Arnold Schwarzenegger

20041006_arnold1.jpgI think it’s safe to say that the governator is officially a fatass. Although he’s still probably in better shape than most American males, the fact that it’s Arnold ‘I Will Crush Your Puny Body’ Schwarzenegger just makes it seem worse than it is. Whereas a regular human being could pull off looking like a sack of potatos, you can’t help but feel sorry when it happens to be Arnold. Seeing Mr. Universe look like this is just plain wrong. Almost as wrong as groping random women’s breasts and making fun of their husbands’ puny muscles. How wildly inappropriate, Mr. Governor.

*update: A number of readers pointed out that the picture of Arnold was actually taken right after his heart surgery in 2002 and before he started getting back into shape for the filming of T3. That’s what I get for not doing my research, along with F’s throughout college.