Anne Hathaway’s ex-boyfriend arrested for fraud

June 24th, 2008 // 59 Comments

Anne Hathaway’s ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri has been arrested today on money laundering and wire fraud conspiracy charges. Raffaello was telling investors the Pope had placed him charge of the Catholic Church’s financial affairs which allowed him access to property being sold by the Vatican at “below market values,” according to official documents from the U.S. Attorney’s Office:

According to several witnesses, FOLLIERI kept various ceremonial robes, including robes of senior clergymen, in his office in New York, New York….. FOLLIERI had asked a monsignor who was traveling with him to change into the uniform of a more senior clergyman in order to create false impressions that FOLLIERI had close ties to the Vatican connections.

So, wait, religious people were tricked into believing something that isn’t true? That’s absurd. I mean, these folks are amazingly keen at determining what is real and what is entirely made-up fiction by some douche in a funny robe. Am I right? Also, it should be noted that Anne Hathaway is not being charged but was mentioned in the documents as Raffaello’s girlfriend along with the vacations he took her on using embezzled funds. Which means they’ll always have the memories. No one ever forgets having sex on a mattress full of hundred dollar bills and communion wafers. ‘Cause it’s crunchy.


  1. me

    douches first

  2. Grunion

    I hated that guy when he was on Scrubs..

  3. third

    lol that’s not Zach Braff

  4. trumper

    @1 – Yes, you are correct. Douches first.

  5. Mike Hawk

    I wonder how Anne was in the sack?

  6. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    This girl has nice tits. Almost as big as mine. I feel light headed now. I think I need to lay down.

    Fucking liberals always trying to take your money. It’s called redistribution of wealth people!

  7. Dont Worry About It

    Im surprised sportsdvl hasnt said anything to #1, everytime I see his posts it’s always calling the first poster some sort of name…

  8. veggi

    What a fool, he got caught because he didn’t sell the role. It’s much more than a robe – you have to rape altar boys too. Christ, everybody knows that. It’s like he took a new job and declined the most enjoyable perk.

  9. dude man

    fuck the superficial writer for trashing my religion

  10. asdf

    Going a bit far there with the religious shtick, guy. Try to stick to your area of expertise — superficial Hollywood ridiculousness.

  11. veggi

    @8 fuck off weirdo.

    Maaan, I want to launder money! But I’m not that fucking smart.. Next time a crackhead comes by the house selling magazines, I’ll ask him..

  12. bob kelso

    Hahaha nothing more pathetic than losers who get offended when someone correctly describes their religion. @9, @10, go fuck a choirboy or what the heck you lewsers do.

  13. Lola



  14. I agree – Fish, don’t disrespect us as we worship our Risen Zombie in whatever way the most Rev. Nambla tells us God told him we should (and I just know that any day now, it won’t involve some type of humiliating second-class role for women…yep, any day now…).

  15. #1 douches first indeed

    #9 you’re a douche for questioning my work ethic

  16. I’m drunk

    (puts down jager)

    #7 questioned my work ethic

  17. #9 you’re still a douche because I never take back anything I say

  18. chris

    Everybody knows organized religion is for weak-minded followers. And it usually borders on self-parody anyway, so it certainly belongs on the Superfish.

  19. joan buyass

    He can go back to playing a doctor on Scrubs since his criminal career didn’t work out too well

  20. snarkymalarky

    He looks like a combination of Zach Braff & a younger version of the late John Ritter. Sure sounds like a creep though.

  21. dude man

    Im surprised sportsdvl hasnt said anything about how much he loves priests, since guys who love sports fantasy leagues are also closeted homosexuals.

  22. She’s got great tits but the best part is she’d totally freak if you came in her mouth, since she’s three quarters lesbo anyway. Guys, come on, admit it: there’s nothing better than doing that when you are 100% sure she hates it. The key is knowing when to put your hand on the back of her head to keep her from pulling off, without tipping her off that the thick ropey salty stuff is about to start spurting into her mouth. Plus, with this chick, she’s already got the bug eyes, so imagine her face when Spunky pays an unexpected visit….

  23. Barak Obama

    What about the orginized religion of “Global Warming”? If you tree hugging homo’s would take Al Gore’s cock out of your mouth long enough you would see that hundreds of scientist are saying it is a myth.

    Are humans so self centered to think that we can control everything?

  24. Donald Faison

    Couldn’t have said it any better Jimbo.

  25. Hiding my real identity for no apparent reason

    guys are gross.. If any guy tried what the Jimbo troll just said, I would spit that shit right back in his mouth..
    nasty fuckers..

  26. joan buyass

    To answer your question, yes, humans are self-centered arsewipes who think they are living gods.

  27. Sid

    #23 – nice attempt at a threadjack. But…you’ve used this stuff before. Try to come up with something new, or we’ll tune you out.

  28. Ed

    lmao@22. The only guy who’ll disagree with you is a halfway fag trying to impress the girls (and boysssssss) with his sensitivity. But dude, come on, we’re not supposed to talk about that stuff when chicks are around…now they’ll be on the lookout for the hand. My solution? Start saying “baby, I really love you—” then *kaboom* off goes the cumcannon right in mid-sentence. She’ll be caught just as she starts to look up at you lovingly…LMAO!!!

