Anthony Cumia Got Fired From ‘The Opie & Anthony Show’ For Being A Racist Asshole

July 6th, 2014 // 161 Comments
Anthony Cumia
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Last week, Anthony Cumia of SiriusXM’s The Opie & Anthony Show fired off of barrage of racist and violent tweets after allegedly being “attacked” by a black woman who he was more than likely trying to take creep shots of. It was the tail end of a long history of racism that’s been amped up to the point where it couldn’t be masked as some stupid shock jock shtick anymore, and comedians like Bill Burr were coming on the show and basically telling Cumia to shut the fuck up. So late Thursday night, SiriusXM fired him sparking an inevitable Internet shitstorm from other racists who still have no idea how the first amendment works, and it’s literally the same, exhausting battle lines all over again:

Conservatives and libertarians are squawking about “F’EEDOM MASPEECH!” even though Anthony Cumia was fired entirely by the sacred, holy forces of The Market – not the government – per the will of a corporation and all its Jesus-blessed personitude. Not to mention, he’ll land squarely on his feet on Fox News, AM radio or some sort of right-wing podcast and continue making buckets of money.

Liberals are wasting their time trying to explain to conservatives and libertarians the irony of everything I just said back there. — Wait. *looks at how long I’ve been writing this post* Sonofabitch.

And some white chick from the south will eventually ask on my Facebook page, “Why does everyone have to get so offended?” before sagely pointing out that slavery happened a long time ago, so really, it shouldn’t count.

Except my new favorite responses are the cries of “The thought police are coming for you next, Fish!” because a.) like these people have ever read Orwell. b.) If by thought police, you mean advertisers, then yes, I can be absolutely fucked at any given moment and am genuinely amazed each and every day that doesn’t happen. Welcome to the broadcast business since the exact second it was invented. And c.) What the fuck am I supposed to even do with that information? Jump in bed with you shitheads and go “No, wait, racism is good!” because your Glenn Beckian grasp of 1984 thinks a collective desire to shake off old bigotries will lead to The Hunger Games? We’re talking about momentarily inconveniencing a racist millionaire by making him get another job where he’ll still make more millions, not sending people to the goddamn gulag. Call a doctor if that hate-boner lasts more than four hours, V for Vendetta.

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    • He's a pig

      I just read all his tweets and I hope he never gets another job of any kind. He’s not just racist and sexist, he has major anger management issues, he’s not fit to be in a work environment with other people. I’ll bet the office staff has tales that would curl your hair. I wouldn’t be surprised to find he’d sexually harassed every woman he ever worked with.

      This man is scum and should be treated as such.

    • Sterling Wilson

      Where’s the racism?

  1. And here comes the morning Klan rally at The Superficial. Yayyyy…

  2. Was he trying to bang V. Stigliano, too?

  3. Whenever you do one of this politics rants it makes me love you a tiny little bit.

  4. “fired entirely by the sacred, holy forces of The Market”…no, all of us listeners cancelling our subs to SiriusXM is the force of the market.

  5. John G.

    This guy has Hitler action figures and negro lawn jockeys all over his house. This is not your garden variety racist, he’s much more committed to the cause. What I’m trying to say is, heritage, not hate.

    • Just as an aside issue, antique cast iron “lawn jockey” figures are very valuable pieces of Americana art.

      When I was a kid living in New Orleans, there was a big political correctness dust up about lawn jockeys being racist, and the eventual result was people started painting their lawn jockey’s pink.

  6. I’m a libertarian, and I fully support any actions any company takes to file assholes– that’s the *point* of libertarianism, the concept that yes, while we do have the freedom to be as racist as we might like, companies also have the freedom to can our asses if they feel we don’t represent them as they wish. Anyone who doesn’t understand this is no libertarian, no matter how much they may howl that they are.

    • Veronika Larsson

      I thought the point of libertarianism was that you got all the benefits of taxes without paying any.

      A libertarian is somebody whose neighbours never throw loud parties at 3 am.

      • A conservative friend of mine once said that libertarianism and gun ownership are both completely logical in rural communities and completely illogical in urban communities.
        (Don’t blame it on me, I’m just the messenger).

      • Bryan

        Libertarianism is illogical almost anywhere outside of Ayn Rand novels.

        Guns, on the other hand, are most certainly logical in the city because they are fun as heck (among other reasons).

      • Rural communities have benefited more from government intervention than urban communities.

        Rural electrification (government subsidized)
        Rural roads (government subsidized)
        Farm subsidies

        The list goes on and on. If libertarians had to pay for the roads they actually use in rural areas, they couldn’t afford to drive.

    • So you have to represent your company 24 hours a day? You’re never off the clock?

