Armie Hammer Might Be The New Batman (Again)

And Robin is black. I’m joking! (Racists.)

Back in 2007, Armie Hammer was cast as Batman in a Justice League movie that never saw the light of day thanks to the writer’s strike, the Australian government going back on a 40% tax rebate and I’m assuming everyone going, “Wait, Adam Brody is The Flash? Fuck me, we did drugs again. Stop the production!” So naturally Warner Bros. is considering repeating that whole process because Armie already fits in the suit and it’s not like people’s bodies change over time. That’s crazy talk. Via Moviehole:

The studio need a new guy to guard the cave now that Christian Bale has hung up the cowl. And with plans to reintroduce a younger take on the character in the upcoming “Justice League” movie, a draft of which has been completed by Will Beale, the studio has Hammer atop of their list of potentials. It’s really, when you think about it, a no-brainer. Thus, I wasn’t much surprised when informed this morning that he’s in with a good chance to play the part in the superhero tag-team movie.
It’s a win win, really. Hammer apparently wears the suit smartly, has already rehearsed for the gig before, but more so, is a much bigger star than he was three or four years ago.

I’m hearing talk/wishful dreaming that Brad Bird might be handed the keys to Justice League as well as orchestrating that whole universe ala Joss Whedon over at Marvel right now, so that’s probably the only way I’d be able to stomach Batman being played by a perpetually smiling trust fund baby who hasn’t brooded since that time father made him memorize the secret ingredients to baking powder and then withstand torture without revealing them. Haha! Birthdays.

“Alright, Armie, in this scene you’re going toe-to-toe with Aquaman who just mocked your life-long quest to rid Gotham City of crime.”
“Your dad called and said he already booked the ski chalet the weekend you wanted it.”

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