Anne Hathaway was paying Raffaello Follieri’s rent

September 3rd, 2008 // 64 Comments

Anne Hathaway was reportedly covering the $37,000/month rent for ex-boyfriend con-man Raffaello Follieri, according to the New York Post:

He wasn’t too ashamed to allegedly cadge thousands of dollars from his goo-goo-eyed girlfriend, Anne Hathaway. The “Get Smart” actress paid her beleaguered beau’s whopping $37,000 monthly rent at his sumptuous Olympic Tower duplex for four months until finally, in June, his lease ran out – and she ditched him as the feds closed in on his schemes

Damn. I wish I could trick women into paying my rent. Then again, I don’t own a Pope costume because I had no idea chicks were that big in role playing. I do, however, own a replica lightsaber, so on that note, Obi-Wan says “First of the month or it gets the hose, baby.”


  1. wackingboy


  2. The Office Whore

    Where’s that damn burpcloth? That made me fucking sick..

  3. bigSTEAMYone

    we need some current bikini shots of this hottie.c’mon fish don’t hold back


    Just goes to show that successful, attractive women can get stupid for the penis.

  5. Mike Hawk


  6. veggi

    “his goo-goo-eyed girlfriend, Anne Hathaway”

    So he skeeted on her face and landed a few spurts on her eyes…every man’s fantasy.

  7. rough daddy

    has she been inducted in the pale force?

  8. Kanis

    I like, she seems immune to most hollywood garbage.

  9. Cash

    Hmmm… an attractive moron with lots of money that doesn’t mind sharing it. Why do the damn ugly ass foreign con men get all the good ones? Oh well, I’m sure he’ll make one popular exotic bitch in jail.

  10. mer

    I think she is so pretty.

    Why does everyone hate Julia lately?

  11. What made you sick, Whore? That she was paying his rent or the hideous dress??

    Hey, how do you spell dictionary?

  12. Pat

    I can’t believe she actually paid for a beard.

  13. The Office Whore

    FRIST!!! Seriously, think of how much beer you could buy with one months rent money!!

    And yes, the dress is fucking terrible!!

    Ummm, I think its dicktiounary.. I don’t know. Let’s ask rough daddy..

    Poor Julia..

  14. rough daddy

    #6 hey viggi,,,that comment was so lame you want to try again?

  15. Let’s just call them Julia Daddy. Saves time typing.

    Well, 37,000 IS more than I make in a year, sadly. But, still I’ll bet that is less than what I’ve spent on beer in my lifetime..

  16. rough daddy

    #14 you really are an office whore, you need attention too?

  17. tp

    Stupid dress…horse teeth…she might as well be fat…

  18. rough daddy

    no wonder theyre outsourcing jobs abroads, bunch of no good for nothings on here!!!

  19. missywissy

    Julia Roberts wanna-be

  20. Barak Obama
  21. The Office Whore

    I keep searching for abroads in the dicktiounaaaary…. hmmm.. wonder what THAT’S all about..

  22. rough daddy

    haha “searching for abroads in the dicktiounaaaaary” what dick puppet

  23. Richard McBeef

    @19 – You are one to talk.

    How old are you? I bet you think you are just the most clever little motherfucker there is don’t you. Well, I have got news for you. Your not. You are a little 12 year old shit that goes to the grown up website and floods it with bullshit. You think your are so fucking cool, don’t you?

    I wish I could jump through my monitor, travel through the internet to your computer, then jump out through your monitor to bash your fucking skull in.

    Why don’t you go to the Tiger Beat forum where your humor might be more appreciated.

  24. Jammy


  25. rough daddy

    Yep thats what i thought, you just says it all beef eater,,,I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person! next…

  26. julia bella

    he’s gonna cry to his mommy

  27. Whore, don’t bother, I can’t find half the words Julia Daddy says in the dictionary. They must have some kind of dictionary for retards or something.

    And, McBeef!!! Get a hold of yourself!!! Stay with me here, it will be ok. I have xanax.

  28. rough daddy

    bella go wash

  29. rough daddy

    @ 24 – i am 10 years old and my daddy fucks me in the ass,,, that’s why i use the screen name rough daddy,,, my asshole bleeds but i still like it,,, my daddy fucks me like a wilderbeest!!!!

  30. rough daddy

    keep searching “frist” and who ever else,,,jack asses!

  31. blah

    she’s kind of goofy looking but she’s got gorgeous skin and a nice figure. But she reminds me of one of those girls in high school that was really homely looking and nerdy, but you could tell they had some potential if they just put a little makeup on, did their hair, and wore some decent clothes. All that being said, she’s either really stupid (for paying his ridiculous expensive rent) or a bit shady herself…who knows how involved she was in the scams. Maybe he just gave her the money to pay his rent so it would be in her name and look legit. Oh whatever, who cares. she’s not a very interesting person to begin with. I’m just bored…

  32. Richard McBeef

    @28 – sorry, i just hate failed abortions.

    where dem xannies?

  33. rough daddy

    #30 dont be alarm folks its one of my fans!

  34. WTF

    What is going on in here??? Hold your horses people!!! If he/she/they is/are a 12 years old, your comments are very illegal and brutal.
    I say ignore the ignorant!

    Ann is very fuckable!!!

  35. rough daddy

    why would anyone comment on anne hathaway, when this is clearly about me, me, me!!

  36. rough daddy

    abortion line=last ditch effort from a beating dog

  37. biteme

    I am man enough to admit my penis is too small for this bitch’s huge huge mouth.

  38. tmat

    blegh….to each his own i guess…

  39. Failed abortions..heh heh

  40. Not gay or anything, but she is so pretty with her big eyes and full lips. I honestly have never seen another human being who looks anything like her on earth.

  41. NY Ted

    Get Smart = Bad Movie!
    Ann Hathaway = Buck Teethed Bad Actress!

  42. Randal

    I’ve never seen you looking so lovely as you do on the FISH. I’ve never seen you shine so bright.

    I’ve never seen so many men asking if you want to dance, looking for a little romance. Give her half a chance.

    I’ve never seen that dress you’re wearing or the highlights in your hair that catch your eyes.

    I have been blind.

    Lady in Red.


  43. The Upper House

    Yes, but none of this explains the Megan Fox connection to all of this. How is she connected? Was it a set-up? A sting? What?

  44. Captain-Insano

    #43. Bwahahaha! Randall, just when I though you were just another queer you make me laugh hard! You’re like a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in pink satin sheets and assless chaps.

  45. slaq

    #32 — That was one of the sub-plots of “The Princess Diaries.” Take away the frizzy hair, dorky glasses and bad posture, add some makeup and contacts, and the ugly-to-beauty makeover is complete.

  46. bootlips

    She has overly big facial features like neeger women.

  47. vchagz

    that rent equates to an almost $18 million salary, yearly!

  48. Roop

    #25…Amen to that.

    She’s got a weird face, sometimes she looks good, sometimes she looks like Anne Hathaway’s face…oh…that’s redundant.

  49. mafme

    Seriously, one month of that would have paid my rent for 10 years, Anne, I’m way easier to take care of and I won’t make you suck my cock while I’m on the phone… unless you’re in to that.

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