      • Slash

        If you’re an “entertainer,” yes. Most contracts have a clause that voids the contract if the entertainer does something that embarrasses the company, like making extremely offensive public comments.

        Other jobs have similar stipulations. Teachers, cops, judges, etc. In fact, most people would be fired if their public comments (that are widely disseminated through “broadcast” or similar means) created bad PR for their employer, regardless of what their job was.

        It’s the free market that so many people think is so wonderful, until it punishes someone they like. Then all of a sudden, it’s a violation of their right to be a racist asshole without consequence.

      • Assuming that Anthony Cumia has such a clause in his contract.

        The free market didn’t decide that Cumia be fired. Low subscription numbers would decide that. The company took it upon themselves (they have the right to) to remove Cumia. Their consumers had no say in it.

        Seeing as how what Cumia did on twitter is equal to what he said on air, I don’t see what the difference is. This wasn’t like a cop who seemed to be clean, but then made statements about targeting minorities.

  7. To *fiRe* assholes, not file them. Woopsie typo, sorry.

  8. Good God Gerard Butch It Up

    The only problem Cumia faces is that he actually might be a little too racist with fox news (I totally agree that they will hire him immediately). The n word flies from his face with abandon, so they will definitely need the thirty second delay for that cock sucker until it’s finally obvious Ales has to fire his ass.

  9. Ronald Regan

    You made your name from upskirt pics perving on celebrities, So maybe drop the holier than though shit . You are a sleaze merchant just like him

    • Except you’re comparing a middle man to a supplier. Sure they both deal in sleaze, one only offers it because there’s a market demand. The other creates it because he doesn’t seem to have any other skill.

      • Charmed

        Those five people that gave you a thumbs up are idiots. Both parties are responding to a ‘market demand’ and I doubt you know what either of their motivations are or their broader skillsets. They are also both ‘suppliers’ in that they are a mouthpiece directly to their public.

        In your hypothetical situation: If you’re reacting to sleaze-market-demand but you have the life skills to be successful doing bigger and better things then you would be the bigger scumbag (by cynically exploiting that market) than the guy who doesn’t know any better.

      • I’m tired of the “market demand” argument. No one who listened to this satellite radio show demanded for Anthony Cumia to be fired. Sirius XM dropped him because they didn’t want to be racist by association.

        It’s not “market demand” It’s “bad PR” demand.

      • How dense can you be?

        Say this was simply a PR move (Which in your world apparently occurs completely separate from market positioning because… ?) Why would they even bother doing that? Why would SiriusXM be concerned with looking “racist by association?” Because it will affect them economically in – wait for it – THE MARKET.

        Somewhere, somebody did some sort of calculation that showed Anthony Cumia’s horseshit – which almost everyone agrees they were well aware of for years – was no longer worth the risk in the current sociological climate. Or in – wait, here it comes – THE MARKET.

      • A Realist

        Why don’t you just go back to talking about Jessica Simpson’s tits? It suits you better, and makes you seem like just a little less of an asshole. “But that’s my shtick: asshole”. Barely a step above Perez Hilton. And hypocritical to boot. Nothing more obnoxious than pretentiousness and mock indignation from a pseudo-intellectual hypocrite.

      • “Fish, you’re obnoxious and pretentious and a hypocrite and an asshole and you don’t know what you’re talking about whenever you get political because if you did know what you were talking about, I’d be agreeing with you. Yet I can’t stop visiting your site and reading the posts I know I’ll think to be bullshit just from the headline, and then commenting on them, stirring up your readers and driving up your pageviews and keeping you in business. God, I hate you. Now show me some more tits.”

      • A Realist

        This guy gets it.

      • It is totally a PR move. You fire Cumia, the news is basically done with it.

        If they let this blow over for a bit, they could’ve carried on as usual. People get all up in arms for a couple days, then they forget what the hell they were angry about in the first place.

        Who knows what would’ve happened to Sirius? I didn’t even hear about people backing out of supporting the company or anything. So did the market really demand it? We may never know that. How many subscribers would’ve been lost over him staying on Sirius, really? What would they lose- Oprah Radio?? Martha Stewart?? What a sad loss.

    • A Realist

      Thank you, I’m glad you said this. I thought I was the only one sensing the hypocrisy here. Fish, know your station in life.

    • Oh BABY

      Fish can’t face the fact that he’s a sleaze peddler, so to feel good about himself and to continue his delusion that he’s somehow culturally and socially relevant, he feels compelled to drag his demtard soapbox out and lecture all of us on what we should think, how we should feel, and what our social responsibilities are, all while insisting that his is the only worthy opinion (and you’re a racist loser if you dare to disagree with him).

