Anne Hathaway’s ex: ‘Prison is yucky’

November 13th, 2008 // 44 Comments

Anne Hathaway’s ex-boyfriend con-man Raffaello Follieri isn’t having any fun in jail and wants you to come pick him up. Aww. He’s serving a four and a half year sentence in federal prison for falsely claiming to be a CFO for the Vatican who’s got some great real estate for you – except, not really, he’s buying a yacht with your money. Psyche! Anyway, Raffaello’s lawyer recently sent a letter to a judge with a list of complaints about this prison place. The AP reports:

“Mr. Follieri reports that he is in a windowless dormitory with approximately 120 other men,” the letter said. “He says that he cannot eat because the food appears to be spoiled and that the toilet and shower facilities are unspeakably unsanitary. e.g., there is excrement in the shower and rats are roaming freely in the area. He says the stench is intolerable.”

Anyone else feel surprisingly good about paying taxes right now?

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  1. dave

    first fresh fish!

  2. LoLa

    I’m taking a wild guess here but since he’s able to bitch and complain about the condition of jail, he hasn’t been ass-raped yet? Nor has he had a plunger in his ass either. Cuz he’s still able to talk and complain

    Mother-fucker shoulda thought about that shit before lying and frauding people out of millions…. Dumb bitch

  3. Stanky

    No fish, I am not surprisingly happy about paying taxes now or ever. I have a feeling you’re going to be surprisingly happy for the next 4 years too.

  4. Randal

    It’s a real shame that people are treated so poorly because they’re locked away. Even a convicted person should be treated with respect and dignity when it comes to the living situation they find themselves in.

    Hope things work out for you Raffaello.


  5. CaptainCack

    I would totally have sex with Anne Hathaway.

    Eat shit!

  6. Randal is STILL a fag!!!!

    And here’s hoping you’re Rafi’s next victim Randal… You fucking fag.

    Let’s see how you feel if you’re frauded out of your hard earned moey… Jackass

  7. Obama Girl

    Too bad Joe the Plumber wasn’t prosecuted for failing to pay his taxes, or they could have sent him there to fix the toilet and shower. But, of course, the Republicans paid his back taxes as a reward for reading his lines correctly at that Obama rally. Nice stunt. It almost worked (just kidding).

  8. Dude, it’s a prison. Suck it up. Do your time. When you get out, marry Lindsay Lohan.

  9. J@cko

    Where did he think he landed?

  10. I hope sweet Ann is not keeping tight for this whinner!!!

  11. #6, Randal will be frauded out of his money by the government. Funny thing is, when Raffaello gets out of prison, he will be eligable for a refund even though he doesn’t pay taxes. That’s the beauty of my administration.

  12. Ted from LA

    Those are the negatives. The good news is he can have sex anytime he wants… or doesn’t.

  13. Dakota

    Prison sucks, boo hoo, this dude had sex with Anne Hathaway! I could tolerate being in prison if I could think back to when I was banging Anne Hathaway.

  14. pol

    Something tells me Anne Hathaway is a dirty little slut in bed. Great body, and she seems to have a bit of crazy mixed in that usually means a great sexual experience followed by awkward morning afters.

  15. Parker

    I know how much she likes anal sex and I am totally willing to give her nothing but that forever or until she starts to look too old. Then I’d dump her and find another girl who likes only anal sex.

  16. melvin weinwright

    hahaha what a moron.
    karma’s a bitch

  17. Cindy

    “Then I’d dump her and find another girl who likes only anal sex. ”

    Yeah, that girl is called “another guy”. Come on, Superfish latents, find some courage and leave the safety of that closet. It goes without saying that you’d still be right at home at places like this site.

  18. boo hoo

    #11 – you’re so right. Too bad you lost.

  19. Maude

    Who’d have thought that jail was terrible? Next time don’t break the law.


  20. Jay

    What a fine lookin woman. She’d light up the room just walkin into it. That Follieri must be the dumbest sumbitch that ever walked upright. Look up stupid in the dictionary and Folliere’s picture is right there. What a maroon!!

  21. Mike Litoris

    With a huge mouth like Anne has, I’d like to stick my dick in it and go “Clang Clang”

  22. Nice huge mouth indeed id like to pour the Hudson river in there! via rough jr…

  23. So last year he was ballin’ Anne Hathaway and now he’s the bitch. I LOVE IT.

  24. Parker

    Boy, Cindy, you’re a real fag buster. Way to go. Sadly, your puddle-deep analysis does nothing to support your conclusion but that doesn’t surprise me. I bet you’ve seen a fag hidden in every guy you ever met, haven’t you? That’s why they end up dumping you, isn’t it? Couldn’t be cause you’re an idiot or a lousy fuck or one of those annoying bitches who trash talks people behind their back, whether she knows them or not.

    But yeah, that’s actually what it is, isn’t it? Go ahead and admit it. Why don’t *you* come out of the closet. You don’t have to be afraid. Nobody will bother you. In fact they’ll be perfectly content to leave you all alone by yourself. The way you always seem to be.

    You don’t have to be a fag to fuck a girl in the ass but you do have to be an idiot to put up with someone like you. Good luck with that.

  25. jonny monstikio

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. HA, ha

    #7 obama girl pssst…..the elections over. get a life.

  26. ummm...yeah

    Oh Boofuckinhoo, wah, wah wah…
    wait until that “pretty” motherfucker gets it up the ass, then he can REALLY start crying! Hahaha…
    Shut the fuck up Randal you fucking fag! You’re an asshole! I’d love to beat the fuckin shit out of you.
    Die already fag!

  27. does it remind you of anyone?

  28. >_>
    He just described my school in that excerpt.

    Whiny fag

  29. @24, Parker, will you marry me? in Connecticut, I mean.

  30. hombrelibre

    Lol #12…and #13!

  31. jonny monstikio

    #27 HA HA……#7 obama girl has no life! she’s still doing the whole election thing…….BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA

  32. stylequeen7

    such a lovely dress … very kira plastinina-ish with Asian influence. love it!

  33. Lexoka

    This place totally sucks. One time he wanted to go out for a walk, and they wouldn’t even let him! Can you believe that? Call me the manager, now!

  34. Harry

    He went to having sex with freaking Anne Hathaway to being pounded on by a dude named Jamal in a crap stained shower.

    Crime does not pay, kids.

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  36. Dorito Man

    She has pretty eyes. The important things.

  37. mafme

    Wow. Look how bad I feel for him :-| < -- see that? See the sorrow I feel? I'll show you again --> :-|

  38. Xanth

    Anyone else feel surprisingly good about paying taxes right now?


  39. chewgees

    Now he’s the CFO of the prison…………..Cock Filled Orifice

  40. RoflcerOfTheLawl

    His description reminds me of my ex girlfriends vagina.

  41. I still think taht she is great actress and has really good skills, acting skills

  42. Prof

    Response letter from the Judge: That’s why most people try to avoid jail dipship!

    Ironically enough some of the larger prisoners refer to Raffaello’s asshole as Anne Hathaway, because its also very soft and pale.

  43. James

    It’s “sike.”

  44. Plastic Sturgeon

    I would feel badly for Richard Branson before I take pity on Raffi. What a douche.

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