Anne Hathaway’s ex-boyfriend arrested for fraud

June 24th, 2008 // 59 Comments

Anne Hathaway’s ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri has been arrested today on money laundering and wire fraud conspiracy charges. Raffaello was telling investors the Pope had placed him charge of the Catholic Church’s financial affairs which allowed him access to property being sold by the Vatican at “below market values,” according to official documents from the U.S. Attorney’s Office:

According to several witnesses, FOLLIERI kept various ceremonial robes, including robes of senior clergymen, in his office in New York, New York….. FOLLIERI had asked a monsignor who was traveling with him to change into the uniform of a more senior clergyman in order to create false impressions that FOLLIERI had close ties to the Vatican connections.

So, wait, religious people were tricked into believing something that isn’t true? That’s absurd. I mean, these folks are amazingly keen at determining what is real and what is entirely made-up fiction by some douche in a funny robe. Am I right? Also, it should be noted that Anne Hathaway is not being charged but was mentioned in the documents as Raffaello’s girlfriend along with the vacations he took her on using embezzled funds. Which means they’ll always have the memories. No one ever forgets having sex on a mattress full of hundred dollar bills and communion wafers. ‘Cause it’s crunchy.


  1. Wow #48 – all that hate? Funny that you are so angry when I’m pretty sure I’ve never said anything towards you….unless, you are one of those douche bags who’s life is better when you happen to luck out and post on a thread first.

    Thanks #49! We need some more love on here! :-)

  2. Harry Ballzack

    What ?
    I simply cannot believe it.
    Money laundering and wire fraud conspiracy ?
    This comes soooo ….. 0ut of the blue !!!!!!!!!!
    What a stupid ass …. Lost his job, lost his woman working on losing his freedom, may lose his home to forclosure if he goes away to the pokey for any length of time, probably going to have a whole lot LESS money now as a result of his “creativity” to boot.
    Not enough to do apparently, so he needed to create a little excitement in his life.
    So hows that creative side workin out for you and your “Traveling Monsignor”

  3. Netsurfer

    Geez, has this board slid downhill – it used to be fun to read. Now it’s just a bunch of immature dorks with nothing clever to say. You can sure tell school’s out for the summer and there are too many children with lots of idle time on their hands.

  4. FrontLine

    @53 I couldnt agree more. Import, sportdvl and everyone else, get off these boards, keep your idiotic responses to yourself.

  5. I have a big my anus

    It does seem a pity filth like myself post here now all the time. It seems a pity that there are those that do not like what the wretched like me have to say and are far too un intelligent to realise that all they have to do is not read what they don’t like.
    Stupid lemmings, cliffs are for kids.

  6. He wanted to show people AND HIS GIRL that he’s quite an important………….. ASSHOLE!!

  7. Raffaello Follieri should get a ticket for having flabby guts.

  8. mike paahana

    he should jus lie i when get busted 4 fraud by the tax guys an they no can pin nothing on me coz i no tell them nothin

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