      No one takes him more seriously than he does, except maybe for his libtard, circle-jerk dick lickers who will agree with anything he says so they can feel like they’re cool and relevant too. Problem is that they too are anonymous nobodies, just like their idol.

      If the “thought police” are coming for Fish, it’s not because he thinks. It’s because he fails to think, and spews nothing but shit when he launches into his retarded lectures.

      Slavery ended more than 160 years ago, Fish, so get the fuck over it. Maybe the blacks will earn they respect they delude themselves into thinking they’re owed when they stop turning the cities they control (Detroit and Chicago) into ghetto toilets. They destroy what they take and what’s handed to them; they get out of right-thinking society exactly what they deserve. When they stop acting like entitled, ignorant animals, then maybe racism will finally die.

      Yeah, I went there, and no, I don’t give a single shit what you think about it because I’m convinced you’re a brainless twat. Go back to writing about celebrities, you pretentious ass.

      • African Americans got the right to vote in the 1960s, a century after slavery was over.

        Not until the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 were they truly enfranchised.

        What fell between 1865 and 1965 was a horror show. Black veterans didn’t even get to participate in the GI Bill benefits after World War Two, despite having fought bravely for the country that despised them.

      • Butters

        I think Joseph Rainey might be surprised he was unable to vote until 1965, considering he was the first black speaker of the house in 1874.

        And to say the country despised black vets in 1945 is a bit of stretch. Was racism institutionalized in the south? Yes. Was there racism prevalent elsewhere? Yes.

        But you can’t go from being despised throughout the country to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in just 19 years.

      • You really think Dr. King et al wasted their time?

        You never heard of Jim Crow laws?

        You deny there was massive disenfranchisement of blacks through poll taxes, literacy tests at the polls, etc?

        Wait, let me guess: the Holocaust was just a Zionist PR stunt according to you, too, right?

        Jesus Buddha Mary Joseph Mohammed and Vishnu there are some DUMB motherfuckers out there. The human race can’t wipe itself out fast enough as far as I am concerned.

      • CZ104

        15th Amendment of US Constitution ratified in 1870. While southern Jim Crow laws and intimidation made it unsafe for African Americans to vote, they were not denied the right by our federal government. Actual wording of the Amendment:

        “Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.
        Section 2. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.[1]“

      • Here is my witty rejoinder:

        And this

        Didn’t those coloured folk know they gots de freedom? If only y’all had been there to tell them! Silly coloured folk!

      • Yes, because calling a spade a spade makes him a pretentious ass.
        I’m guessing you think everyone who doesn’t agree with brainless cunts like you takes themselves too seriously.
        And no one has to say you’re a racist loser, you are putting it on display for everyone to see.

      • I console myself with the thought that the brain tumor responsible for ohbaby’s deranged posts will likely kill him.

  10. Charmed

    Personally, I think Fish gets a bigger hard on from writing these posts than he does from the rest of his job. He took a break from his 4th July weekend just to post this one item.

    Fish, I just wish you’d get off the soap box. Most of the time I don’t even disagree with your position but the condescending (and frequently sophistic) way you express yourself makes me want to.

    • Bryan

      If he wasn’t shrill and condescending, how would we know that he’s better and smarter than everybody and that he ~*cares*~ about things???

    • ugh

      A lot of you are pretty butthurt about someone calling out a racist for saying some really racist shit. That’s kind of weird.

      • It wasn’t “calling out” someone, it was firing them. If you call out a racist, then you have an argument/conversation with them. If you fire them, then it’s done.

        It’s so easy to say “He’s a racist! Why would you back him up?” I’m not cheering him on for what he said. To fire him because he said some shit on twitter is what bugs me. He’s a racist. Yeah, so call up the guy’s radio show and tell him how you feel about his shit. Contact him on Twitter. Contact him on Facebook. The guy wasn’t hiding.

      • ugh

        Please pay attention to the conversation if you’re going to insist on inserting yourself.


      • You can act like I didn’t, but I’m responding appropriately to what you said.

      • Why did we have to invade Germany and drive Hitler to suicide? Couldn’t we have just had an argument/conversation with him?

      • A Realist

        Well, that’s not reaching for an argument at all! Nope, not one bit. Comparing a madman hellbent on the genocide of an entire race of peoples to a radio shock jock saying some bad words on Twitter is TOTALLY appropriate in this scenario.

        Fucking idiot.

  11. Mike Walker

    They weren’t creepshots, just your typical nighttime, urban hooker stroll pics. I don’t blame the woman for getting up in his face, however.

    • Why? You have no presumption of privacy when you are in public.

