Another ‘Teen Mom’ Got Implants

February 7th, 2011 // 89 Comments

Apparently she’s keeping them under wraps until her inevitable candid, yet entirely staged bikini photo shoot, Teen Mom star Maci Bookout is the second MTV prodigy to use her $140,000 per season to shove silicone in her chest, according to Life & Style, which is sadly not a reference to condoms:

“Maci did have breast-enlargement surgery,” a friend of Maci’s confirms to Life & Style.
The reality star, who appears to have gone from an A-cup to a C-cup, is determined to stay noticed these days. Not only is she publicly rallying around her troubled co-star and friend Amber Portwood — “Everyone follow @WeSupportAmber,” Maci recently tweeted — she has also hired a Hollywood agent and plans to write a book.

If you recall, Maci was also the one hanging out with the cast of Jersey Shore last week which I’m actually looking at as a positive sign now. At least the Teen Mom kids are emulating the Jersey Shore kids and not vice versa. If Snooki gave birth, not only would it look like this, but now we know Slash would try to bang it. I don’t care who the mother is, there’s a line. That’s all I’m saying.

Thanks to D. Claudius for writing in. You serve your master well. And you will be rewarded…

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  1. Implants and hair extensions from the looks of it. I like Maci, she’s pretty just as she is.

  2. She doesn’t look like a teen mom, unless ‘umpteen’ is a real number.

  3. Mortimer Duke

    Ay yo she has Cousin It fingers!!

  4. Mortimer Duke

    Or was it Thing?

  5. TVisme

    She looks like she’s about 40 yrs old.

  6. Jax

    She looks soooooo old!!!!!!!!!!!! Teen mom? Regular mom?

  7. I remember her from the first season; we used to watch it right after new episodes of Happy Days.

  8. Senor Trout

    My understanding of the show is that it features teen moms, not the mom’s of teens…she says she’s how old? Check her papers.

    • snooki's underboob

      exactly what I was thinking…the show must be about moms with teens – that slut looks rode hard n’ put up wet – and OLD.

  9. william745

    I want to make her a teen mom again.

  10. Charlie Sheens pretend teen porn star hookers look more like Teenagers than this girl. Her face looks like she’s 35. That’s not good when you are 16. She’s going to look REALLY haggard by the time she’s 20.

    • Kizzy

      I think she was older than 16 when on the first show. Pretty sure she’s about 20 now. Hence, her no longer being on “Teen Mom”, nor any of the other loosey goosies from the first show. They’re either no longer in their teens or are almost out of them.

  11. jumpin_j

    Can the same people investigating the Scientolgist for child labor law violations PLEASE go after MTV next?

  12. Nancy

    Nice bleached hair, too! But Teen Mom doesn’t turn unwed teenage mothers into celebrities or anything. Nope.

  13. amorfismos

    Nice job on MTV for keeping the industry alive.

  14. Jackie

    Love her purse but the boots look cheapy cheap.

  15. brit

    she should of spent that money on some eye brows.

  16. TEEP

    I’d knock her up.

  17. Maeby

    That’s gonna look pretty weird. she has such a tiny narrow body. no hips/no butt. Then again, i have fake totters too, so maybe i should stfu! (but i have hips, just so we’re clear)

  18. How can you tell she got implants? These are seriously the best “after” photos you could find? Fish Fail.

  19. Roughy

    Forget some high end supermarket not settling shop in certain neighborhood. At $140,000 per season, when is MTV going to give the inner cities some well deserved opportunities?


  20. burton

    why do these idiots put bags of silicon in their bodies, its gross and crazy…nothinglike disfiguring your body…

  21. ntlj

    Wish she would have gotten a faceplant instead.

  22. ohyeaahh

    Well this is just sad. I thought she was really cute during the first season of the show. She looks awful now.

    And she didn’t need implants. She was easily a B already, perfect size for her tiny body.

    Guess having a kid with a piece of shit father and a lot of MTV money does this to you.

