Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend under investigation – again

June 10th, 2008 // 78 Comments

Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend Italian businessman Raffaello Follieri is under investigation again. The state attorney general Andrew Andrew Cuomo is looking into Raffaello’s charity foundation after learning it’s not properly disclosing tax information, according to the New York Post:

Confirmation of the probe came after Cuomo’s office was asked whether it was aware that the foundation might have failed to file tax-disclosure forms required of nonprofit groups. A check of an online database that collects the “990″ IRS forms showed that the Follieri Foundation is required to file the form, yet has never done so.

Anna Hathaway at one point served on the board of directors for the foundation. When asked about the investigation, her rep didn’t even know when Anne suddenly stopped bing a member:

“She was on the board, but is no longer,” Hathaway’s spokesman said. “I don’t remember exactly when she ceased to be a board member.”
Asked whether Hathaway, 25, knew about the probe and its focus, he said, “Since she is no longer associated with the foundation, why would you expect her to be familiar with all of this?”

I’ve got this Raffaelo Follieri guy all figured out. He’s a rich Italian who likes to wear nice suits and is always caught not paying his taxes. C’mon, I’ve seen The Sopranos, and it’s pretty obvious what’s going on: He’s a Republican.


  1. ramalamadingdong

    RichPort, i was just saying….you know. it was the first thoguht that came to my head and i just thought it was hilarious! but other people can pick on her about being from the ‘hood, and her weave and stuff :( why can’t i join in the black joke fun???

    and yes, she is an asshole. i will agree.

  2. justifiable

    #50 What are you looking for on this site? Looking for your asshole? Let us hand you it.

  3. #51 – I kid of course… she’s Blacker than a clean chalkboard in the attic at midnight during a, well, er… blackout…

  4. JD

    Not paying taxes?!? Similiar to some democrat hack we all know…Keith Olbermann.

  5. no thanks

    #49. Indeed and that’s saying something since Zach Braff is a poor man’s Zach Braff. If that makes any sense; basically he’s just a poor porr little manboy with zero ability to build muscle, grow a chin and not have his face taken over by his nose.

    The best line on scrubs ever; during some conversation where JD is next to Dr. Kelso, Kelso says ” I have nothing against ugly people,” then turning and looking at JD he says “no offense champ” and JD responds “Why would I take offense to that?” Ahhh so funny, I love when character insults are clearly thinly veiled insults to the the actors. The dude doesn’t wear an ugly mask so it’s pretty effin’ personal. Ever since Braff threw a pissy hissy fit like a little girl when he got punked I’ve always disliked that tool. Plus on the scrubs DVD’s the director and producers make it clear that he’s a little diva.


  7. deacon jones

    This girl Anne does nothing for me.
    Textbook example of someone that women think is “beautiful” when most guys would rather take the skank in Theta Kappa in school.

    WHO’S WITH ME??!

  8. Jrz

    Edgewood Terrace??? Oooooh shit!
    I thought DanYELL’s hood was Barry Farms?

  9. no thanks

    #57. I am Dude, but I’m a woman. See my comment at #43.

  10. Jumpin_J

    JD #52: Oooh, good one. Get Keith for a whopping $2100. At least his tax evasion wasn’t on the scale of Jack Abromoff and win politcal favors with the Chimp In Chief: “The corruption scheme with Mr. Abramoff is very extensive,” Alice S. Fisher, head of the Justice Department’s criminal division, said at a news conference with other high-ranking officials of the Internal Revenue Service and the FBI. “We’re going to follow this wherever it goes.”

    The Republicans are doomed. Get used to it.

  11. Ted Mosby

    I can and have done naughty things with her.

  12. Pixie

    pfft fish you know he can’t possibly be a Republican unless he’s also caught soliciting gay sex from an underaged boy! Don’t you know anything?

  13. B to the O

    All y’all knows dat oz a thug, an’ ah’ll be da Prezadint,
    An’ y’all iz gonna bug, when ah drops dis litto hint,
    Oz gonna take all Whitey’s shit, so’s you knows dat oz legit,
    You knows dat ah speaks da troof, B’cuz behin’ me is all da yoof.

    Az long az ah gots dat teleprompta, oz gonna be ridin’ dat hellacopta.

    Mareen Wun, know ah’m sayin’?

  14. grandPAMcCain

    #22 and #63 Y’all be good Boy’s cause’n when i gets my buut in ocif i be hangin da black folks, sendin dem mexicans back, and macking sho all da utter imigants pays fo me and pur white peoples to live happy in our trailo’s!! My boyee Bush didn’t get it done so i fitna have to do it meself.

    Go Repuk…i mean republicans 08! YEHAWWWWW

  15. Tom

    Anne is pretty, which makes me hate her. She shouldn’t have dated a wop, and certinely not for his money. She’s a whore, although I wish I could find a girl like her somewhere in suburbia. Good luck with that, huh?

  16. Jack

    He kinda looks like a fat Zach Braff….

  17. Kathleen

    Whoever is pissed off about the Republican comments are over-reacting. That’s another problem with Republicans: they take things far too seriously.

  18. Arguman

    What really gets me is why so many alleged Republicans read celebrity gossip websites. Don’t they have some moral values to protect or something? Besides, McCain said he would veto beer. No way he’s getting elected now.

  19. Ron Paulie

    This story is sort of old news. The media already know this guy is a HUGE Democrat, but kept it quite.

    He’s best buddies with the Clintons, so he’s definitely dirty.

    Anne can do sooo much better.

  20. lola

    Yes, but let’s talk about how gorgeous she is. I mean…COME ON.

  21. whatever

    She needs to dump this Euro trash prick, kick his tax evading ass back to Italy, and hook up with a real man…like me! Not only would I rock her body, but I would let her know what it’s like to date a guy who’s not constantly being investigated or arrested for finance crime. I’m the best of both worlds!

  22. michy

    @71 pleaaaaaaaaaase stop it and come back to earth

  23. InternetToughGuy

    HAHAHAHAHA look at the little sheep still fighting over left and right politics. Keep living in your false realitty.

  24. Larry Jones

    At the risk of sounding jealous, why is she with this dude? He must have an awesome personality because he looks like a total douchebag. The kind of guy that you’d like to punch in the face 5 seconds after meeting him,

  25. Too old for this shit

    You know, there have been a LOT of rumors for a few years now that she’s actually gay… a femme whose tastes run from femme to soft butch. The lesbian community always refers to her with a bit of “nudge nudge wink wink”, like it’s common knowledge in the gay community. She could have at least chosen a beard (sorry… a merkin) that seems less… douchebaggy.

  26. annoyed

    okay may I just say that it is sorta annoying to be looking through the comments and having to read the arguments of danielle and big meanie and who ever else is out there isn’t the comments supposed to be about the (stupid) pictures and articles not other freaking crap. so just leave comments about the pics and article and nothing else even if you say the pics and article really really suck. (which they do)

  27. tedi

    ann hathalay is perfect actors

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