    • he deserved it

      As a Black female (gawd why do I read this site!)….White old guys are my #1 sexual harassers. Racism+fetishism. When I went overseas White old men took my picture all the time. There was nothing I could do. They act like they are just taking pics of scenery but they were obviously right in my face. They would whistle or call out do anything to get me to turn around and then take a pic. We are so picture driven now in our society that those pics end up on the internet or with sperm all over them and a person has no control over their image. I look very young but I dressed very, very modestly and it still did not matter. This guy on the radio was taking lewd shots and got what he deserved. Black women throw down…domestic violence in Black culture is a totally different thing. She should not have hit him but he deserved to get called out. I’m glad she had other Blacks to defend her because I was all alone overseas.

      • CZ104

        Except that – if this guy’s a true racist – he wouldn’t be sexually attracted to black women AT ALL. So why do you think he was taking lewd pictures?

      • Not true.

        Donald Sterling likes black women but is a racist.

        I know a lot of guys who would never marry or even date a black woman but who fantasize about having sex with them.

      • “How can I be a racist? Why, I’ve had sex with many of my female slaves! Some have even bore me children! (They live with their mothers and whichever male slaves I’ve paired them up with.)” – comment on reddit/r/plantations, early 1800s

      • Strom Thurmond had a baby out of wedlock with a black servant. And Thurmond was a KKK member for many years. There you go.

      • CZ104

        Got it guys. It was a dumb point. I’m wrong.

      • By your “logic,” slave owners — who were notorious for sexually abusing their slaves — weren’t racist.

      • Pat C.

        In BLACK LIKE ME, one white guy explicitly spells it out (I’m paraphrasing from memory) “We’ll take your money. We’ll sure as hell F*** your women. Other than that, we want you out of sight”.

      • Mike Walker

        >White old guys are my #1 sexual harassers.

        It’s possible “white old guys” are your #1 sexual harrasser, but the makeup of your social/work environment would detirmine whether that’s significant. and being photographed on some stint in a foreign country doesn’t say much either.

        In any case, Cumia’s pictures didn’t have a racial theme. They were generic streetwalker pics.

      • he double deserved it

        The makeup of my social environment is America. I go to school, to work, to the grocery store etc. and White people are everywhere! No, I don’t live in an ‘urban’ bubble.

        I was demonstrating what old White men do in general. They creep on ethnic women and school girls, touch little boys….the list goes on. Some things are just universal.

      • Well here’s your chance ma’am, as black men only seem to be into white women these days. Go get some of that fine white Klan ass!

  12. That guy’s got a face like moldy cottage cheese. And I’m not sure how many readers noticed he’s not wearing his tin-foil hat.

  13. nutterbutter

    Thanks for the news and views, Fish. Keep it up :)

  14. Veronika Larsson

    “Why does everyone has to get so offended?”

    “Why does everyone HAVE to get so offended?”

    Otherwise, agree with all you’ve written.

  15. Veronika Larsson

    Question: Why did Sirius XM fire Cumia for racism and not misogyny?

    From his Twitter: “Here’s the pic that got the whore bitch piece of cunt all pissy.”

    Not racism but certainly misogynistic.

    So you can’t be racist and be a radio host but you call women all sorts of vile and nasty names and keep your job.

    Ok, got it.

    • SiriusXM has terminated its relationship with Anthony Cumia of the Opie & Anthony channel. The decision was made, and Cumia informed, late Thursday, July 3 after careful consideration of his racially-charged and hate-filled remarks on social media. Those remarks and postings are abhorrent to SiriusXM, and his behavior is wholly inconsistent with what SiriusXM represents.

      So “cunt” and “bitch” and etc, not a firing offence, but the racist stuff and the violent threats (which are very bad, I admit) are a firing offence.

      Well he should have just called her a cunt whore bitch and left it at that.

      • Dox

        It never ceases to amaze me.
        Here is a man that makes a decent amount of money, presumably doing something he enjoys. He throws it all away, in a moment of unfiltered anger by posting what is clearly a rage filled rant directed at someone he felt fully justified in treating as subhuman.

        Here’s some advice for celebrities, Fish, if you would be so kind as to hop on the little red phone that gets you a direct line to celebrity central…..

        “Just because you can tweet your unfiltered thoughts to the world, doesn’t mean you should.”

        Just saying…. I could have saved more careers by killing peoples internet connection then anything else.

      • I actually enjoy that facet of public life. In the past, the wealthy and powerful could hide behind publicists to sanitize and protect their images. Now they can just get fucked up, hop on Twitter and broadcast their ignorant/offensive/idiotic bullshit directly, and the public and market can react accordingly. It’s positively Darwinian.

      • Cumia didn’t have a publicist, wasn’t hiding, and definitely did not sanitize his thoughts.

