Arnold Wants in on this Mel Gibson Action

Because topical humor is always the best way for politicians to mask how horribly ineffective they truly are, Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to pepper a speech yesterday with a few Mel Gibson jokes. Haha! Domestic abuse. ZING! Popeater reports:

While speaking with a group of utility commissioners in Sacramento, Schwarzenegger noted that while BP seems to have contained its well, “no one has figured out how to contain Mel Gibson.” Not bad, Mr. Governor.
Schwarzenegger even addressed Gibson’s expletive-filled phone calls that have been monopolizing headlines each day, asking the participants to turn off their cell phones “because we are expecting a call from him.”
In response to the ribbing, Gibson’s spokesperson, Alan Nierob, said he’s happy to hear Schwarzenegger is keeping a sense of humor and that “He’s obviously paving the way for a return to showbiz.”

“Also, any Jews in de aww-dience ve got a special camp dat’s ‘con-see-trated’ just to keep you safe from Mel. But don’t try de showers! Vahaha!

Too soon?”

Photo: Splash News