Anthony Cumia Arrested For Allegedly Beating His Girlfriend

WARNING: Video is disturbing as hell. NSFW.

So remember that racist piece of shit Anthony Cumia a bunch of you defended for being a racist piece of shit? He just got arrested for violently assaulting and strangling his girlfriend. “Allegedly.” Page Six reports:

The 26-year-old woman claims in the video — which was posted on the Periscope app under the name Dani Golightly — that Cumia, 54, “turned off” her phone when she tried to call the police.
“Hi, I’m in Long Island, I got my hand broken, I’m waiting for police to come,” said the distressed woman, whose real name has not been released. “I tried to call the police, but he turned the phone off.”
The video sharply cuts to the ground, and she yells, “Oh, my God, don’t hit me! . . . Stay away from me!”
The footage then pans to Cumia, who says, “I’ll pay you to leave my house.”
She screams right back, “I don’t need you to pay for a car! I need you to pay for my f–king broken hand!”
Cumia, who appears to be holding a beer, plays it for laughs, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Anthony and Dani show!” he says as he walks toward her, she backing away in apparent fear.

Wow, if only there would’ve been some way to tell Anthony Cumia is a fucking shit-awful person in almost all aspects of life. Some sort of clue, a hint. Like, oh I dunno, he’s a racist piece of shit who says racist shit and thinks he’s some sort of fucking genius because of his racist shit. But, nah, that’s being too “PC” and we can’t have that. Heavens, no!

Bonus Happy Ending: He loves guns!

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