Anne Hathaway’s ex is, legally speaking, in some deep shit

June 25th, 2008 // 43 Comments

Raffaello Follieri is about to experience the sweet cock-slap of justice. After being arrested on charges of fraud, he was placed on $21 million bail today despite prosecutors arguing Raffaelo has the money and connections to flee the country, but his lawyer guaranteed his cooperation. Which would’ve have been believable had he not just put on fake Hasidic Jew sideburns while asking for directions to La Guardia. The AP reports:

Prosecutor Reed Michael Brodsky said Follieri, of Foggia, Italy, boasted of tight Vatican connections to entice investors to give millions of dollars so he could “live the lifestyle of a multimillionaire.” He said Follieri had duped one investor as recently as last month.
“In short, your honor, he is a con man, and he was able to defraud a lot of people out of a lot of money over a long period of time,” Brodsky told Magistrate Judge Henry B. Pitman. “The evidence in this case is overwhelming because he left a trail of evidence.”

Raffaello is not allowed to leave his home except for “legal meetings, medical treatment or religious services.” After the part about religious services was announced, Raffaelo yelled “Cha-ching!” while dollar signs popped up in his eyes – then quickly apologized to his lawyer. “Oh, excusey. Was I not a supposed a do that? Me make a you spaghetti.”


  1. rebecc

    nick deserves to die and rot in jail.


    Raffaello, you have imploded like a dying SuperGuinea star. Your complete lack of ethics is an inspiration to us all.


  3. Uncle Eccoli

    Meanwhile, the Vatican’s looking for its cut.

  4. The Other-Other Boleyn Girl

    I don’t really care that much either way, but if Anne Hathaway somehow gets implicated and also ends up in front of a judge, I really hope her lawyer will make her take some extremely close up pictures of her teeth, vagina, and tits so that the people of the world can continue hate/hate/confusedly like her.

    She should photoshop herself a bit so that she’s not so pear-shaped, though. When I want fruit I look no further than the Cruise/Clooney/Travolta bunch.

  5. prison is the anti-poon… bye bye anne!

  6. Yan Can Cook

    Is he Jewish? Minus the yamulkah, He looks like the guy who sold me an antique table that was supposedly from the 1930s but I suspect now that he got it at Sears.

    God’s chosen furniture salesmen. Well played, Schlomo!

  7. Clem

    Yea, yea….show us more of Penny Lancaster’s knockers!

  8. Que

    Que greasy con olive oil y garlic por de pores!

  9. He makes his momma proud!

  10. She’s just a friendly NAIVE little girl?
    The FAGGOT is dirty piece of SHIT!!
    Go to the restrooms ASSHOLE!!
    …………………(IN JAIL!!)

  11. Pope Pius

    I’m going to give him the Holy See

  12. Randal

    I suppose being the most vibrant personality on these comment boards begets imitators, I find some more amusing thn others.

    Raffaello, you conned many into giving over inordinant amounts of money to you, showing your impressive gifts of communication. Also, you connec the lovely Anne Hathaway into your bed. Bravo!

    Tell me Raffaello, was her skin soft and supple? Was she devoid of the sort of nasty dangly, clingy bit of pathetic genetial flesh I’m cursed with? Was her body smooth to the touch like a finely sewn hide? Did it have the sheen of a freshly lotioned women in a pit? Did it do what it was told!?!?! DID IT PUT THE LOTION ON IT’S SKIN?!?


    Damn my non-functioning gonads, I will be a woman. I AM A WOMAN!

    I’d post me.

    i’d post me…

  13. I would rather look at grainy boobs and this stupid post. Next please!!

  14. Deacon Jones

    An Italian embezzling money???!


  15. @14 The next they will try and tell us black men are hung like horses..

  16. joan buyass

    Why would anyone hang a horse?

  17. Chupacabra

    Wow, he should say he was in so tight with the Vatican that they touched him in secret places, and get them to pay out his investors. Cha-CHING, INDEED!

  18. your fat mom

    # 12 you’re not funny and the fact that you try so hard makes you even LESS funny. Corny ass cliche references shut the fuck up and go back to work and stop ripping off every TV show from the last 10 years.

  19. Deacon Jones


    Or if you’re Irish you can’t go to happy hour without getting fall down drunk

  20. zeGabe

    he makes us all italians ashamed.
    but not really for the reasons you’d expect: he failed us in BEING CAUGHT!

    shame on you raffaello!
    the woman the cars the private jet the food the lifestyle you were doing fine and as supposed to as far as being italian is concerned and then BANG!

    you fall. you could have a made a “business” mistake, fine. you could have wasted it all, fine.


    in case your inference skills are quite bad, i’m writing from Italy.

  21. Grunion

    I find it hard to believe the dude from scrubs is capable of this…

  22. Auntie Kryst

    I can’t believe its taken so long to expose this conman. The jig should have been up once he bilked his investors into building an Italian war hero monument..

  23. kat


    for English, press 1
    para Espanol, hang up and get the fuck back to Mexico

  24. Barak Obama

    Too think this dude used to get those DSL’s (Dick Sucking Lips) wrapped around his pecker. Now he is going to have the DSL’s!

  25. Andy

    Wow, she looks so hot in this picture…

  26. s

    she is sexy ,but he is an asshole.
    what she want to get from him!!!!!
    it’s said he joined “”"”" tallchat. com “”"”"”"”
    seeking erotic sex!!!!!!

    sexy girls’ pictures&videos @

  27. HuckyDucky


    Everybody gets pinched once in a while Paisano.

