A-Rod is an asshole

Reader Sandy points out that if you ever run into A-Rod and ask for a picture, be prepared to get huffed at and then maybe thrown the finger.

On Saturday night 10/15, me and a few friends of mine went to Mr. Chow’s NYC for a Birthday celebration. After I blew out the candles on my cake and while the bill was getting paid, A-Rod , his wife and a few friends walked in. All the guys at the table told me to go over and take a picture with him , since it was my birthday (hence the tiara).

As I go over and ask for a birthday snap shot (he could of said no, and I was not interrupting a meal b/c he just sat down), A-ROD, his wife and friends start huffing and puffing. I walk away and A-Rod says “Fine, whatever, sit down.”

After sitting back at my table, my friend Sam asks me if he was an Asshole. I said yes. Apparently, A-Rod heard this, shouted “Did you call me an Asshole?” and gave my friend THE FINGER.

To be fair to A-Rod, if somebody called me an asshole I’d probably give them the finger too. Then again, nobody would ever call me an asshole because I’m such a lovely human being.