  23. Robert

    [Nicole Richie in 5 years]

  24. Maci Bookout Teen Mom
    Commented on this photo:

    I believe she looks to old because of her hair! She had short, thin mousy red hair! Now, she has way to many blond extensions and it looks horrible! She was better looking before. Not all women can be blonde! Especially not that brassy bleach blonde mess she is sportin!!! But give the girl a break, she is young and trying new looks, this one don’t work!!!!!

  25. if you can call this a teen mom. Then I’m calling Christina Applegate a teen mom also. actually Christina(age 39) looks a lot younger than this girl.

  26. anon

    anybody know what purse she’s carrying?

  27. jojo

    Teen Mom? The trailer park must add 20 years.

  28. Oh Snap

    She can’t possibly be a TEEN mom. She looks 40 ish.

  29. Maci Bookout Teen Mom
    Commented on this photo:

    I heard Olivia Newton-John was in her thirties when she played Sandy in Grease. It’s not uncommon for Hollywood to hire older actresses to play teens. Yes, that explains this. I keep telling myself it’s all fake, and it makes the hurting go away.

  30. Jennyjenjen

    What’s with trailer trash naming their kids after things they could never in a lifetime afford? Her son is named Bentley, wouldn’t a more appropriate name be Airstream? Double-wide might be pushing it, but this is America! Dare to dream..

  31. absinthe

    When I first saw that picture I seriously thought she was around 60. Wtf is wrong with her face?

  32. Maci Bookout Teen Mom
    Commented on this photo:

    On her way to becoming the next Britney Spears.

  33. Okay, Medical Science, we get it. You can put boobs on anything. Chicks, dudes, they Cryptkeeper up there – we get it. Can we get someone working on “brain implants”, like, ASAP?

  34. Robin

    Nice weave jackass

  35. Dirty bill

    She will get the titties comped for a little publicity or a lot of manual release. Lol

  36. wim

    her VAG*NA LIPS are much MUCH bigger now…………

  37. Maci Bookout Teen Mom
    Commented on this photo:

    There aint no way this bitch is a teen

  38. Snooki Baby Rotta the Hutt
    Commented on this photo:


  39. Huh?

    Unbelievable. So, now MTV is rewarding young girls for purposely spreading their legs & fucking some random guy, all so they can get knocked up with a baby they really don’t want, just so they can start walking the attention whore stroll. This is so fucked up, I can’t even put it into words…

  40. teresa

    This show is a fraud. This scarecrow can’t be a day under hard 30, and homehhhlyyyy, triple yikes.

  41. Rhialto

    I’m studying her looks now (and counting her fingers). Umm yes, this is staying power.

  42. Rhialto

    I’m wondering about this ‘V’ phenomenon and i wish i could tell you folks more about that. But frankly, i don’t expect anybody to be interested.

  43. Rhialto

    I don’t expect good sales at all. But maybe a tell-all book would clear the air…

  44. erika

    I love maci I think she is so cute, you all are a bunch of idiots.. she’s. Not 16 anymore.. she is growing up, plenty of girls have boob jobs by the time they are 20, she just happens to be somewhat famous. She is also a great mom, shut your face unless you actually have a clue!

  45. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Teen moms raising babies (alone, Id wager) and they spend the first bit of money on new titties. Its nice to know where their PRIORITIES are.

  46. Maci Bookout Teen Mom
    Commented on this photo:

    How is this thing a teen? She looks to be on the darker side of 30, if not 40.

  47. To think I went to college and grad school and now I can’t afford implants. I should’ve just gotten knocked up at 16. Now I spend my days advising young women to skip grad school and just spend a fraction of the money on a big rack. Better investment.

  48. Maci Bookout Teen Mom
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like an AIDs-ridden Blake Lively.

  49. Maci Bookout Teen Mom
    Commented on this photo:

    I see nothing ……but deff see her new wig cute …;.who cares shes way better than crazy Amber!

  50. Maci Bookout Teen Mom
    Commented on this photo:

    What happened to her beautiful red hair. I miss the country gal from TN. Now teenagers are going to try to pregnant so they can get on Teen Mom and party with Snooki..smh

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