Arnold Schwarzenegger Isn’t An Actor, He’s A Goddamn Chameleon

January 22nd, 2014 // 7 Comments
Arnold Schwarzenegger Undercover Gold's Gym
WATCH: Arnold Goes Undercover At Gold's Gym

“When it burns, it grows.” – Actual line spoken at this exact moment

In an effort to raise funds for After-School All Stars, the Governator’s charity that provides academic and athletic support for underprivileged kids, Arnold Schwarzenegger filmed a viral video where he goes undercover at Gold’s Gym and hilariously sexually harasses women with impunity. For da children, of course, and also about de aht of physical comedy vere it looks like a woman is putting my penis in her mouth, but really she is drinking the vater: It vas very vunny, and you know, something I like to do for da kids. Dey’re really counting on me:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Undercover Golds Gym

“Dis is strictly about propah hydration. I promise you dere is not a man vith a camera making dis look like you are giving me a blowjo,. I vould never do dat to you. Now hold dis bottle of Vindex, it helps with da breathing.”


  1. Sheppy

    Mah nahms nhot Arhnold, eets Howord.

  2. Clark Kent

    If you want to disguise yourself, you should wear glasses.

  3. Brian

    Paul Dano looks cute in a blonde wig.

  4. Awesome!!!

    At 0:10 to 0:12, his expression is priceless, his eyes actually widen with the realization he could get a blowjob when the woman recognizes him. Even when he’s filming a bit, his inner perv comes out, I love it!

  5. end of the day, arnie rules. sex addictions and republicanism can’t fade him.

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