Anne Hathaway’s ex is an idiot

October 21st, 2008 // 26 Comments

Anne Hathway’s con-man ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri is seeking leniency in his federal case for conspiracy and wire fraud. However, prosecutors (and I’m sure the defense also) we’re surprised when Raffaello sent the judge pictures of himself with the pope and other high-ranking priests, according to the AP:

They urged the judge Thursday to impose the more than four years in prison that Raffaello Follieri agreed to when he entered a guilty plea last month rather than the three years his defense lawyers requested in a recent submission of their own.
The prosecutors said Follieri included pictures of the pope and other clergymen even though his claims of Vatican ties were the foundation of his fraud.
“This is surprising because Follieri used these same photographs and connections in order to defraud investors and now seeks to use them in an effort to obtain a reduced sentence,” they said.

Wow. What a fucking idiot. Seriously, that’s like O.J. trying to prove his innocence by stabbing another wife: “See, your honor? I can’t be the killer. Now would you mind hiding this knife for me?”

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  1. After reading her sexual antics, this girl turn me into a fan….

  2. ph7

    Doe-like eyes, Porcelain skin and large, firm breasts = a man’s playground.

  3. I’m getting slightly annoyed by not seeing the photographs with the articles anymore in my rss-feeds.
    I might as well loose my precious time by going to see this website the old-fashioned way…

  4. Bigheadmike

    She has new fan…

  5. Right Fury

    I would so hit that.

    What sexual antics? Whad I miss?

  6. Do your reseach buddy!

  7. groncho

    Any excuse to post Anne’s pictures is welcome. You shouldn’t wait until her stupid ex appears on the news, just post more of her pictures and that’s it…


  8. Richard McBeef

    @3 – Don’t forget a willingness to take it up the ass.

  9. al

    that dress is really unflattering.

  10. morga

    She’s so gorgeous…..

    Agreeing with #4…the RSS feed is broken and it wastes precious seconds!

  11. hendero

    The stories about Anne’s favored sexual acts are apparently untrue. I know, because it said so on the internet.

  12. Dirk the Magnanomous

    This is really starting to piss me off. We were promised nudie pics weeks ago, and yet they have failed to materialize.

    Every time I see her picture, I dream that the time has finally come.

    Deep sign…

  13. LawnGnome

    13….. she’s been topless in movies. They’re not hard to find.

  14. Dorito Man

    She has gorgeous eyes. On top of everything else.

  15. Parker

    I agree, she does have the most adorable eyes but the way she does her lips always makes her mouth look so big it can overpower her face. That said, I would soooo like to bend her over and shove my cock into her hot little ass till I blow a load inside it. Then I’d let her put it in her clown mouth and lick it clean.

  16. Anne’s a goddess, perfect in every way.

  17. Monkey King

    What a surprise

  18. boring

    What’s the big deal about her. She’s not pretty. The dress is pre-shaped. Media hype is so odd. No one looked twice at her until this tabloid scandal came out.

  19. ali

    @ 19.

    are you kidding? i think i’ve jerked off to the princess diaries 1 (and 2) many more times than twice.


  20. killerheels

    @ Hendero: you’re right the whole article extolling the virtues of anal was pure rumour.

    All i have to do is look at Anne Hathaway to know her ex was an idiot. She’s awesome.

  21. friendlyfires

    Okay, the guy is a stupid douche.
    I just want to ogle the Anne pictures, thank you.
    Okay, that’s enough ogling.
    Who wants flapjacks?

  22. Don’t forget the “PRO-CHEATER”, folks!!

  23. ben

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