Arnold Schwarzenegger crashes motorcycle

January 10th, 2006 // 14 Comments

Arnold Schwarzenegger crashed his motorcycle over the weekend, with his 12-year old son Patrick riding in the sidecar. They were both wearing helmets and weren’t seriously injured, but they were taken to St. John’s Hospital where Arnold got 15 stitches in his lip. All he needs to do now is get engaged to a homosexual and his transformation into Katie Holmes will be nearly complete.

Crash Terminates Arnold’s Joyride [E! Online]


  1. Icequeen

    Holy crap his face looks like putty.

  2. Arnold is really starting to show his age now. I never really noticed until I looked at that picture. All my images of him selling realstate and bodybuilding look nothing like that. Mind you, online and in Fitness mags Adobe Photoshop works wonders.

    As for Katie Holmes, I think no one commented on that topic in fear of catching what she has when that photo was taken.

    Speak aloud and thall shall receive. No thank you.

  3. If it bleeds, ve can kill it.

  4. Justin Cider

    Hey, isn’t it wierd that is son is named Patrick… If memory serves, Patrick was the name of the Actor who played the new Terminator in the sequel….

  5. MoReNaCubanMa


  6. twodollartricks

    Probably collagen gone wrong..

  7. HollyJ

    What a stupid jerk. Too bad it didn’t wipe that stupid smug look off his face. I like that it looks painful for him, though.

    Even his fellow Austrians think he’s an asshole:

  8. celeb_hater


    Patrick is also the name of Arnold’s nephew. Arnie had one older brother, Meinhard, that died in 71 leaving one son, Patrick.

  9. I was convinced that The Governator would be immune to this sort of thing. After all, isn’t he just skin and flesh over a metal exo-skeleton?

  10. HughJorganthethird

    Remember when i said I’d kill you last Harley Davidson? I lied.

    And just for future reference hollyJ being hated by Austrians isn’t excatly something to be ashamed of, considering who they’ve loved in the past (Kurt Waldhiem, Hitler etc..)

  11. loozher

    He got an upper lip implant, all the rich famous old people are doing it.

    Motorcycle accident sounds cool, COSMETIC SURGERY does not.

  12. sarakai

    I definitely agree loozher. Don’t motorcycle helmets cover your whole head and face… very suss.

  13. vida

    O Ah-nold! U ah-not da weel tuma-natah! U a gurlly-man! (that’s my arnold accent). Ever notice how politicians seem to age the fastest? Wonder if it has anything to do with conflict between their conscience and all their bullcrap…ROFL…o gosh! couldn’t say conscience with a straight face!

  14. wow, the gropenator drives a motorcycle with a side-car…could it get anymore gay?

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