        As for “acting accordingly” I think the rest of the public are people living in glass houses. We’re just lucky that we’re not people in the spotlight.

    • JSawyer

      Much like this website. If you’re concerned about women’s rights you should boycott looking at this site. He goes on and on all day about the evil white man and how liberal and “progressive” he is, but then objectifies every woman he talks about and clearly believes their value as people is directly linked to their attractiveness.

      • You’re right. The writer of this site is anti-racism and anti-homphobia and anti-Semitism but pro-misogyny.

        Here are four insults. Only three of them will bring the wrath of The Superficial on you and/or get you fired in the US:

        1. Faggot
        2. Nigger
        3. Kike (or other anti-Jewish slur)
        4. Cunt (or bitch or whore, etc)

      • Bryan

        This is all true but I mean, the entire premise of the site is built on the objectification of women. (Or at least in used to be – in a couple years it will probably just be boring political rants about how smart Fish is in every post.)

      • I see the Mystery DownVoter has struck again.

        I have been accused of being that person.

        It’s not me. But this whole “thumbs up thumbs down” stuff is rather puerile, anyway.

        I’d prefer another finger to express my displeasure….

      • Bryan

        I’d vote your posts up but I think I have to make an account or join something.

      • Don’t do that, you’ll never be free then. My advice is to run now before they ensnare you in this little online cult.

      • Mike Walker

        > I have been accused of being that person.

        Munchausen by Downvote

      • At the risk of being labeled a sexist, I can only partially agree with your point. The word “whore” has no gender ascription and, due to an alternative definition (i.e. selling oneself for an unworthy purpose), often does not have a sexual context. Therefore its usage should not be summarily deemed as mysoginistic without noting the actual context. Ex.: “Fish is totally whoring himself out with all these Kardashian posts.” The word “bitch”, while clearly based in sexist roots, has taken on a meaning all its own (i.e. “whining”), and has transcended sex, at least in my own usage. While this is frequently used in a mysoginistic manner, there are definite exceptions. Ex. “I do nothing but bitch before my first cup of coffee.” However, as for your 1st example, uh, yeah, I’m always appalled when I see that tossed about.

      • duder

        If you want to dig into etymology, pavement_smear, the same could be said of the other words the example (though I don’t think you address “cunt,” the actual example). Faggot doesn’t have to mean a gay person. If I ask for a fag, you better bring me a cigarette, not a gay person. You can split hairs like that with language all day long, on any word you like. At the end, it’s just an intellectual circle jerk to get around admitting some uncomfortable things.

      • Veronika’s point was that Fish does not approve of the first 3 categories, while he favors the 4th category. Hence, I was only addressing the words in the 4th category. As such, I was, in fact, addressing the word “cunt” as the one that appalled me, but attempted to do so without having to type it. Sorry if you misunderstood the reference. As for etymology, you are ignoring the fact that of the first 3 categories, only the word “faggot” could be construed to have a benign meaning, and even then, never in the context of a person, unless you are in the habit of calling people cigarettes or bundles of sticks, which is not an accepted use of the term. But heck, language is fluid, so you go right ahead with that duder dialect.

      • “The word “whore” has no gender ascription”

        Would you like to buy my bridge? It’s called the Golden Gate and it’s in San Francisco. Only $100, special just for you.

  16. Mr. Cumia doesn’t look so happy in that photo.

    Why so Sirius?

    *dodges the bad tomatoes thrown at her*

  17. Opie

    A Nigga Cunt (then 5 more savages) attacks him and he is the bad guy?!
    Watch my market go follow him WHERE EVER he goes.

  18. Betcha it was all staged to gin up the O&A fanbase.

    • Neither (D)Opie or Anthony or anyone involved in that show are
      that cunning.

      • I listened to this programme once out of curiousity.

        It was witless and incoherent. Someone told me it was funny as hell, although offencive.

        It was just a bunch of middle-aged white guys talking over each other. Boring.

  19. There are many precedents for this sort of thing. For example:
    Hank Jr compares Obama to Hitler – a free speech issue
    Dixie Chicks criticize GWB – not a free speech issue

  20. I am not defending this guys views by any means but I find it somewhat weird that he was assaulted by someone and his response to the assault is what the issue has become.

  21. nowon_yuno

    I know liberals who use the N word all the time, and they are white and its the not the version of the N word that ends in “a” either. Just because you vote democrat doesnt absolve you of your ignorance and allow you to get away with something, but for some reason a lot of you think it does. See what LBJ said about blacks after passing civil rights legislation, and he was a democrat! But I suppose its different when he did it

    • Democrats and Republicans switched sides on race relations after Nixon employed the Southern Strategy to woo Dixecrats to the GOP. So, yes, it was completely different back then. It’s called history. Learn some of it.