  28. zegabe

    # 27

    true hucky,

    but the latest fashion in embezzling and committing fraud or any type of crime in Italy right now is to become Prime Minister and escape justice (see Berlusconi or any of his Parliament Member Lawyers).

    Since raffaello chose instead the route of pretending to be a member of the church – which, i remind you, only helps if the crime involved is pedophily, which is not the case here – he sucked at even trying to evade the law.

    this guy really sucks.


  29. Me

    This guy has to be one of the ugliest guys I have ever seen in my life. What does she see in him??

  30. Me

    This guy has to be one of the ugliest guys I have ever seen in my life. What does she see in him??

  31. joan buyass

    She is pasty looking and average at best without hours of make-up time. The only thing that stands out are those big DSL’s.

  32. PunkA

    First off, Foundations and non-profits do not have “investors”. They have donors. As in, you make a donation, get a tax break for it, but get nothing in return otherwise. Investors expect to get their money back, and more. So get that fact right, you dumbasses who write for Fish and other blogs.

    The guy did not scam investors. He stole from a Foundation he set up to benefit charities. So he basically lied to his donors so he could steal from charity. And in that light, it is even worse than just being the average con man. The guy is a selfish bastard who steals from charity.

  33. Jumpin_J

    If he’s going to need bail money, she could raise it with a couple of good Playboy shots. Oh, and porn. Lots of porn. BOOOOBZ!!!! Of course that’s just my opinion. Nah, the dude should be in jail.

  34. vaticon

    #29,#30. Well he is Zach Braff ugly as the expression goes and even though he got caught he did con many people out of millions so I suspect he is the kind of man while physically hideous who could charm the pants off anyone. The thing is men like this are very charismatic and that’s how they get your money and your poonie. I bet he cheated on Anne too, when you are a liar and a cheat it’s spills over into every area of your life, it’s not some controlled thing where you only lie in business because it’s who you are; a con. She has her own money so I don’t think it’s the money so much, I mean sure he prolly bought her tones of shit and you know how much women love jewelry and purses and shoes and what not (you know stupid things that make them feel prettier than they actually are) and he likely had his game on in that department, but I think it’s the charm.

    Thing is I am having a hard time believing she had NO idea, I mean really??? He got caught and the evidence is overwhelming so she is either really stupid or it’s true that love is blind. She’ll never get in trouble though, Disney and Hollywood (same thing almost) have invested a lot of money in this woman and they expect her to be the next Julia Roberts so she is worth WAYYYYYYYYYYYY more collectively than the piddly amounts this douchetard stole.

    Superfish once again you are hilarious.

  35. #33. Wrong he did both. You are right that he is despicable but he did have investors.

    Italian businessman Raffaello Follieri, whom Get Smart actress Anne Hathaway broke up with earlier this month, has been arrested for fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

    Follieri, no stranger to scandals, has been accused of lying to investors, claiming to be the CFO of the Vatican, the Associated Press reports. He is due in Manhattan federal court Tuesday.

    Hathaway, 25, is not mentioned by name in the complaint against Follieri, 29, but he’s accused of using the swindled funds in question for a trip to the Dominican Republic over New Years 2005/2006 with his “then girlfriend” and another couple. According to the papers filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, he also used the funds for his $37,000-a month-apartment rent, medical bills for himself and his “then girlfriend” as well as orthodontist bills for his father.

    The complaint also charges that he kept clergy robes in his office and once asked a monsignor to change into the uniform of a more senior clergyman in order to beef up his alleged Vatican connections.

    According to another new press release the U.S. Attorney’s Office issued, Follieri could go to prison for life.

    Breakdown of the Charges
    o Six counts of wire fraud and each count carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.
    o Five counts of money laundering and each count also carries a max of 20 years in jail.
    o One count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, which carries a maximum penalty of 5 years behind bars.

    Checkered Past
    Hathaway and Follieri have been in the spotlight for several months as a result of his legal issues.

    Follieri was recently under investigation by the New York State Attorney General’s office, which has no record of IRS tax disclosure forms necessary for his charitable Follieri Foundation.

    He was also arrested in April for allegedly writing a $215,000 bad check, but was cleared of that charge upon repayment of the funds.

    On June 16, Hathaway walked the Get Smart red carpet alone in Los Angeles, with friends confirming the on-and-off-again couple’s current split.

    Hathaway’s rep declined to comment.

  36. Kim Lardassian

    What an ugly bastard, good thing she got rid.

  37. joan buyass

    Instead of pinstripe suits he should get used to prison stripes. Instead of pitching, he needs to get used to catching. Another child actor goes bad.

  38. Jonathan

    I’m amazed a conniving bastard like him managed to land someone like Anne. From what I’ve seen of her, she seemed like a smart, down-to-earth woman. How the hell could she have fallen for a piece of scum like him? I guess it’s true what they say, money does buy you love.

  39. Bubba

    This is the kind of guy Bill and Hillary Clinton do business with.
    They are so ethical!

  40. dew

    Every since his photos have been showing up on celeb gossip sites, something about him has been nagging at my memory. This photo finally helped me figure who he reminds me of: Tad Martin on All My Children, a decade or so back. I’m guessing both their personalities being slimeballs makes him look even more like the younger Tad Martin.

  41. ToTellTheTruth

    LMFAO!!! 21 million dollar bail?

  42. Brad

    More proof, as if any was needed, that women are idiots when it comes to their choices in men.

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