Anne Hathaway, Demi Moore, Jessica Biel & Kate Hudson get all fancy

May 1st, 2009 // 71 Comments

After looking at these pics of Anne Hathaway, Demi Moore, Jessica Biel and Kate Hudson at the Cartier 100th Anniversary in America Celebration, I couldn’t help but wonder “Who would I want to be stranded on a desert island with?” Based on the following conditions, here’s how it would pan out:

Jessica Biel if I was a gambling man and willing to take the risk she wouldn’t turn lesbian three days in. Then again, she could probably build a bitchin’ log cabin.

Anne Hathaway if Batman was also on the island and trying to steal our coconuts. Seeing his arch-nemesis, the Joker, should keep him at bay long enough for me to touch a breast.

Demi Moore if I wanted a legitimate chance of escape. I figure she’s 98% plastic and therefore technically buoyant.

And finally, Kate Hudson, in the unlikely event I never want to see another breast for the rest of my life. — Yeah, I’m not gonna pick her.

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  1. Que

    Que exciting lineup.

  2. huh?

    Ummm lots of hair on Hathaway’s arms…’s called waxin’!

  3. huh?

    Ummm lots of hair on Hathaway’s arms…’s called waxin’!

  4. dew

    Jessica Biel’s outfit is frumpy, and she has freaky-shaped lips. The others look nice.

  5. 12 pm


  6. DJ

    Jessica Biels lips seem to be growing..

  7. Elle Hihi

    Kate looks better tan than a pale gollum, even though she looks like she was attacked by a child with a tanning lotion filled water gun

  8. shizzy

    dem sum nice lookin transexxualls

  9. isitin

    Anne Hathaway is one ugly woman.

  10. .

    haha, Jessica Biel has one of those noses that has the little heart shape on the tip.

  11. Mike

    Anne Hathaway is really fucking hairy. I assume her butt crack to be the same as that SNL butt-crack waxing scene.

  12. OMG :) Jessica Biel is so beautiful. I’m so drunk and looking at her is a peace of heaven!! Her eyes are so beautiful, very soft, green, sexy..and her lips are beautiful. Wow, she is gorgeous!! JT is very lucky! Plus she has an awesome voice!! Beautiful and unforgettable.

  13. A “STEALING-PROJECT” of the girls is not far behind, folks!!

  14. TG

    Easily Anne Hathaway by a mile. I would do anything to be inside her.

  15. Rhialto


  16. Jessica Biel is so beautiful. I’m so drunk and looking at her is a peace of heaven!! Her eyes are so beautiful.

  17. lola

    They are all beautiful women. I like boys, but if I was a lesbian I would pick Kate. She has the sunniest smile.

  18. Kate Hudson with hair extensions and too much spray tan…I thought she was a bohemian crunchy-pretty type. These women are all beautiful, but Kate looks a bit orange :(

  19. #2 (huh): when the hell did normal arm hair become a problem? At this rate, every girl out there will end up like one of those “precogs” in “Minority Report”. Me, I’ll take “real women” like Anne and Julia Roberts and Alyssa Milano over some plastic model. (Preferably not at the same time. (A man needs his rest, y’know.)

  20. Thanks superficial for posting up some hot people Much Abliged!

    I’d choose Jessica Biel, Cause she’d be the les likely to bitch about being on the island, plus any woman JT would fuck wins some kindof award, hotest hookup n the world crown or whatever
    (anne would fair well in hypothetical fuckability contests not including stranded on an island as we’d rn out of sun screen then she’d run out of skin)

    demi is lookin pretty good for a great granmother she must sleep in embalming fluid

  21. isitin

    #15 TG, you must be very hard up if you’d want to do anything with Anne Hathaway. She is one butt ugly beast.

