Anne Hathaway was paying Raffaello Follieri’s rent

September 3rd, 2008 // 64 Comments

Anne Hathaway was reportedly covering the $37,000/month rent for ex-boyfriend con-man Raffaello Follieri, according to the New York Post:

He wasn’t too ashamed to allegedly cadge thousands of dollars from his goo-goo-eyed girlfriend, Anne Hathaway. The “Get Smart” actress paid her beleaguered beau’s whopping $37,000 monthly rent at his sumptuous Olympic Tower duplex for four months until finally, in June, his lease ran out – and she ditched him as the feds closed in on his schemes

Damn. I wish I could trick women into paying my rent. Then again, I don’t own a Pope costume because I had no idea chicks were that big in role playing. I do, however, own a replica lightsaber, so on that note, Obi-Wan says “First of the month or it gets the hose, baby.”


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  2. #47 don’t be hatin because she’s beautiful.

  3. #25 and #49 there is nothing wrong with having a lot of face if it’s beautiful, and this girl is pretty. I think whites are pretty, but this is what sets her aside from the rest of you. I don’t care what anyone says this girl is very pretty, and seems to be classy. Trust me…God knew what he was doing.

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    she is soooo freakishly ugly . yuck

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    #52, #53

    She’s so classy and beautiful she has to pay $37,000 a month for the guy’s rent to be f-ed by him.

  8. ummm...yeah

    God, I HATE Randal

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    Why do I want to fuck this bitch so bad?

  10. eee

    Why do I want to fuck this bitch so bad?

  11. DanielleLima

    She’s so fucking skinny! Eat something skinny bitch!

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  13. larry

    this thing goes deep

  14. Kate Stokes

    She is so full of crap. There is no way that she dated this guy for 3 years and had no idea that he was shady. She is lying both to protect her image and to protect herself legally. I never liked her and now I have one more reason not to. Oh–and guys: she’s not attractive, O.K.? I don’t know how that rumor got started…

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