Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend under investigation – again

June 10th, 2008 // 78 Comments

Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend Italian businessman Raffaello Follieri is under investigation again. The state attorney general Andrew Andrew Cuomo is looking into Raffaello’s charity foundation after learning it’s not properly disclosing tax information, according to the New York Post:

Confirmation of the probe came after Cuomo’s office was asked whether it was aware that the foundation might have failed to file tax-disclosure forms required of nonprofit groups. A check of an online database that collects the “990″ IRS forms showed that the Follieri Foundation is required to file the form, yet has never done so.

Anna Hathaway at one point served on the board of directors for the foundation. When asked about the investigation, her rep didn’t even know when Anne suddenly stopped bing a member:

“She was on the board, but is no longer,” Hathaway’s spokesman said. “I don’t remember exactly when she ceased to be a board member.”
Asked whether Hathaway, 25, knew about the probe and its focus, he said, “Since she is no longer associated with the foundation, why would you expect her to be familiar with all of this?”

I’ve got this Raffaelo Follieri guy all figured out. He’s a rich Italian who likes to wear nice suits and is always caught not paying his taxes. C’mon, I’ve seen The Sopranos, and it’s pretty obvious what’s going on: He’s a Republican.


  1. ramalamadingdong

    dump the zero and get with a hero.

  2. Is that poo on his face?

  3. Que

    Que retarded!

  4. That close-up of Anne in pic #4 looks like she’s holding in a fart.

  5. veggi

    That close-up of Anne in pic #4 looks like she’s caught a whiff of Danielle.

  6. How do you want it… How do you feel?

  7. Patton

    More political bullshit from a dipshit fish.
    You should really stick to bathing suits and tits because politics are way, way over your dumbass thought process.
    Nice try though….

  8. Thomas

    Her face looks like a product of Conan O’Brien’s “If They Mated.”

  9. ramalamadingdong

    Patton, you are my hero. the fish-meister needs to not talk about things he can’t understand. fucking liberal hippes. go watch more CNN you fucks!

    MCCAIN 08

  10. emily

    Wha? I thought that was Zach Braff.

  11. Auntie Kryst

    Not for nuttin, but who could possibly be surprised that a wop with an O at the end of his last name failed to file a tax return for his “charity”?? Fuggedabouit.

  12. @6. Actually I smell quite pleasant. You on the other hand, probably smell like Amy Winehouse’s underwear.

  13. Outside of apartment 817 Edgewood Terrace housing projects, D.C.

    (knock, knock)
    Danielle: Who’s there?
    (your father)
    Danielle: Yeah riiiiight…

  14. flippant

    hrm, when did she stop “bing” a member?

  15. Big Meanie

    @5 – Nice picture……your face looks like a hemmroidal asshole with eyes.

  16. nipolian

    I just hope that the next time she is caught giving this douchesprocket a blow job on camera, she is wearing her Micky Mouse ears.

  17. You really shouldn’t give out your address over the net Bitchypoo.

  18. tp

    Eeeeww, bug-eyed and creepy!

  19. Big Meanie

    @19 – I know. Danielle’s mouth looks like an asshole hit with a hammer.

  20. @16. Glad to know you like it.

  21. Barak Obama

    Hah Fish man, this guy must be an evil Republican.

    Just don’t look at Investors daily to see that I will raise the tax on a family of 4 making 50G’s a marginal 197% or that a single mother of 2 (most women posters on this site) will get an increase of $1,684 a year. Don’t you dare go look that up!

    But, hey, at least I am not George Bush. I am Barack! The New Mesiah.

  22. Oh, the compliments keep comin’.

  23. Big Meanie

    @ 21 – It was sarcasm. Just like when I say, “nice weave”

    @22 Obama, did you hear President Bush hired a trapper? Yea…he heard a coon and a beaver were trying to get into the White House.

  24. havoc

    Damn guidos…….


  25. @24. A weave and braids are two different things jerkoff.

  26. nipolian

    Danielle is at it again today……..The D&D servers must be down again.

  27. Big Meanie

    @26 – either way, you still look like shit. But its good to know someone is keeping the memory of jheri-curl alive.

