Anne Hathaway’s ex is, legally speaking, in some deep shit

Raffaello Follieri is about to experience the sweet cock-slap of justice. After being arrested on charges of fraud, he was placed on $21 million bail today despite prosecutors arguing Raffaelo has the money and connections to flee the country, but his lawyer guaranteed his cooperation. Which would’ve have been believable had he not just put on fake Hasidic Jew sideburns while asking for directions to La Guardia. The AP reports:

Prosecutor Reed Michael Brodsky said Follieri, of Foggia, Italy, boasted of tight Vatican connections to entice investors to give millions of dollars so he could “live the lifestyle of a multimillionaire.” He said Follieri had duped one investor as recently as last month.
“In short, your honor, he is a con man, and he was able to defraud a lot of people out of a lot of money over a long period of time,” Brodsky told Magistrate Judge Henry B. Pitman. “The evidence in this case is overwhelming because he left a trail of evidence.”

Raffaello is not allowed to leave his home except for “legal meetings, medical treatment or religious services.” After the part about religious services was announced, Raffaelo yelled “Cha-ching!” while dollar signs popped up in his eyes – then quickly apologized to his lawyer. “Oh, excusey. Was I not a supposed a do that? Me make a you spaghetti.”