  22. Yes, theyre a good lookin’ bunch of gals – except for Demi Moore, but that goes without saying.

  23. That is one tough call! cant make up my mind,,,put Demi out of the equation! -Kate Hudson would be great, flat chested chics usually accented their ass and works harder in bed.
    - Anne Hathaway is a good one, plus she likes it in the back door, its not that I like the third input so much, I just want to know its available for me!
    -Jessica Biel is amazing but Im not sure if I want to be after Mr “Im bringing Dweebing back”. NO decision!

  24. mikeock

    Four women, four different looks and body types. All extremely bangable. Ahhhhhh…thank you God for not making me gay.

  25. when u just look at the thumbnails, demi and anne look the same

  26. balls mccoy

    Hathaway is bad enough on dry land, can you imagine her after a few weeks on a desert island without an epilady?

    Demi Moore is okay for an old woman, but she’s had Ashton Kutcher’s penis inside of her and there’s just no excusing it.

    Jessica Biel has a rocking body but she’s got a long face, with all that sunlight, all her flaws will be exposed and I might go impotent.

    I’d take Kate Hudson, she’s half a jew and probably doesn’t eat shellfish,meaning all the more food for me.

  27. bert

    Jessica. Hands down

  28. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    OMFG! Anne has hair on her arms! Let’s stone her to death!!!

  29. What what in the butt

    At least Jessica takes it in the pooper, and likes it.
    Maybe since Kate is shaped like a 2×4 she might float too??

  30. Parker

    The dress Anne is wearing is perfect for anal sex. She could stand in front of me and I could buttfuck her without wrinkling her hemline. That would be ideal because I know anal sex is her absolute favorite thing.

  31. Parker

    I’d probably buttfuck all of them except Demi Moore cause you know that dirt road’s got to be dusty and choked with weeds by now. Anne has the perfect ass for poopchute pleasure but Jessica and Kate are right up there. Kate’s ass actually looks like a pair of cupcakes but the rest of her is shaped like a Twinkie. Buttfucking her would be like working for Hostess. In other words, I’d glady do it but I’d want to get paid in HoHo’s.

  32. Vince Lombardi

    Demi, Foster Farms called… they’d like their turkey neck back.

  33. Turd Hole Love

    I love ass sex the rougher the better! I love shovin it in by surprise cuz it always leaves shit on the cock and I also love to force a woman to suck on my cock after I pull it out fast and grab her by the hair and as she yelps I stick it in her mouth and make her suck the shit right off. Then right back in the ass. I love it when they cry while I am slamming their assholes. I love seeing the shit on my shaft as I ram it back inside!

    Just gotta love butt fuckin!

    Up the A$$!


  34. Vince Lombardi

    Jessica, Steven Tyler called. He’d like his mouth back.

  35. Jessica Biel’s nose is really weird. There’s some kind of powder inside her right nostril, and the lest one appears to be jacko-wrinkled or something. There’s obviously been some heavy surgery going on there…

  36. There is nothing wrong with Jessica Biel, I would need to lock her up in my basement ass up face down for a couple of nights! and that’s a huge compliment!

  37. Darth

    Are these all mine? Thanks!

  38. Nero

    @39 They taste very nice in red wine sauce and basilicum.

  39. Boogeyman King Dong


  40. Rhialto

    Where’s my smoothie?

  41. Lemmy Caution

    Hathawy’s got The Joker’s mouth… anyone mention that?

  42. Meh

    Demi is one tasty-looking lady. Hottest of the lot.

  43. RtSS

    Wow… I feel like a bee. I would like to fly from flower to flower and pollenate each one of them. This is a wonderful selection of WILFs.

  44. Sauron

    Instead of ‘cheese’ they should say ‘hellO’.

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  46. marme

    I just really dont get how demi looks the same just so confusing that old bag just doesnt age. And that jacket Jess is wearing is brutal.

  47. yo

    id have to say demi is the most beautiful, for sure even though shes the oldest. the rest are just cute in their own ways. i would take beautiful over cute anyday of the week.

  48. Caroline

    Christ, she couldn’t have picked out a more fug outfit or face. And sweet blah outfit! She should hire a better stylist. You’re Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend (for now) act like it.
    She blows.

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