      • You’re worked up about this fellow calling the black woman a nigger but not a cunt, a whore, a bitch?

      • CZ104

        Interesting he hasn’t addressed anything you’ve said. Fish, I mean, you’re hysterical and all, but sometimes you really are sanctimonious. Address what this woman has to say if you think you’re so right about everything.

        AND not for anything – but the people that listen to this show have to PAY for the service in addition to paying for special shit just so they can hear this particular channel. It’s a part of his schtick (but also a real part of his personality) that has been out in the open for years. He’s not a racist; he’s a realist. A true racist refuses to be associated with people they are against before they even meet them just because that person may have the color of skin they disagree with. Further, they keep those people down (in any way they can) because of their skin color. If you knew anything about this show you’d know that they are constantly promoting black entertainers; Patrice O’Neal, Chris Rock, the entire cast of The Wire, TI, Ice-T, Ice Cube, Samuel L. Jackson, etc. That isn’t racism; what he was addressing was the behavior of a select few. And not for anything – this was all sparked by an assault. I don’t care if he was actually taking photos of her – as a woman I would never assault a man, least of all in NYC, over a few photos. It’s not illegal for him to take them, but it is certainly illegal for me as an adult to put my hands on anyone who has not attacked me first.

      • He does not have to answer me. The site is his answer.

        “Fish” is fine with cunt, whore, bitch, slut etc. but not with nigger, kike, faggot.

        John Lennon said “woman is the nigger of the world”. He was not wrong. Of course he was beating his wife when he wrote that….

      • I’m not sure I agree. This site obsesses over some women because of their beauty, and insults others because of perceived personality flaws. It also goes after men for similar flaws (typically narcissism). The only thing it doesn’t do equally is objectify attractive men. Objectification, but I don’t see it as labeling all women as cunts, bitches, etc.

        The comments are a different story. “I want to fuck Coco because she is a caricature of a normal woman with exaggerated secondary sex organs.”

      • Mike Walker

        Fish, LBJ wasn’t a dixiecrat. He introduced the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, neither of which endeared him to the dixiecrat cause.

      • When someone demands that you learn history and then links Wikipedia, you can feel free to ignore them.

      • Wikipedia has been shown to be as accurate as the Encyclopedia Britannica.

    • ugh

      “Democrat” and “liberal” are not interchangeable words or ideas.

  22. he’s drinking bud lite. srsly.

  23. Cock Dr

    It’s understandable that someone with a face like that would be filled with rage at the world.

  24. JSawyer

    The guy is a douche for sure, but you of all people don’t need to be talking about the First Amendment at all since you hate America so much, much less accusing other people of not understanding how i t works when you seem to think it’s the government’s job to force everybody to like everybody else.

    • “when you seem to think it’s the government’s job to force everybody to like everybody else.”

      Uh, nope. Way to skip over all the parts about the market dictating social justice, not the government. Reading is your friend.

      • CZ104

        But the “Market” didn’t dictate anything in this instance. The actual “Market” for this show is cancelling their service in droves. If the people who actually listened to the show voiced anger over his comments, then yeah you could say the Market dictated it. But actually, the only way you could say that is if sirius kept employing him and the entire audience for “Opie and Anthony” disappeared. Until then, you cannot make a claim like that. If you want to “Market” to dictate the decision then let the damn “Market” do that. None of the cancellations occurred until Anthony was fired. And not for anything, but the world knows what kind of guys these are. Like I know you’re site is for a bunch of horny guys who can’t get a date with these celebrities or any women of the like and need to constantly insult them over MINOR physical imperfections. You don’t see me calling for your head. But again, misogynism is not on the same spectrum as racism. Got it. Good to know you’re promoting an equal America. Where women are still objects. To be insulted if they’re not up to standard physically.

      • But the “Market” DID dictate his firing. I’m guessing a lot of advertisers threatened to pull out and SiriusXM had to comply since they pay everyone’s salary. A trickling out of subscribers isn’t going to hit them as hard or as immediately as a direct loss of advertising revenue. And hell no, advertisers don’t want to be associated with “somebody should shoot that black whore piece of cunt” Twitter rants. It amazes me how butthurt people get whenever the free market WORKS AS INTENDED.

  25. The market didn’t decide shit. The consumers are the market, and they kept him on satellite radio for 8+ years. What was said in those tweets were said throughout Anthony Cumia’s time on Sirius.

    The only difference now is that those words caught heat, and we are now in word police mode, where words, apparently, hurt very much. The market’s not deciding. It’s people who have never listened to the product who are deciding.

