Anthony Bourdain Nails Paula Deen. Not Like That.

January 18th, 2012 // 46 Comments
Paula Deen Diabetes Meme

“Thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business, so I can profitably sell crutches later.”

- Anthony Bourdain after Paula Deen announced her endorsement deal with Novo Nordisk.

Photo: via IDLYITW

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  1. Coyote

    Go Anthony Go; She deserves to be taken down a notch

  2. Nina

    Ugh Anthony Bourdain. You’re a drug-addicted, alcoholic douche bag who travels the world smoking cigarettes and fucking thai ladyboys, while your wife stays at home with your child. You are no saint.

    • JC

      Doesn’t that describe 99% of all celebrity chefs, though?

    • slamdunk


    • Deacon Jones

      “fucking thai ladyboys”???

      lol, where the hell you get that one?

    • Loser!

      Sounds like someone who got kicked to the curb by Tony…

    • trizzay

      wow… need to get the sand out of your vagina?

    • Capitalist Pancake

      Uh, sure, but he wasn’t giving recipes for Marlboro and crack souffles either. Deen’s built an empire on recipes that have your arteries begging for mercy, and continued to sell it while she was Type 2. If she had come straight out and said she had it and then attempted to present modified recipes to show awareness, my sympathies – but she didn’t. She kept going with the velveeta dunked lard balls and god knows what else, and only now comes clean because she’s got a financial safety net in the form of spokesperson for a diabetes drug. Seriously? Does anyone see that as genuine? And incidentally, I find Paltrow and her bulimic swinging between trying to convince people she eats everything and month long juice and laxative cleanses just as hypocritical.

    • Actually….He stopped smoking, doesnt do drugs anymore, and I am sure he doesnt uck lady boys….Maybe you are just mad because you worshipped Paula “Im fat” Deen. Did you have to get your foot cut off because you followed her cookbook? You fucking idiot Nina

  3. Venom

    Ha Ha, I love Bourdain and I love that he called this woman out on her bullshit.

    Nina, everything you said about Bourdain is true, but the difference is that he does not lie about it or pretend it is not true or present himself as someone that he is not.

    I am glad I am not the only one that picked up on his intense love of Southeast Asia. I see the producers of his show have basically banned him from going out there.

  4. Angelique

    “Today, I’m going to show ya’ll how to make gangrene…Sugar, give me back my toe!”

  5. dave

    Paula is a disgusting cook.. she is not a ‘chef’. Any idiot can make delicious tasting food by adding butter and bacon. She is a disgusting pig

  6. Cher X

    Not a Paula Deen fan and I think the whole “I shill drugs now” thing is totally reprehensible.

    However Bourdain just needs to shut the fuck up. Not everything he cooks is healthy and he kind of looks like New York death.

  7. Another no-talent hack that needs to be shown the door.

  8. Deacon Jones

    Maybe she can pray the diabetes away?

  9. Loser!

    Bourdain is the best…

  10. JungleRed

    Paula Deen and the rest of those fat cunts (yeah, you too Batali) at Food Network are in cahoots with the pharmaceutical-food industrial complex? Why am I not surprised? I almost forgive Bourdain for eating those disgusting little endangered french birds.

  11. “Shit, got beat again,” said high cholesterol, heart disease and high blood pressure.

  12. Dude of Dudes

    Ive made a few of her recipes. They all sucked and Im no slouch in the kitchen. Why cant I feel my legs….

  13. it had to be said

    Bourdain’s only valid criticism is that she’s known for years that she had diabetes and still shilled the same “lifestyle” she shilled before. As for the food itself, a chimpanzee can see that it is utterly unhealthy. Bourdain’s just being a twat beating her over the head about that. Beat her fans over the head for that, not her.

    P.S. Remember when she got hit in the face with a ham? That was funny.

  14. Hey, Fish, how come there’s no “Get the Look” tag for this banner pic?

    Seriously, though, I see that that thing’s gone now. Thanks for getting rid of that shit.

  15. The Royal Penis

    I didn’t know pigs were cannibals.

  16. ihatebiggotedleftist

    Wheres the post about fat ass inner city dwellers eating double meat cheeseburgers every meal? You see this is only ignorant leftist biggotry toward people from the South.

    At least SOPA would eventually shut down ignorant biggoted leftist hate sites like this one.

  17. g-moonie

    This ought to go well. Sort of like Sally Field pushing Boniva.

  18. ashleybanana

    Anthony Bourdain is a chain-smoking hypocrite. What right does he have to criticize Paula Dean for baking pound cakes while he smokes two packs a day with toddler at home? Assholes in glass houses…

    • hollyhood

      bourdain openly admits his lifestyle is unhealthy (smoking, drinking, etc.). paula deen, knowing that she had type 2 diabeetus for 3 years, continued to make horribly unhealthy food while never admitting she gots the “the sugars.” that makes her a hypocrite at the very least, and tony bourdain is just… well, kind of an asshole but he’s just calling a spade a spade.

    • Chimaera

      Bourdain quit smoking after his daughter was born and like others have said he openly acknowledges that eating foie gras, steak, suckling pig, on a daily basis etc. isn’t healthy. Yeah he drinks, but his TV show is more about sampling the food of the places he visits as the locals do, than it is about pushing a certain cultural eating “lifestyle” (as Deen does, pushing deep fried, buttery shit and calling it Southern Food)

    • Capitalist Pancake

      that’s D-E-E-N, Ashley, not D-E-A-N. I think you’ve got what doctors call Sausage-on-the-Brain.

  19. dotmatrix

    I’d like to see her in a cage match vs. Wilford Brimley.

  20. doctor snuggles

    psssssst: try to swallow the sperm next you do a blowjob.

  21. billy bob

    She is a fat disgusting cunt. Her ‘charming’ southern accent makes we want to barf in my soup.

  22. Paula Deen is a fat fucking slob. I hope this bitch has to get some limbs hacked off because of her diabetes….This cunt helped with the obesity epidemic in America…What a dirty twat she is

  23. SFRowGuy

    Better watch it Anthony, or she’ll body-slam you again, and it’ll be straight back to the hospital.

  24. I feel I’m in a WWF event from reading all these comments…

  25. chris

    10 bucks says she uses butter as pussy lube when she fucks a churo.

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