  28. Delicious Alcohol

    Cool, a political argument. Now we get to read the close minded comments of democrats and republicans. I hope you can all get together and repeatedly punch each other in the face until blood soaked shit oozes out of your unconscious bodies.

  29. I actually find Danielle rather amusing. But I enjoy all kinds of torture, which is why I listen to country music, masturbate with sand paper, and pluck rather than shave the hair on my nuts.

  30. @28. If I looked so much like shit, you wouldn’t be paying me any mind.

  31. This site sucks

    This site used to be so funny. It totally SUCKS now. The pics are mediocre, the commentary is lame and the jokes are so contrived. Anyone have any better sites?

  32. #29 – But no, seriously, what do you really think?

  33. Big Meanie

    @31 – Think whatever you have to if it helps you sleep in the projects at night

  34. crabby old guy

    So he avoids paying taxes AND gets to cream into Ann’s mouth? He’s my new personal savior!

    I too, would love to not pay taxes and shoot a protein shake into Ann’s gaping pie hole.

    Does he have any leaflets or information as to where I can sign up?

  35. @34. Uhhh, yeah. I’ll be sleeping in the projects as soon as you move out of the trailerpark…which is NEVER.

  36. this guy’s picture is next to the word “douche” in every language’s dictionary.

  37. #32 – C’mere… have a seat… that’s it, right here (pat pat)… so… what’s troubling you? Do you find the posts boring, the pictures, the commenters, or all of the above? It’s ok, speak to your inner child and just let it out… you can always go to dlisted or or… but the you wouldn’t have gems like #14 or #31.

  38. El-COyote

    You kno wit is one thing for a hot chick to wind up with an asshole… a totally different thing for to wind up with an asshammer… This guy is a complete asshammer…

  39. This site sucks

    To #35:
    Oh, little coffeebean. You are SO smart. That was SO CLEVER of you to think of that website. Do you write for this site? You must with your pithy comments. I bet the whole trailer park celebrated when you got your GED. “Yeeeeeehawwwwwww, our little coffeebean done garaduated. Git out the celebratin’ moonshine, mama!”

  40. no thanks

    Despite all the makeup, hairstyling and wardrobe she still screams NERD. From far she looks great, but up close she has a nerd nose, geek eyes and a dork smile, and she’s pasty as dweebs always are, she’s just a little homely under all the layers of hollywood stylist intervention and her man looks like Trumps son; fat, spoiled, filthy rich, old man face and greedy as they come. His “charity” is a joke just like it is for 99.9% of the sickeningly wealthy.

    What is most hilarious is that this idiot douchemeister crook looks like a

  41. ramalamadingdong

    #41, when i read your first line, i thought you were addressing Danielle! you know, because she’s BLACK! HAHAHAHAHAHA. i crack myself up sometimes. :)

  42. Jumpin_J

    Oh “Obama” you slay me. Keep crying about raising taxes. I’ve got a great way for you to not pay taxes at all and you’ll have everything you’d ever want in a neo-conservative regime: move to North Korea. Seriously, go. Right now. I’ll drive you to the airport. Now can we get back to oogling at Anne’s BOOOBZ? YAAAY BOOOBZ!!!

  43. Plastic Sturgeon

    I cannot stand Anne’s boyfriend Rafi. He is classic Euro Trash. He has been stealing and evading taxes for years.

    If she cares one iota for her career, she will get rid of him-fast. By now she may have realized that his gorgeous apartments, yachts, and cars are financed by people’s money he is meant to be using for investing. This does not entail taking Anne to $400 dinners at Morimoto.


  44. Mio Niskanen

    How old is that guy??!!

    @5 I almost peed my pants when I read your first comment, that’s so TRUE! ;D I bet my face looks the same, when I hold a fart xD

  45. #44 – Now now… tsk tsk tsk… we don’t love or hate damnYELL because she’s Black… we dislike her because she’s an asshole. Much like her and an attractive miilionare with a bangin’ body and a great personality, there’s a world of difference there…

  46. butterfly

    #43 I thought that too. This guy is a poor man’s Zack Braff. Yikes.

  47. absolute2


    Cute couple. It seems thay are happy. But I saw his personal ID on wealthy men personals site “”"”"W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m”"”"” last week. What is he looking for on that site? Looking for sugarbabe?

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