends can come out of the woodwork and profess how deeply he loved Madonna. One buddy recalls having dinner with the New York Yankee who kept texting someone and laughing like a schoolboy, according to Us Weekly:

“He told me it was Madonna,” A-Rod’s friend says. “I was shocked.”
The highest-paid player in baseball then “proceeded to say he was in love with her,” the pal tells Us. “I thought he was kidding, but he wasn’t.”
By February, the 32-year-old slugger had upped the ante. “He said, ‘She’s my f–king soulmate, dude,'” the friend tells Us.

I’m just waiting for a batboy to show up in the tabloids confessing “I was there. I handed him his cock! He tipped his hat to me and pointed to the outfield just like Babe Ruth before he hit a home run. Except what happened next was way dustier, and I’m pretty sure I saw a Sphinx.”

Photos: Splash News