Anne Hathaway’s ex is an idiot

Anne Hathway’s con-man ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri is seeking leniency in his federal case for conspiracy and wire fraud. However, prosecutors (and I’m sure the defense also) we’re surprised when Raffaello sent the judge pictures of himself with the pope and other high-ranking priests, according to the AP:

They urged the judge Thursday to impose the more than four years in prison that Raffaello Follieri agreed to when he entered a guilty plea last month rather than the three years his defense lawyers requested in a recent submission of their own.
The prosecutors said Follieri included pictures of the pope and other clergymen even though his claims of Vatican ties were the foundation of his fraud.
“This is surprising because Follieri used these same photographs and connections in order to defraud investors and now seeks to use them in an effort to obtain a reduced sentence,” they said.

Wow. What a fucking idiot. Seriously, that’s like O.J. trying to prove his innocence by stabbing another wife: “See, your honor? I can’t be the killer. Now would you mind hiding this knife for me?”

Photos: WENN