Madonna & A-Rod start ‘No Married People Club,’ Gwyneth Paltrow invited to join

November 29th, 2008 // 32 Comments

After word got out that Alex “A-Rod” Rodriquez was bailing on his kids to eat turkey with Madonna, he denied the reports and took his ex-wife Cynthia and their daughters out to eat Tuesday night right in front of the paparazzi (above). Ultimately, A-Rod did eat Thanksgiving dinner with his family in Miami, but then bolted to Madonna’s mansion to encourage Gwyneth Paltrow to become an adulterer – just like that Charlie Brown special! NY Daily News reports:

The third baseman hopped into his black Porsche around 4p.m. and sped off to Star Island – where Madonna has a home.
Sources say he is staying there while he’s in town, and witnesses saw his car parked there overnight.
Later, the kabbalah cronies celebrated at the estate of Jeff Soffer, the bachelor billionaire who reportedly has come between Gwyneth Paltrow and rocker hubby Chris Martin.
Feeding speculation that Paltrow and Martin are ready to split, Paltrow has been staying at Soffer’s Indian Creek Island mansion and spent Thanksgiving with him, sources said.
“Gwyneth has confided to friends she and Chris are taking a break,” a source claimed. “Jeff is crazy about her.”

Also, in case there were any doubts Madonna and A-Rod are having unholy relations, he was spotted Wednesday night handing her a water bottle at her concert, according to E! News:

As Madonna completed her second song before a sell-out crowd in Miami’s Dolphin Stadium Wednesday night, New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez handed her a bottle of water.
“It was easy for him to hand it off because he was sitting in the front row,” a witness tells E! News. “He was all excited watching her perform.”
And, just like that, Madonna acknowledged in public, less than a week after her quickie divorce from Guy Ritchie, that A-Rod is indeed the superfan (and waterboy) he’s reportedly been for most of this year in private.

He handed her a water bottle?! Oh yeah, these two are fucking. In fact, I’m surprised they even had time to exchange bottles of water. That’s how much they’re fucking. Trust me, I know these things. I have a Ph.D. in Who’s Doing the Fucking. Okay, technically it’s an old pizza box with “Dr. Naked Stuff” written in Elmer’s Glue and glitter, but still, ladies?

Photos: Splash News

  1. Wow, it’s just shocking to me that he is ATTRACTED to her!!!

  2. Dasiy is a fag


  3. This is a war on the institution of marriage! and you know how the american public likes to emulate! can someone check the back of madanna’s head for 666

  4. Randal

    Back in the day, of ages past, Madonna broke out on the scene with a style and sound all her own. Even today, she’s continued to reinvent herself, always on top of the game, creating new songs with style and sound that were not made available on previous albums.

    As she ages, Britney has stepped forward, taking the place of where Madonna once stood and glowed as Madonna passes the torch from one industry standard to another.


  5. malinka

    is there a city madonna doesn’t own a house in?

  6. beetle

    I seriously think A-Rod bats for the other team if you know what I mean. Not, that there is anything wrong with that.

  7. Stiles

    If there is ANY mention about an A-Rod / Madonna movie, I’m car-bombing every fucking one of Madonna’s houses.

  8. beetle

    I mean the guy wears purple lipstick, he likes Madonna music, and he drinks Starbucks through a straw. I believe he will finally admit it when he retires, with the home run record.

  9. friendlyfires

    yep, you know the clinton era has returned when marriage goes out the window amongst high profile celebritards in their fifties addicted to steroids and gym equipment.
    but it’s okay. as long as winona continues her one woman crime spree across the globe and christina ricci talks to me again.

    hmmm, lemon ice cream, slurp.

  10. too bad for the kids. stringy mom & whore. at least they will be rich. i am told that is supposta help.

  11. b

    why the hell would a guy that has money and looks want too fuck that ugly old skank????????? If i were rich, madonna would be the last thing i was after. Id have more fun trying to fuck the girl at the shoe store.

  12. seo

    she is a crazy bitch

  13. EuroNeckPain

    I don’t know who this guy is, and he is not good looking.

  14. jonny monstikio

    2 questions:
    1. Why would anyone with a billion dollars want to bone Gwyneth Paltrow?
    2. Why would anyone with a pulse want to bone Madonna.

    I need to go take a shower after reading this.

  15. Mr. Sleepyhead

    I wonder if he washes the skank off of himself with Kaballah water after doing the nasty with Madonna?

  16. ConnieCorleone

    Check out the guns on (ex) wifey; he definitely has a type. Beetle may be on to something…

  17. shieve

    Yes, look at the arms on that bitch! Is she a weight lifter, or what? Marine gunny sargeant? Ironworker?

  18. RaraAvis

    No, no, no, no. I still do not believe this. Maybe beetle is on to something. Maybe this is some elaborate publicity stunt cooked up by this mutual “agent” to make her look desirable and make him look straight. Otherwise he’s simply the stupidest man on earth. As my old boss used to say, that shit don’t flush.

  19. ADIDAS

    It’s a big surprise that she has joined ***INTERRACIALLOVING.COM***, You may wanna check it out!

  20. Nik

    You have a broken marriage, interracial kids, tons of money, and hate your life….go figure..

  21. Nik

    Thanks for the passing on the white kid…with the mini afro…what an amazing world we live in.

  22. Nik

    Blonde…greasy jerry curls….are the new revolution…

  23. blow me

    He’s a gay superdouche! And with a little training, his ex could snap his neck with those strong man-arms. I hope she does!


  25. TJ

    Well, that’s what she gets when she hooks up with someone like him…

  26. Rhode Island

    Them colored boys is always after the white women

  27. Sue the Home Wrecker

    Madonna is just another home wrecking slut. What I don’t get, is what he sees in her. Madonna is 20 years older than him. Just think of a 20 year old Madonna, about 30 plus years ago, now wouldn’t she look stupid pushing around a baby carriage and introducing him as her boyfriend. What a bunch of Sickos!

    And, that includes Gwyneth, or Gyn, whatever her name is, she is looking as old and haggard as Madonna is lately, so it is no wonder they are out catting around together.

  28. P. Smart

    That little baby girl that he is holding will no doubt grow-up to be a homicidal rock star killer, and believe me, Madonna won’t be the last.

  29. sarah


    Madonna had better watch out, bitch is gonna get smacked down.

  30. alt

    Never liked Madonna…never understood her appeal since Like a Virgin. But I love Alex and I like him even better with his wife and kids. I really hope they get back together. Poor bastard is under a spell….why can’t Madonna just go join a brothel already. Her poor kids.

  31. Insatiable Peter

    Chris Martin has more talent in his left nut than Paltrow can have in her dreams. She is a waste of organs.

  32. herbiefrog

    someone wants me to type…

    you sad f*ckers

    [sorry we had to]

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