Armie Hammer & The Vespas of Justice

By day, Armie Hammer is an heir to the Arm & Hammer fortune turned actor thanks to all that fortune stuff I just said. But by.. well, day again, he leads a team of Vespa-riding crusaders, keeping the streets safe for the wealthy rich people of Venice. TMZ reports:

It happened at around noon on a very congested, hoity toity street in Venice — Abbot Kinney. Armie and his friends were cruising around on their Vespas when they say the Ferrari driver roared down the street, creating a hazard for cars and pedestrians.
Armie told cops he and his friends were alarmed and created a blockade with their bikes so the Ferrari driver would be trapped. Armie claims the driver then tried to wedge his way out of the blockade and almost struck his friends

The police eventually arrived and let everyone go (No, really.) because I mentioned everybody in this story is very, very rich, right? Okay, good. However, Armie was quoted as saying he’d do the whole thing over again in a heartbeat, and his only regret is that he never got a chance to stop Paul Walker. — Or did he?? HEE-YAH! *fires up Vespa, rides cautiously into the night*

Photo: Getty

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