    I’m actually surprised that The Supperficial would be for this, because if this site had a Sirius radio show, with the shit said here being put into words on-air, you’d be fired, too.

    Anthony Cumia would say hateful, insensitive, controversial things on the air, but he was being honest, and the phone lines were open. People had arguments with him, agreed with him, hated him, etc.

    I’d rather live in a world where I know who hates me than a world where you saying what’s on your mind is the worst thing ever. Fuck you. Oops! Can I say that? You gonna get me fired?

    • JC

      I feel ya, bro. To see this world become one in which your ability to spew vitriolic racism might impede your ability to earn a gajillion dollars is a sad world, indeed. Pity the poor, oppressed racists and hatemongers.

      Oh, except he’s said racist shit for a long time and earned a gajillion dollars anyway, and can probably retire comfortably with only a minor cutback in hookers and blow, so I guess he’s not that oppressed at all, is he?

    • Rush Limbaugh spews misogyny all the time without consequence and in fact is very rich indeed.

      This Cumia character has a niche audiece (angry white conservative males) and I’m sure he’ll get a radio gig somewhere.

      • I don’t know where Cumia would get a job in this climate. Not in the mainstream, I don’t think. Not on FM radio, unless he keeps it PG. Good luck with that.

      • You don’t know who owns the radio stations in the USA, do you? These people make Cumia look like a social worker.

      • It doesn’t matter who the owners are. There is no good place to be a talk radio personality these days. Someone like Cumia wouldn’t last a month.

      • He will just “Don Imus” the whole thing and get back to work. This is about the temporary appeasement of liberals until a new shiny object comes along. Then he gets a new contract with a “be nice” clause.”

      • Nah, no “I’m sorry” is coming from Cumia. If he did, that would be incredibly embarrassing, especially since they goofed on Imus’s grovelling apology.

        Ron Bennington made a nice point, that these companies have fired and re-hired Opie and Anthony before. Nothing is impossible as far as radio is concerned.

    • The problem with you angry O&A fans is that you think your subscription dollars represent “the market” as though you’re actually the most powerful stakeholders here. Subscription rates ebb and flow, but you know who has the immediate power to kill revenue? Advertisers. And they have a long history of freaking out and pulling out of these types of PR scandals, and Sirius knows this and IS acting in its own financial best interests in firing Cumia. Welcome to how the free market actually works.

      They’ve already done the math, guys. They can afford to lose you. Bye.

  26. Slash

    It’s almost as if paying somebody to be an asshole “on air” encourages them to think that anything they say is OK because someone is paying them to talk and they get the idea that because they haven’t faced real consequences for being an asshole before, that means they never will.

    Yeah, I agree that he’s still not a big enough asshole to make him toxic to Fox. He’ll probably have a talk show on there within a couple of weeks.

  27. Bryan

    Prediction: Fish will make a whiny post later today where in an off-handed side comment he points out that everyone here is a racist libertarian and not as smart as him. “Since all of my racist lolbertarian readers have 2 brain cells to share between them, here are some boobies.”

    • That actually was going to be my approach, but there’s a shocking lack of boobage today, so I’m going to double-down with American Taliban girl.

      Although let the record show that you nailed it, and I say that with a complete lack of sarcasm. Post for me. Post for the rubes. And I’ll be the first to say I have no idea how any of that still works.

  28. Man, what a bummer! Anthony was, and is, funny as hell. Yeah, he had some racists rants he went on, but those two plus Jimmie Norton would have me dying in his car for years driving to work.

    Oh well. Scary how companies can now fire you for something you do outside of work or say on the phone in your private life.

    In other news, over 60 people were shot in the south side of Chicago over the weekend.

  29. Not coming to this guy’s defence on his racist ranting, but you cant just hit someone for taking your picture. There is no presumption of privacy when you are in public.

  30. Kingmaker

    Venting such is frustration on social media as a public figure is foolish,

    I respect his views and understand his frustration, but show some restraint goddamn.

    Sirius is a shit company run by a tranny SJW jew – u can’t even make this stuff up.

  31. Michael

    Opie & Anthony have been at SIRIUS/XM for two consecutive contracts, and all this time, they had problems with the company. So why would the sign more contracts if they couldn’t get the stuff they needed. So look what happened this time around: still no visual element, broken equipment, cancelled events, embargoed guests by a former radio host who I was a fan of (I hope Kingmaker was referring to Howard Stern as the “tranny SJW jew”), East Side Dave getting fired, losing Ron & Fez from their channel, a disappointing Unmasked event… and now this.

