There Is Your Life Before ‘Fartzenegger,’ And Then There Is Your Life After

June 20th, 2014 // 8 Comments
Arnold Schwarzenegger
WATCH: 'Fartzenegger' - A Ridiculous Compilation

The Internet is a powerful, almost evolutionary tool that has catapulted mankind into a wondrous age of technological and sociological progress. It’s been used to start revolutions, advance science, promote diversity, and expose secrets of governments and religions alike. But more important than any of that, it’s allowed someone to add perfectly timed farts to Arnold Schwarzenegger movies causing responsible, educated adults to laugh like a retarded child seeing a puppy. I don’t say this lightly, but we’ve achieved peak Internet. Shut it down. Shut the whole thing down. Nothing our generation, or any future generation, can ever do will escape the shadow of this day. Oh, they will try. And they will fail. (h/t Uproxx)

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  1. Robin

    That is just so wrong. But so damned funny.

  2. Fucking brilliant.

  3. Short Round

    This is the most awesome thing ever. And that just might including Kelly Brook’s breasts.

  4. This is some funny shit. I wish they had put in some clips from “Pumping Iron” or “The Villian.”

  5. I think you’ve found the fountain of youth, because I just reverted back to being twelve. Stupidest and funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  6. Well, this was the litmus test that proved once and for all that my wife has no sense of humor.

  7. critics will sneer and guffaw at such compilations,but its harmless fun ,we watch laugh ,then move on ,a lot better than yahoo giving mylene class breast feeding tips ,so Arnold blast away at the critics as they are about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit

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