Here’s The Butt of The Woman Anthony Weiner Was Sexting After He Said He Was Done Sexting

Because Anthony Weiner is an egomaniac who thinks his political work is so important it will supersede the fact that the entire Internet has not only seen his penis, but knows he emailed it to tons of women behind his pregnant wife’s back, he decided to run for mayor of New York not even two years after resigning from Congress and knowing full well there are still way more pics of his dick out there and of the women he kept sexting after he said he was done sexting. Women like Syndey Elaine Leathers who you’re now looking at because this is what happens when you run for office and can’t content yourself with jerking off to YouPorn. Then again, Anthony Weiner is an important politician with important tastes in women’s feet after they see his penis. You wouldn’t understand. TMZ reports:

Weiner admitted yesterday he sexted long after he resigned from Congress in 2011, but finally nipped his sexting problem in the bud last summer … around when Leathers sent the thong photo.
Leathers says … Weiner was very persistent in his naughty picture requests, asking her to send all sorts of naked photos … more than 30 in total. But we’re told Weiner also has a foot fetish, and regularly asked for pics of Leathers’ feet in heels. Of course, this was all allegedly in exchange for pictures of his own naked … weiner.

And speaking of Anthony’s Weiner – Again, thank you, Gods of Dick Jokes. – guess who already has new cock photos on the Internet this morning. Somewhere Andrew Breitbart is trying to spin in his grave with glee, but, well… the weight. Eat healthy, kids.

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