    What enrages me are the Howard Stern fans that are probably creaming over this. Some douchebag named Dr. Ivan is making shops over at SternFanNetwork – a site that Howard has his lackey Mutt shut down because Howard demands that EVERYONE follow his lead and enjoy his endless stream of twitpics of his fat-thighed golddigger wife – mocking Ant. See, Howard had a gag order on O&A back in 2000, but some of the dopey fans don’t even know that (even if Howard revealed this on Hannity in 2006) or they’re mocking O&A for not doing shit about it and being little bitches. Those motherfuckers even have a Stern-based Facebook page where they fucking kiss his ass and enjoy Beth shit.

    Unfortunately, Sirius/XM is the only place where they can broadcast to more people than on podcast, so don’t expect Opie and/or Jim Norton to leave for the next contract. That means they’ll get buttfucked more, while bitch Howard gets pampered more and continues to act like a dingus on America’s Got Talent.

  32. CZ104

    And let’s not point out the fact that everything Fish says on people who follow Christianity isn’t hateful or anything. Listen, I get that there are a lot of Christians/Catholics what have you that have some messed up views of things and can be hateful people (i.e. against gays, a woman’s right to choose, etc.). In fact, I stopped being a practicing Catholic because of it. BUT, there are plenty Christians/Catholics that are still good, forgiving, and loving people who don’t spew hate against gay people, women, etc. However, Fish, on a daily basis, mocks people who follow this religion, implying that they are all dumb, racist rednecks and mock their faith in something larger than themselves. Firstly, you don’t know what’s out there and what exists or doesn’t exist. Don’t forget years ago everyone thought people who claimed the earth was round or orbiting the Sun was an epic idiot. Secondly, the existence of galaxies and the big bang theory doesn’t exclude the idea of a God. But back to my actual point – you call this guy a piece of shit hateful racist that deserved to be fired for spewing his hate and prejudice on a platform that can reach a lot of people. That’s ironic considering you have a social platform that reaches A LOT of people wherein you spew hate against people of a certain religion and imply that anyone who follows that religion must be of the same elk. That is prejudice in and of itself; you’re being a hypocrite calling this guy racist because he made broad claims about a group of people based on the actions and views of a select few. But since Christianity & Catholicism are the list of institutions and interests that are allowed to be mocked and prejudiced against, you won’t ever get fired.

    • Religion is a choice. Politics are a choice. Race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and to an extent, financial and social status are not choices. Making fun of people’s choices is not the same thing as making fun of people’s innate characteristics. Why can’t people get that?

  33. Michael

    Also, isn’t it curious that Sirius/XM continued to pamper Howard even during his $300 million lawsuit? During those two lawsuits, he got a brand new studio, Thursdays off to go with Fridays, the ability to do AGT and not plug the company, and get more days off than in the past. No company would pamper the person suing them.

    Makes me curious if the whole thing was an act like all of Howard’s antics have been recently (anyone hear about his little golf swing from last year and how he fought his staff members on how legit that was; not even O&A pal Scorch could come up with a dreamland scenario like that!).

    Then again, Liberty Media bought the company last year, and they’ve got to put their foot down on everything. Who knows?

    • Nobody listens to fucking Stern anymore, even the die hard fans at work switched to O&A years ago. All he does is talk about reality television and his bowel movements

  34. Slappy Magoo

    On the plus side if the podcast thing doesn’t work out I hear Mel Gibson needs a full time designated driver…

  35. farthammer

    dont see anything racist about his tweets. oh well, never did like him anyway

  36. shutupandsing

    Why are retards crying about racism and sexism on a site dedicated
    to making women into sex objects?

  37. Dr.J

    Yeah, this guy’s fucking horrifying, but this is the first time I’ve ever scrolled down lazily and agreed with a conservative comment:
    I fucking LOL every time, I see some liberal talk about racism and sexism on a site that exists to showcase tits and ass.”

    I have always loved this site because it’s funny, even though the writers are misogynistic as shit. I always took it with a grain of salt – it’s all part of the voice, page views, success, etc. But man, some of the vitriol you’ve run on women, The Superficial, over the last decade or so, has been ROUGH. It’s one thing to be rough on people with shitty character – you do, both male and female, and fair – but say Lena Dunham, you’ve said some gross ass stuff about her, and for what? Because she has the body of 40 per cent of the female human population? Some nasty brutal stuff. And that’s just one example.

    Of course, write on, The Superficial, write on, because you write quality, insightful, enjoyable shit, but touche young Conservative commenter with the weird screen name, touche.

  38. yawn

    good luck bro

  39. VIDEO: Opie and Jim come back on the air, and talk about the obvious. Ron Bennington then joins in.

    This is a recording done by Opie.

  40. anonnies

    I’ll I’ve gotten from reading all these comments is that Veronika Larsson needs a hobby or a job.

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