  29. You have never kissed a girl

    That means you two #22 and #28.

  30. havoc

    Damn guidos…….


  31. @29, My Troll is a shut-in. The only female it has kissed is it’s grandmother..

  32. Cool
    lol that’s not Zach Braff Thanks Posting

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  33. dude_on

    Thank goodness this post turned into something constructive like debates involving mouth explosions, human deities and global warming.

    Can we just get back to discussing ass in bikinis? How hard is that? Show the celeb-skank of the day bent over in a bikini – with a simple discuss amongst yourselves caveat… and then let nature take its course. it isn’t rocket science.

  34. Wow, my own idiot trol (#15-17).
    Actually, I usually make some smart assed comment then call whichever loser actually write “first” a douche bag. But, seeing as how you are a troll you probably have the IQ level of a Heidi Montag.

    Anne Hathaway is looking good, can’t remember the movie but she does one in which she has a masturbation scene and all I can say is ….schwing!

  35. Wow, my own idiot troll (#15-17).
    Actually, I usually make some smart assed comment then call whichever loser actually write “first” a douche bag. But, seeing as how you are a troll you probably have the IQ level of a Heidi Montag.

    Anne Hathaway is looking good, can’t remember the movie but she does one in which she has a masturbation scene and all I can say is ….schwing!

  36. asdf


    Good idea. Now just tell the SuperFish to mind his p’s and q’s and stick to the pablum he peddles rather than dabbling in a subject about which he obviously has only a superficial understanding…

  37. Sheva

    Well this chick Hathaway publicly announces that she is ditching this guy just days before the feds come in and cream him. So is that a coincidence.

    Seems like she milked him when the going was good and then magically gets out when the pinch is about to be made. I smell a fix.

    Now about the whore posting earlier. You can’t be talking about snowballing unless it’s with your daddy. Those lessons are not repeatable here.

  38. I bet I could ejaculate on her from across the room… ok, fine, I’d have to whack off in my hand and Miggs it across the room, but still… I bet I could…

  39. God (guess what's under my robe)

    EXACTLY #18.

    Never have you been more beautiful and hilariously awesome to me then in the moment I read your commentary on this post.

  40. Julie Andrews

    I admit, I squirted on her when we worked on both Princess Diaries movies.

  41. @35 Welcome to the club sportsdvl. It is a shit load of fun. Just wait until you get two or three of them. Then you will really feel special..

  42. Anne Hathaway is my all time favorite chick. Even if she’s dumb enough to let some fat con artist bang her.

    Jimbo Troll, that is your best post of all time! Hilarious.

  43. Truth about Republicans

    These lowly mental types are unfortunately incapable of thinking for themselves due to their proven lesser intelligences. The national average for a republican intelligence is 7 points below that of a democrats. Also it has been proven over 35% of them are homosexual. Over 82% are cowards.
    Have you ever lisetened to their talk show radio staions? It is geared for the weak minded type that rarely read anything factual and are easily propagandized. A pity we don’t just genetically eliminate these freaks when we take back the white house.

  44. Thanks Jimbo. It is simply amazing that some people have so little in their lives they have to pretend to be someone else! LOL. Seriously, get a hobby or something. I could understand if it was someone with the IQ of Britney or Jessica Simpson who have to pretend to be someone else, but these trolls actually found this URL so you’d think they’d be smart enough to have their own thoughts.

  45. HuckyDucky

    Fuck you “Truth”. You’re as much of an idiot as the Republicans. Educated beyond your level of intelligence like most liberals, I’m sure. Real world facts tend not to penetrate the invisible barrier of self-congratulation around most college campuses, Fucko.

    Cowards on both sides. The founding fathers fucked up when they didn’t put in term limits. It never would have occurred to them that anyone other than a regular citizen would have run for office. And now we’re stuck with almost 600 crooks in Washington. And those are just the elected ones.

  46. HuckyDucky Fat Momma the Ho fo a dolla

    awwwww poor Huck, he is too stupid to realize that our country is not our own anymore. We are aleady slaves to our foreigm Masters. C’mon dumbass, even a little dick shitmouth like you knows this. Man up and tell your gay lovers here the truth. Very little the “Gov” does anymore benefits us. We have been looted and cashed out by the profiteers you simple sorry semen suckin’ sissy.

  47. HuckyDucky

    I pulled you on like an old boot.

  48. Import

    sportsdvl your a fucking idiot, quit posting stupid shit on here, just ignore the comments people make about you. We don’t want to see it.

  49. yodolayheehoo

    sportsdvl (the REAL one). I love you. Seriously. And I’m real. I promise.

  50. FCS

    Ahh yes, religion bashing, the favourite pastime of the faux intellictuals everywhere. I realized religion wasn’t all it was cracked up to be when I was 12, then I got over it and moved on. But religion plays a big role in many peoples lives and a huge role in helping the needy in many communities. I actually admire people who have the faith to believe in something they have no proof of, I could never do that. But for every wanna be Christopher Hitchens pontificating on how smart and worldy they are compared to the heathen religious types there are 10 times more handing out soup in church basements and helping immigrants assimilate into this country.

    Being a non believer is fine, but guess what? It doesn’t make you any smarter or any more worthy than anyone else, and bashing those who do just makes you look petty and ignorant.

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