Annie Lennox is not friendly

annie_lennox_thumb2.jpgAnnie Lennox, proving you’re never too washed-up to be a bitch, reportedly snubbed Orlando Bloom because she thought he was just a fan. The awkward meeting occurred at a screening of Annie Hall in London.

When Orlando asked for her autograph, she allegedly told him: “I just want a quiet night. Please leave me alone and get a life.” A source told the Daily Star that “It was like watching a car crash unfold. Nobody could understand why she was being so rude to Orlando of all people. It was difficult to believe she didn’t know who he was. But it turns out she genuinely thought he was an unusually good-looking fan.” Annie was said to be horrified when she realised her mistake, and rushed over to apologize. She quickly gave Orlando an autograph and he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Oh, I see. It’s fine to be a total bitch to a loyal fan who just wants an autograph – I mean, who the fuck are they, anyway? It’s not like they made you rich or famous. But if the fan happens to be famous, then they’re worthy of attention. Then you can spare five seconds of time to put pen to paper. I can’t imagine that Annie Lennox has a lot of people bugging her for autographs anyway, unless we’ve magically travelled back in time to 1983. But considering I’m not sitting in my Yoda underoos getting strange tingly sensations whenever Daisy Duke appears on tv, I’ll take that as a no.