Another ‘Teen Mom’ Got Implants

February 7th, 2011 // 89 Comments

Apparently she’s keeping them under wraps until her inevitable candid, yet entirely staged bikini photo shoot, Teen Mom star Maci Bookout is the second MTV prodigy to use her $140,000 per season to shove silicone in her chest, according to Life & Style, which is sadly not a reference to condoms:

“Maci did have breast-enlargement surgery,” a friend of Maci’s confirms to Life & Style.
The reality star, who appears to have gone from an A-cup to a C-cup, is determined to stay noticed these days. Not only is she publicly rallying around her troubled co-star and friend Amber Portwood — “Everyone follow @WeSupportAmber,” Maci recently tweeted — she has also hired a Hollywood agent and plans to write a book.

If you recall, Maci was also the one hanging out with the cast of Jersey Shore last week which I’m actually looking at as a positive sign now. At least the Teen Mom kids are emulating the Jersey Shore kids and not vice versa. If Snooki gave birth, not only would it look like this, but now we know Slash would try to bang it. I don’t care who the mother is, there’s a line. That’s all I’m saying.

Thanks to D. Claudius for writing in. You serve your master well. And you will be rewarded…

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  1. Meh

    If she wanted to try a new hairdo, may I suggest bangs? You could buy ad space on this girl’s forehead.

    • Haha, I totally agree! I hadn’t really noticed before, but now that you point it out, it’s so obvious. And those extensions really aren’t helping her cause…it looks like they were just randomly placed in her hair. They don’t match, nor are they properly blended in. How sad that she can afford implants but not a good stylist…

  2. Logan

    Maci was so frickn gorgeous before she did all of this! Now this whole hair thing and implants too? Oh my goodness…

  3. Amy

    “Teen Mom’s” are “real” celebrities now? Ugh, suck my labia.

  4. I’m sorry, but I definitely don’t see the “new implants” in this picture. All I see are those shiteous, very obviously fake hair extensions. They don’t even match her hair color, and with the way she has it styled it’s extremely clear that that’s not her real hair. The layers are too obvious and they’re just not in right. If she really did pay all that money to have implants put in, the least she could have done was pay a stylist to actually do her hair so that the extensions matched her real hair color and actually blended in.

    And to the people who “look up” to her or “think she’s cute” or “feel bad for her”….you’re seriously delusional and need some help. Go see a psychiatrist or something. She’s nothing more than a worthless skank just like the rest of the “moms” on Teen Mom. That show should never have aired to begin with, and you know that half of it is fake and staged for ratings anyways. It’s pathetic that people actually watch crap like this and Jersey Shore. All these people are losers who should not be famous. You’re seriously going to pay people money to open their legs and get pregnant at a young age, or to go out, get trashed, and hook up with random people? Wowww…it astounds me that society has come to this.

  5. smash

    UMMMMMM a book seriously… she couldn’t even figure out how to work a flippin condom!?!?!??!?!?! and is now being rewarded for her stupidity. If I was an author I would shoot myself with all these mindless cum guzzlers “writing” books these days.

    also i agree she looks abour 40 here… YUCK!

  6. mayo

    Implants are so old news. I dont understand why women still get them. Yes they look awesome but the surgery is too risky. They also dont think of future maintenance. I believe fat transfer to the breast is the future. I read an article on hub pages about this. I really think this works.

  7. sheila

    You guys are all mean as hell………Your posts should be taken off of here ALL of them!!!! People like you are why the world is so messed up. You all run your mouth and talk about things that you have no clue about!

  8. sheila

    You guys are posting on this just to vent…Hell half of you dont even know what teenmom is and you are on here saying shit about this girl…….Here is the thing..One person said something and everyone else followed that……One reason everyone on here is so stupid is because you cant even choose for your self on what you think and IF you happen to choose on your own you will choose something that you know nothing about which would but your statement as flawed. So everyone stop and THINK about what you say befor you say it and for mand kind USE YOUR FUCKING HEADS ………..Stop Being so judge mental…I can bet 100 bucks that half of you are over 200 pounds bitcing about how someone looks while you take another cheeto out of the bag. So not only are you FOLLOWING EVERYONE ELSE (which Might I add shows you are all dumb asses) but you are also judging someone when the odds are you are a hella lot worse than they are! get a life grow up use your brains and please find somewhere else to vent…..mabe a hot line or a fucking counciler!

  9. Amanda

    And we wonder why these chicks turn out like this. These message boards are partly to blame. If it wasn’t for mtv,nobody would even care if Maci had breast implants or hanging out with skeezy chicks. If she likes Amber,screw it. If she hangs out with tan jersey shore wannabes,whatever. And if she wants boobs,let her! I bet half the people commenting are not parents or in a good relationship. Stop judging what u dont understand.

  10. Maci Bookout Teen Mom
    Commented on this photo:

    Yeah, Maci looks beat to hell. Have you seen her boyfriend, “Kahyll”?

    You think Maci is a hound- have you gotten a look at Amber Portwood?

    Man she is hard on the eyes…just disgusting.

  11. Maci Bookout Teen Mom
    Commented on this photo:

    and she now wants to have another baby with her Down’s syndrome boyfriend who has no job. Her parents can then support Maci, “Bayntlahy”,”Kahyl”, and another one: No jobs, no education….GREAT!!!

    I wonder what another pregnancy will do to her new boobies.

    What about “Rahn”, the first kid’s sperm donor.

    This chick is fucked up big.

    I predict she’ll get knocked up “by accident”, just lahk the last tahm.

    Do you REALLt think a nice kid from a nice family ever wanted anything more from Maci than a blow job? He should have kept his mickey in his pants. He’s a great kid” Maci is an ugly white (well orange) trash slut.

    Ryan is the one who had the balls to ask what everyone who watches the show wanted to know, “Is Kyle slow?”

    Obviously., he is.

    Where the hell are HIS parents?
    He’s going to end up with Maci knocked up again and he’ll be scratching his retarded head wondering “WHA?” (in English- WHY?) Because you’re a retard with no mind of your own and your girlfriend is the only woman on earth who’d screw you.

  12. jennaboo

    All u haters, keep drinkin that hater-aid… maci is an amazing mother and she is a beautiful person. So What if she wants to get bigger boobs.. its her money and her decision, atleast its not affecting her son, which as a huge fan of the Show, I can tell he is definitely her top priority… so What if she wanted to do something for herself, as far as I can see, she is doing a great job with her life and doesn’t need all of ur negativity. That is all.. :)

  13. Maci Bookout Teen Mom
    Commented on this photo:


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